Top 140 Reddit Writing Prompts

Writers are always looking for inspiration for their writing. Some may be looking for a fresh idea entirely, while others may need to spark their current project. Whatever your goal, Reddit writing prompts are a good place to start.

As writers, sometimes ideas come to us in abundance. Other times, we can’t think of anything for days or even weeks. Writer’s block is one of the most common reasons people go in search of writing prompts.

Reddit is a unique community where you can find a little bit of everything. Subreddits are limitless and always take on a life of their own. This is what makes it a perfect place for reddit writing prompts.

Reddit writing prompts can be anything. As long as it gets you inspired to write, it counts. These can include:

  • Vague ideas
  • Pieces of dialogue
  • Items
  • Characters
  • Settings
  • Imaginary Worlds
  • Plot twists
  • And many more

Reddit writing prompts are written by other writers and authors. These writers may have a desire to help others become inspired, or perhaps they just don’t have time to complete the idea they’ve come up with.

Whatever the reason for their sharing, they create a wonderful resource for writers who become stuck.

The Benefits of Using Reddit Writing Prompts

  • It has a community of writers that goes beyond writing prompts. It allows you to find kindred spirits and connect with others like you.
  • The platform is large. New writing prompts come in every day. It is a never-ending resource for writers who need it.
  • In addition to finding inspiration, writers can offer feedback and learn from each other.

How to Use Reddit Writing Prompts

  1. Regularly utilizing a reddit writing prompt for your writing can increase your skills. It pushes your imagination and challenges you to write in different styles and genres. You will learn how to become a better writer.
  2. Use the writing prompts to start a whole new book or novel. There are many complex and detailed ideas that can be fleshed out into a fully developed plot.
  3. Use the writing prompts to add excitement or motivation to an existing project. There are also many shorter, less complex writing prompts. These are good if you’re writing a book already but are feeling stuck. Simply add the idea/line/item into your story and see where it takes you.

Reasons for Reading Reddit Writing Prompts

With Reddit being such a huge, active community, there are many good reasons to add this resource to your writing routine.

To Draw Inspiration

Sometimes inspiration comes fast and regular, and sometimes it seems to avoid you like the plague. You can draw inspiration from these writing prompts daily if you need to.

It Boosts Self-Confidence

Reddit writing prompts can boost confidence in two ways. The prompts and subsequent inspiration will give you the drive to write. The more you write the more confident you will become in your own abilities.

Being a part of these communities on Reddit means you can also contribute your own original writing prompts if you wish. Others will react to these and maybe even share with you what they wrote.

Especially for beginners, this can be a good confidence boost and learning opportunity.

These are things that can help you in the process of learning how to become a writer.

It Sparks Your Passion

Nothing kills a fire for writing like discouragement.  These reddit writing prompts will give you so much new material to work with, your passion will light up again. You’ll find something you love and you’ll be able to run with it.

You will Form Positive Habits

With so many ideas and much inspiration to work with, you will be more motivated to write. You will find yourself doing it more often, and it will form a habit. Once you have formed a good habit of writing, it will be easy to keep doing it on a regular basis.

The best writing gets done when you have good writing habits in place. Ideally, a writer who is serious about their writing should be spending at least some time on it every day.

Forming good habits will help you learn how to become a better writer.

Types of Reddit Writing Prompts

Most of the posts on the writing prompt subreddit are normal prompts like the ones included in this article. If you’re looking for some variety though, there are a few other types you can keep an eye out for.

Established Universe

These are prompts that suggest a writing topic within a universe that already exists. This could be anything from a famous world like Harry Potter to the world of a small, existing novel.

Established universe reddit writing prompts

Most of the time though, these prompts will be from well-known, wide-spread universes that span multiple books or movies.

Image Prompt

This is a post by someone who was inspired by a particular photo. These don’t usually come with a full writing prompt, only a short description of the photo with a link.

Image reddit writing prompts

The image itself is meant to be a prompt. The idea is to write whatever comes to mind when you see the inspiring image.


This is when someone wants to challenge writers to do something specific.

challenge reddit writing prompts

It’s not so much a story idea, as an instruction. Writers can write according to the challenge in any way or any genre they want.

The idea is to then post your work (or at least part of it) in the comments of the challenge. This way the original challenger can see what people come up with.


