Top 8 Sites to Hire a Book Writer in 2024

If you want help with your next book project, you must hire a book writer who will transform your ideas into a compelling narrative. 

Hiring a book writer brings professional expertise in crafting engaging narratives and polished content. It’s a time-efficient solution for those with a story to tell but limited time or writing skills. But not every book writer you find online is a good fit. 

To help you out, here are the top 8 sites to find professional book writers for hire right now.

Best Sites to Hire a Book Writer

In the search for a professional book writer, the top platforms include WriterHire, Upwork, Reedsy, Guru, Freelancer, The Writing Summit, Scribophile, and Fiverr. 

Each site offers unique services, from specialized book writing and comprehensive publishing support to writing communities and collaborative platforms. They cater to various needs, whether you’re penning a novel, a memoir, or a technical book, providing access to a wide range of writing talents and related services. These platforms connect authors with the right writers, ensuring every book project reaches its full potential. Let’s start with our number one pick. 


WriterHire stands out for its specialization in book writing, offering a pool of talented book writers for different genres, including fiction. Whether crafting a fiction novel, a memoir, or a self-help guide, WriterHire offers professional book writing services to cater to your needs.

Book writers on the website are skilled in capturing a unique voice and style, making them ideal for personalized projects. Additionally, WriterHire is a great pick for companies looking to mass-produce books, as the website offers book writing services with writers capable of handling bigger, long-term projects.


  • Specializes in a wide range of book genres
  • Ensures a collaborative process between author and writer
  • Focuses on quality and creativity


  • It might have a smaller pool of writers due to focusing on quality and professionals


Depends on the writer.


Upwork is one of the largest platforms offering professional book writing services, hosting many skilled book writers. This platform caters to a wide range of book writing needs, including writing fiction and books, ebook writing, and even ghostwriting. Their freelance professionals excel in various stages of the writing process, from character development to effective strategies in book marketing.

Whether you need a book written from scratch or require specialized copy editing services for existing work, Upwork’s versatile nature makes it a solid choice for authors and companies seeking quality book writing services.


  • An extensive network of professional writers
  • Suitable for a variety of book writing needs
  • User-friendly platform with robust selection options


  • Competition among freelancers can vary in quality
  • Service fees may apply


Pricing on Upwork varies depending on the writer’s experience and the project’s scope.


Reedsy is a unique platform that offers more than general writing services. It’s a comprehensive solution for authors, providing book writing services from seasoned book writers and access to a network of editors, designers, and marketing experts. This makes it a prime destination for those involved in the intricate writing process, particularly for writing fiction and non-fiction.

Reedsy’s holistic approach supports getting a book written and published, especially catering to the needs of those navigating the complexities of e-book self-publishing.


  • Comprehensive services beyond writing
  • Access to a network of editors and marketing experts
  • Specializes in both fiction and non-fiction


  • May be more expensive due to the comprehensive services
  • Can be overwhelming for first-time authors


Reedsy’s project-dependent pricing includes various services, potentially increasing the overall cost.


Guru offers a diverse space where clients can access professional book-writing services from various book writers. This platform is particularly adept at catering to specific niches, making it ideal for projects ranging from young adult fiction to science fiction. Guru’s versatility extends to all aspects of book writing, supporting both the creative writing process and the practical aspects of writing and publishing.

Whether you need a fiction writer, a professional ghostwriter, or a writer for non-fiction or have expertise in getting a book written with professional finesse, Guru is a solid website for your book writing service needs.


  • Wide range of genres and writing styles
  • User-friendly interface
  • A diverse pool of writers


  • The quality of writers can vary
  • Some users report variable customer service experiences


The cost of services on Guru varies based on the writer’s expertise and the project’s specific requirements.


Freelancer is a marketplace offering various book writing services, connecting employers with a diverse range of freelancers proficient in book writing and editing. This platform is ideal for various book projects, accommodating everything from whimsical children’s books to more intricate narratives. With its pool of professional book writers, including professional writers and ghostwriters, Freelancer facilitates the entire writing process.

If you’re looking for assistance writing non-fiction books, or need specialized services for ebook writing, Freelancer provides a comprehensive book writing service for getting final draft of your book ready.