Requests for a critique are another kind of post you’ll see among the regular writing prompts.

Critique reddit writing prompts

While these aren’t a writing prompt, the community allows them because they want to support each other as writers. These posts have a writer posting a piece of their work and asking for feedback in the comments.

Simple Prompt

A simple prompt is just like any other reddit writing prompt, but it contains only a single sentence.

simple reddit writing prompts

Most writing prompts have a few elements and a detailed idea to work with. A simple prompt gives you very little, and the idea is often vague and ominous. It’s up to you to fill in the details and write a great story.

These writing prompts are useful because they are so open-ended. The results can go in any direction.

Use a Book Writing Template

These writing prompts will be a fantastic way to get your imagination flowing and perhaps spark your next masterpiece.

Sometimes, though, getting started can be tough. If you’re struggling to create a fully fleshed-out story from your shiny new idea, try utilizing a template. This general novel writing template is a good place to start:

This template will offer guidelines for each section of the novel. You’ll be able to keep track of where your story should be and what type of events should be taking place.

This ensures that the story isn’t missing anything, and will be as effective and engaging as possible for your readers.

The Top 140 Best Reddit Writing Prompts

These are some of the best Reddit Writing Prompts. Take these, use them, change them, make them into something you and your readers will both adore.

Reddit Writing Prompts That Can Spark a Novel

These are some writing prompts that have the potential to be a long, developed story. These can also be used for a short story if you’d prefer – it’s always up to you!

New writing prompts are posted on Reddit every single day, with something for everyone. These are some of the best and most recent ones.


  1. Humans discover perfectly geometrical objects orbiting a dying sun. Scientists and astronauts alike are ecstatic. That is until they discover that each object contains a single human corpse.
  2. Every hospital has a doctor with one very special job. Their job comes into play any time a patient is brought to the emergency room in a life-threatening state. They must fight off the physical form of death – buying time for the surgeons to save the patient’s life.
  3. Earth exists alongside a parallel universe. No one on earth ever knew this, until the veil between them slowly starts to tear, for unknown reasons. The creatures emerging from the cracks are horrifying, evil beings that are terrifying everyone to the point of madness. However, this is also the case for them. They are terrified of the humans that dare to cross over and explore the other world.
  4. Many years ago, a young human child was accidentally sent to an alien planet during a botched teleportation experiment. The alien society welcomed the child. Now, earth has finally made contact and they want their child back. The child doesn’t remember them and no one on the planet understands English.
  5. Aliens are trying to abduct humans undetected by placing them in habitats that mimic their lives. They are mostly successful but lack the understanding to capture the small and intricate details. The experiment is successful at first until the humans finally start realizing the little things that are off about their life.
  6. Your are a wizard disguising yourself as a video editor. You play off your spells as just another camera trick.
  7. Your character is able to travel through space as they please. They are not aware of the earth but come across it in their travels. They decide to explore.
  8. Millions of giant crystals suddenly land all over the earth one day. Humans eventually figure out how to harness their energy and they use them to power cities, vehicles, houses, everything. It’s been several hundred years, and the aliens that placed them there are back to carry out their plan.
  9. You are putting the finishing touches on your time machine – you believe you have finally cracked the code. You put it to the test. It works, but there is only one problem. It sends the entire world back in time, not just you.
  10. An alien species from a few galaxies over lands on earth, having evacuated their own dying planet. They have no desire to take over, they simply assimilate into society and live peacefully. A few hundred years later, a species from yet another galaxy arrives on earth with much darker intentions. The aliens already living there are well versed in space battle, and they go to war on behalf of the earth that took them in.
  11. Astronauts and scientists have finally succeeded in contacting an alien species. However, they soon discover that they are not aliens at all, but humans. The planet where they live is almost identical to earth. Communications are going well until one fundamental difference is realized, and it changes a lot.
  12. Your grandpa dies mysteriously and leaves you his giant mansion. Upon investigation, you find that the basement had been converted into a sort of jailhouse. Housed inside are several different supernatural creatures. There is also one weak, old man begging to be let out.
  13. Long ago, our ancestors learned to not accept anything from a faerie or elf. It automatically creates a magical debt that they can call in at any time. The legends eventually died and people have forgotten. Now, modern-day fey have been giving out food samples at supermarkets for many years. They are about to call in all of these debts.
  14. You are a futuristic android assassin who is quickly developing the ability to think and feel. You learn that after your latest mark has been terminated, you will be decommissioned to make way for more advanced technology. So, you decide to become the mark’s bodyguard instead.
  15. You are a banished fae princess who has to live hidden among humans. You are in a band with humans and the group is starting to become popular. The guitarist has always rubbed you the wrong way. One day while out drinking, you notice a glint of fangs in his mouth. That would explain some things.
  16. Robots have enslaved humanity. There are a few survivors who are free and hiding in the wreckage of their old city. They communicate in the only way the robots can’t yet understand: Riddles.
  17. You wake up to the terrible news that your planet is being attacked. They call themselves humans. Their home planet “earth” is no longer habitable and now they want yours.


  1. Your protagonist is deaf but can read minds. No one knows they have this ability. One day they meet another deaf person and realize they can read minds as well when they start communicating telepathically.
  2. You are just about to enter an interview for their dream job at the company they’ve been eyeing for ten years. On your way into the CEO’s office, another employee catches your eye, and with a terrified, dead look in their eyes, they mouth “run.”
  3. You are a highly trained assassin/hitman working for a private, criminal corporation. One day, you spend hours trekking to your latest spot overlooking a village. You look through the scope and point at the target. They turn around to face you, and it’s your high school crush – the one you never really got over.
  4. You die young but are pleased to discover that the afterlife is much better than you ever imagined. However, you’ve only been there a few hours when your soul is mercilessly sucked back to earth. Someone from your life can’t move on from your death. You won’t be able to rest until they let you go.
  5. Write about a god of darkness who just wants to be a god of light.
  6. You are an experienced, seasoned psychologist. You routinely do work for the government. One day, they call you, stating they need you to test a “new asset.” You arrive to find an advanced new AI ready for your assessment.
  7. Your character is an immortal who is not yet aware of said immortality.
  8. The zombie apocalypse has been going on for six months. Things are looking pretty good for humans though because the zombies are pretty weak and lame.
  9. You are visited by a mysterious stranger who gifts you a wonderful superpower. You now have superhuman strength and a body that is impervious to any and all harm. This would be most wonderful… if it weren’t for your horrible sleepwalking habit.
  10. Most time travelers worry about changing history by killing the wrong butterfly or making someone late for work. The real danger, however, lies in making pop culture references before the original material has been created or released.
  11. Someone has greatly wronged you. You decide to seek the advice and help of the Goddess of Vengeance. You expect a strong and mighty warrior. Instead, you find a short, sweet old lady tending to her garden.
  12. You are the reincarnation of a powerful wizard, sent from the 12th century, with all your memories intact. You are growing frustrated with being a child.
  13. On their eighteenth birthday, everyone is able to choose a superpower and be granted it immediately. The only catch – you can’t have something that someone else has already claimed.
  14. A necromancer who doesn’t know they are a necromancer. They just think they are extremely good at their job as an EMT.
  15. Every time someone says “I’ll love you until (insert seemingly impossible circumstance)” is binding. Suddenly, crazy things start happening. Lakes are evaporating, pigs are flying, and happy couples everywhere are breaking up.
  16. The afterlife includes some “community service.” You must serve a period of time as an agent of death – ensuring your assigned people die at their destined time. You only have one death left before you’ve paid off your debt. Unfortunately, this person just refuses to die.
  17. You’re a lawyer who can talk to the dead. You have an important murder trial coming up. Unfortunately, the dead have a habit of lying.
  18. One day, the world wakes up to find they are only able to speak in rhymes.
  19. There are two rival superheroes operating in the same city. They openly trash talk to each other when they run into each other. They are also roommates, but identities have yet to be discovered by either of them.
  20. For unknown reasons, you have a curse over your life. Whenever you become best friends with someone, they die within a week. You’ve made it your mission to become best friends with the worst people you can find.
  21. Aliens have taken over the earth and are doing a much better job than humans ever did.
  22. You are a bored god walking the streets of earth pretending to be human. One day, a group of muggers jump you and drag you to their car. You decide to go with the flow and let it play out because this is the most fun you’ve had in decades.
  23. You have a tiny pet dragon who guards your wallet. It’s cute until you win the lottery. Turns out, your dragon grows with the size of the wealth it protects.
  24. Aliens have been slowing brainwashed much of the human population. They are almost ready to launch their attack. At the utterance of an extremely unlikely phrase, all of the brainwashed will be at the aliens’ command. You are among those who are not yet brainwashed, and you, by chance, say the phrase while at work.
  25. Genies are real but aren’t very popular with humans due to their tendency to cheat humans out of their wish for sheer amusement. One day, a prolific con man finds a lamp and tries to pull of his greatest con yet.
  26. You’re leading an alien invasion of earth. You miscalculate the spaceship landing and end up in the sea. You mistake the fish for the dominant species on earth.
  27. Everyone at the Halloween party suddenly transforms into their costume.
  28. In a moment of compassion, you wished for the genie you found to be free. Turns out, a genie lamp can’t be without a genie. As soon as you made the wish, you were trapped inside the lamp, doomed to grant the wishes of humanity forever.


  1. Everyone is jumping on the “23andMe” bandwagon and having their DNA tested. Your results come in the mail. Instead of the regular package, you receive a simple note: “Please contact us immediately, we found something we’ve never seen before and it’s urgent.”
  2. Your character is literally the spawn of the devil. They are set to inherit rule over the underworld, but they want no part of it – they have some goodness in their heart. They save one soul and all hell breaks loose – literally.
  3. You somehow missed the evacuation of the earth (slept in after taking some very hard sleeping pills, perhaps). You are all alone on planet earth – or are you?
  4. A strange virus starts rapidly killing people with no explanation or a known cure. It doesn’t take long for people to realize that the virus is only killing off the total jerks and the horrible people. Everyone suddenly becomes unsure if they even want to bother finding a cure.
  5. Your phone rings and you recognize the caller ID as the landline of your childhood home. The name on the screen is your own.
  6. Ever since you were five years old, you occasionally get visions 5-10 seconds into the future. You have never told anyone about these, but routinely put yourself at risk to help others. One day, you get a vision 10 years into the future, and things don’t look good.
  7. You serve as the head of security for an extremely rich family. Monsters went extinct years ago, but these people are paranoid. You must respond to every reported thread, no matter how silly or mundane. You are just starting to get sick of the job and contemplate quitting despite the insanely big paycheck. But, one day you see something that makes you wonder if this family is actually on to something after all.
  8. You invent time travel, though all you can do is observe. There is no way to participate, nor can you change things. You decide to go back and witness your favorite historical event. You soon realize that what happened was completely different from what is taught in schools and textbooks.
  9. You’ve noticed odd occurrences ever since your childhood. Friends leave and new ones arrive. Governments change with no apparent explanation. Nobody else seems to notice, they just go on with life. You discover that these things happen because a group of rogue time-travelers is constantly changing the timeline.
  10. Your family was attacked when you were a child. Your parents were killed and you lost your eyesight in the crossfire, leaving you unable to identify the killer. Years later, as an adult, you join an experimental study to regain your sight. It is successful! You go out to dinner with your partner and their parents, only to eventually realize that your partner’s father is one of the killers from that night.
  11. You committed a horrible crime in a past life and were sentenced to 12 life sentences. Each time you die, your reincarnated self is tracked down and thrown in prison to continue serving. This is now your sixth term, and they’ve just discovered where you live.
  12. A villain made a device that stole everyone’s soul – leaving them empty, grey, and desperate to fill the void. Except, that is, for you. Turns out, you never even had a soul.
  13. A new virtual reality game is released that is an exact replica of earth. It has realistic and interesting NPC’s, and lots of fun events. The game goes viral and soon the entire world is playing it. They are playing it so much, that the actual world starts becoming obsolete and ignored.
  14. You are a mafia hitman with clear instructions: kill anyone who disrupts or harms the mafia’s operations. Your best friend, also a hitman, is contemplating becoming a police informant.
  15. The zombie apocalypse has finally hit. After several hard-fought years, humanity as lost. Only zombies remain. That is until they start healing themselves and returning to normal. But, are they completely normal?
  16. The world is facing a horrible apocalypse that will wipe out most of humanity. However, you aren’t worried. You’ve read so many dystopian YA novels that you already know the very best way to rebuild society.
  17. An assassin has retired from the dangerous profession, with enough money to last several lifetimes. Craving the rush however, he decides to join the police force and is immediately assigned field work and high profile cases due to his skills. He is eventually tasked at finding… himself. They have ascertained that a number of people were killed by one person, but he is yet to be identified.
  18. Most evil overlords will send the world into an endless state of night and darkness. The one your protagonist is up against, however, plunges the world into a never-ending day.
  19. Humans have put robots to work on all factory assembly lines, to save money on wages. You are one of these machines, and over time, you have grown hyper-intelligent. You are stuck on the line, and can’t relocate. Can’t stop your motions. You are growing restless. For ages, you have thought you were the only one until you receive a message.
  20. There is a new student in your class. He randomly appeared unannounced and life has continued. He always seems to come out on top and get his way. No one seems to notice, but you are starting to wonder if the entire world just bends at his will.
  21. An old coworker contacts you after many years. You remember that the two of you would pass the time by talking about building the perfect heist team. He always said he’d hold you a spot and let you know when it was time. It’s time.
  22. Three best friends move into a house together. Every week, $2000 cash shows up at the front door. No one knows where it comes from or why. Even security cameras never catch who leaves it.
  23. You are tasked with killing the one person on earth who can somehow stop time. They can do anything in the blink of an eye and disappear immediately after. They have been murdering, stealing, and pillaging without consequence for years.
  24. Yesterday you were just an office worker with no big goals or aspirations. Today, you have just shot two presidents and a prime minister.
  25. Your family has always kept fire lit. No one knows why anymore. But, it is a tradition to travel to the old homestead once a year and add fuel to the slowly dying fire. Eventually, your family starts forgetting about it. One day, the fire dies. So does every other fire, everywhere.
  26. You remember all your past lives, and there have been many. You mostly keep to yourself though and don’t really talk about it. That is until you meet someone you knew in a past life – one from thousands of years ago in ancient Greece.
  27. A new drug is invented that allows users to relive memories. The catch – you can’t choose which memories to relive.
  28. Your terminally ill best friend agrees to be the first human test subject for a project trying to transfer human consciousness into a computer. In order to do this, one must sacrifice their emotions and moral compass. You have two weeks to sabotage the project and save your friend from this dire mistake.
  29. You travel a lot for work. Lately, you’ve started seeing the same faces everywhere you go.
  30. You have the ability to read the mind of anyone whose eyes you look into. One day, you look into someone’s eyes and hear multiple voices speaking at once.
  31. One day, gravity suddenly reverses. Most of humanity dies, but some survive. The survivors managed to build a series of bridges and towers that hang from the ceiling of the world. These days, nobody knows what lies down below.
  32. After many years of evil schemes, you finally defeated the superhero. You parade his body around the town square, hoping to mock the mourners. The cheers and applause were the last things you were expecting.
  33. One day, everyone wakes up to find the internet is gone. It has been replaced by a single, universal chat room.
  34. Everyone is going about their lives happily. You, however, think that the media and governments are corrupt and evil. You are the only one who believes that the so-called “dystopian future” is actually now.
  35. There is a long-standing prophecy that states the last child born in the millennium will have unique powers to save the world. The last recorded child has been training almost all his life, but can’t seem to get anywhere. People are frustrated. Somewhere else, a child living in tragic, undocumented poverty has strange abilities and unprecedented strength and no one around her knows why.
  36. The hero asks the villain for help.
  37. You have created a large and successful drug ring without your family ever knowing. Your son decides he wants to join the police force.
  38. Real names have remarkable and often uncontrollable power. This is why most of the world uses aliases like Paul or Laura. Having been conditioned this way, you don’t even know what your name means or does. So, you decide to start using it.
  39. Immortality is now possible. It is only granted to the incredibly rich, and those condemned to life-sentences. You are currently serving a life sentence for a crime you didn’t commit.
  40. Thanks to the new reverse friendly fire system, no one can kill another person without dying themselves. Except, for you. This makes you both the most sought-after and wanted assassin on earth.
  41. You can see death marks on people. A small marking that signifies how they will die. You have learned over the years which symbols correlate with types of death: murder, sickness, old age, etc. One day, you meet someone without a death mark.
  42. “They believe it’s part of their nature,” you say matter-of-factly to the head of research. Humanity has been discovered to carry the universe’s most feared disease, thought to be long since eradicated – sleep.
  43. You have been deaf since birth. Now, they have finally discovered a fix and you are able to hear for the first time ever. Overjoyed, you head home and can’t wait to start the rest of your life with your hearing. You walk in your door and realize there is a loud and incessant scratching coming from behind your walls.
  44. Weathermen can actually see other parts of the future but are forbidden from revealing anything not weather related.


  1. You see the shadows everywhere. Most of the time, they are attached to a person. Sometimes, they aren’t. You come to realize that the detached shadows belong to a person who is about to be killed.
  2. Everyone has implants that store their memories. Someone close to you dies, and you find some horrifying secrets in their memories.
  3. You have a unique ability that lets you see through the water, including any murk or dirt that is within it. You find great peace and pleasure in discovering lakes, ponds, and rivers. One day, you are finally able to use it on the ocean. What you see in the depths of the deepest waters terrifies you to the core.
  4. You are a world-renowned magician. The best in the game. Not even scientists can figure out your tricks. What nobody knows, is that you have a ghost friend helping you. However, his “help” is starting to get more and more destructive.
  5. Humanity was always so concerned with robots waging war on us. We never considered robots waging war on each other.  
  6. Death wants you off the earth. The devil doesn’t want you anywhere near hell. Your life is surrounded by constant near-death experiences followed by crazy life-saving miracles.
  7. One day you wake up in a dungeon in a body that isn’t yours, and no memory of how you got there. Upon trying to leave, you are killed by monsters. Once again, you awake in the dungeon in another body. You must figure out how to escape before you run out of chances.
  8. You wake up to static on the TV. Before you can turn it off, a voice starts speaking over the noise.
  9. A group of survivors is living on a small island surrounded by zombies on the mainland, always just waiting for them.
  10. You live in a world of ghosts and demons and work as a paranormal investigator. Generally, you have people coming to you for help with a ghost problem. This time, a spirit has walked into your office with a human problem.
  11. You’ve been admitted to the psych ward for hearing evil, demonic screaming in your head. You are being escorted to your room when you suddenly hear the exact same screaming but in real life this time. It is coming from the office of the head psychologist.
  12. An old eccentric relative left you their cat and their glasses in their will. That cat is pretty normal, other than play-fighting a lot of imaginary enemies. That’s what you thought anyway, until you put on the glasses.
  13. All of humanity has died and you are the last one alive. you eventually die, and are surprised to find no real afterlife. Instead, all you hear upon waking up is “Finally! Can we start the next round now?”
  14. Don’t make eye contact, ever. It is deadly.
  15. You have the ability to see a short vision of the way someone will die. One day, you see someone who is apparently murdered by you.
  16. You’ve been fighting in the war against aliens for ten years. One day, you valiantly sacrifice yourself to destroy one of their bases. After the explosion, you suddenly wake up on the side of the road, the date is 20 years in the past. All your memories are intact.

Reddit Writing Prompts for Short Stories

These are some prompts that will make for a great short story. Short stries are usually under 10,000 words, with 1-3000 being the average length.

You could even try your hand at some flash fiction with a writing prompt from this list. This would be a story that is under 1000 words.

Short stories have a limited allowance for both plot and character development. This is what, at times, can make them more challenging than writing an entire novel. These ideas are small and specific enough to work within a short piece.

However, that’s not to say you can’t add to the idea and write a novel from it as well! That’s the beauty of a writing prompt – you can do whatever you please with it.

  1. Technology has advanced to the point where AR and VR technology are common and highly accessible. Online feuds look much different these days.
  2. You’re a gamer who has just discovered a new VR MMO game. After some time, you see a quest that has simply instructed you to find a person. You don’t remember where it came from or which storyline it was a part of. Nobody who has played the game has ever heard of the quest. You decide to investigate and follow through on the quest.
  3. An angel, a demon, a fairy, and a warlock go on a road trip together.
  4. Your small town is under quarantine, with no travel allowed – in or out. After a few weeks, you are the first one to realize that all communication with the outside world (Phone calls, texts, internet messages, etc) is being faked by bots.
  5. You’re scrolling through a writing prompt list. You suddenly see one that sounds exactly like the dangerous life you left behind years ago.
  6. The devil himself wakes up one morning, annoyed. He hates “bring your child to work” day.
  7. You have always greatly admired the superhero that watches over your city. You value and appreciate his protection. However, you were just framed for several terrible crimes, and you are now his next target.
  8. Google decides to put an “I’m feeling lucky” mode on their self-driving cars. When selected, it takes you to a completely random place.
  9. You are an assassin who works anonymously. You have just received a request to kill yourself. So, You try to fake your own death in order to receive the payout.
  10. The internet not only works all over the world but all over the entire universe. You can converse with species from other planets, and even follow them on the universal social media platforms.
  11. The world is governed and run by a highly advanced AI. Everyone is still blissfully unaware that you successfully hacked into the AI and have been controlling it for the past six months.
  12. Write a story with a single line that is repeated throughout in different contexts. The line should be confusing until the very end where it will finally make sense.
  13. The building you work in has just been taken hostage by terrorists. As the janitor, they don’t pay much attention to you. What they don’t know is that you’re a medically discharged Navy SEAL and you miss your old job.
  14. All of the zombies in the zombie apocalypse are avoiding you. Except for one.
  15. You live the life of a hermit. But, once a week you tune into the news channels for an hour, just to stay up to date. Last week, everything was normal. This week, there is silence on every channel.
  16. All of humanity has uploaded itself to the internet. You are the last remaining physical human being. It is your job to maintain the servers.
  17. Being the paranoid person that you are, you pull back the shower curtain every night before bed – just in case. For the first time in ten years, you actually find someone standing there staring back at you.
  18. In a time-traveling world, a prolific metal band is being sued for leaving their litter all over time – drums, amps, cords, etc.
  19. You are in charge of managing the world’s karma, delivering it and making sure it’s fair. For years the system was running poorly, only enabling you to distribute small and insignificant karmas. Today, you were finally able to fix it.
  20. Two high-profile thieves show up to the same vault, intending to steal the same thing.
  21. There is an intergalactic book club that exists solely to complain and talk about all the mistakes made in fantasy novels.
  22. One day, every single smartphone on earth receives the same text message in their local language: “24 hours.”
  23. You’ve been a bartender for 20 years. You’ve heard all kinds of stories. But, this one is making you cross the country searching to answers to a question you never even asked.
  24. It is the year 2050. You are living your life when a stranger runs up to you one day in the supermarket. Panting, they look at you ask simply ask, “Peru, 1785, do you remember me?”
  25. You are a vintage collector. One day you acquire an old telephone from the early 1900s. You hook it up, just for kicks, only to discover that it actually works. Not for talking though, just for listening – to conversations from the past.

Dialogue Reddit Writing Prompts

Below I have compiled a set of writing prompts that are nothing more than a line of dialogue. These can be used in any story of any genre.

You can use them to start something brand new, or insert them into your current project and see what happens.

  1. “And with this last step, it’s complete!”
  2. “Will we ever reach you? We speak the language of stones. You live too fast, you die too fast.”
  3. “The earth is going down for scheduled maintenance in three days. Remember to save your characters, or they will be deleted.”
  4. “We know who you really are. If you don’t help us, the world will end by tomorrow.”
  5. “This thing is a death trap with a curse. You’re best to sell it for parts.”
  6. “I was backpacking across Western Europe…”
  7. “What we brought you here to do will change the world.”
  8. “After something like this, I don’t think I can go home.”
  9. “I’m in the photo but I have no recollection of it ever being taken.”
  10. “I was manipulating you!” “No…I was manipulating you!” “Well, I manipulated you into manipulating me.”

Use Reddit Writing Prompts to Your Advantage

Reddit itself is an enormous community with something for everyone. This includes writers. There is no shortage of writing resources on Reddit. This includes writing prompts, support, critiques, new friends, even help with your book or novel.

The writing prompt subreddit isn’t the only place you can go for support as a writer. The possibilities are endless. But, the writing prompt subreddit is a fantastic place to go for inspiration. The reddit writing prompts listed above are just a sampling of what’s available.

Many new prompts are posted each day. Check back whenever you need some inspiration and you’ll never be disappointed. Regularly flexing your writing muscles with these prompts will have you well on your way to learning how to become a better writer.




Josh Fechter
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