  • A large global pool of writers
  • Suitable for a wide range of writing projects
  • Competitive pricing due to a large number of freelancers


  • Quality can vary due to the vast number of freelancers
  • The bidding system may be time-consuming for some clients


Pricing on Freelancer is competitive and varies depending on the freelancer’s rate and the project’s complexity.

The Writing Summit

The Writing Summit focuses on storytelling and provides book-writing services for authors. It hosts a community of skilled book writers passionate about various genres, making it a fertile ground for writing fiction and non-fiction books. Here, authors can engage with fiction and ghost writers adept in writing, ensuring that every book reflects a unique narrative.

The Writing Summit has something for everybody looking for a dedicated book-writing service.


  • Focus on storytelling and narrative development
  • Community-driven platform
  • Variety of genres and writing styles


  • Smaller pool of writers compared to larger platforms
  • Less focus on the technical aspects of writing


Pricing information is not directly available on the website and may vary based on the project and writer’s expertise.


Scribophile offers a community-based approach, offering more than book writing services. It’s a collaborative platform where writers, including both fiction writers and those specialized in non-fiction books, critique and refine their craft together. This makes it an excellent resource for finding professional book writers committed to continuous improvement in the writing process.

For people or companies looking for ghost writers, assistance in ebook writing, or insights into getting a book written with quality and depth, Scribophile’s book writing service is about nurturing skills and producing well-crafted manuscripts through active engagement timely feedback, and collaboration.

  • Community-focused platform
  • Opportunity for collaborative feedback
  • Ideal for writers seeking active community engagement


  • Less traditional hiring process
  • May not suit those looking for quick hiring solutions


Scribophile operates differently from traditional hiring platforms, and pricing may vary based on individual arrangements with writers.


Fiverr offers a unique, project-based approach to hiring book writers. It’s a platform where clients can find and hire book writers for various projects, from ghostwriting and ebook writing to more specific needs like children’s books or business books. The site’s user-friendly interface allows clients to browse through portfolios of diverse writers, ensuring a perfect match for their specific book project.

Fiverr is famous for its affordability and flexibility, making it an excellent option for those on a budget or needing quick turnaround times. The platform caters to various book writing needs, including creative storytelling.


  • Wide range of writers for different book genres
  • Affordable pricing suitable for various budgets
  • Quick and easy hiring process


  • The vast number of freelancers might make it challenging to find the right fit
  • Quality may vary due to the diverse range of freelancers


Fiverr offers a variety of pricing tiers, typically project-based, allowing clients to choose services that fit their budget.

What to Consider When Hiring a Book Writer

Selecting the right platform to hire a book writer requires careful consideration of various factors. Start by defining the specific needs of your book project. Are you writing fiction, non-fiction, a memoir, or a technical or educational book? This will determine the type of writer you need, whether someone with creative storytelling skills, expertise in a specific subject matter, or experience in a particular genre.

Consider the writer’s experience level. Do you need a seasoned author with published works, or are you open to working with emerging talent? The complexity and scope of your project will guide this decision.

Budget is another consideration. Different platforms offer varying pricing structures, from fixed-rate projects to hourly fees. Choose a platform that aligns with your budget while still promising quality work.

Examine the features offered by the platform, such as communication tools, collaboration options, and the ease of browsing and selecting writers. A user-friendly platform can greatly enhance the efficiency of your collaboration.

Finally, research the reputation of the platform. Look for user reviews, success stories, and testimonials to gauge the quality of writers and the reliability of the service. A platform with a good track record will increase your chances of successfully finding a book writer who can bring your vision to life.

Writing Your Book with Squibler AI

An alternative to hiring a book writer is using a dedicated AI tool for books. At the core of Squibler is the Smart Writer – an intelligent tool for expanding your book text, injecting vividness into your descriptions, intensifying the emotion in a paragraph, rephrasing sentences for clarity, or even emulating the style of renowned authors.

Another key feature is AI Elements. You can create or enrich characters, settings, and objects within their narrative. Each character, location, or item is an AI Element that Squibler uses to write your specific narrative, instead of creating a general AI text. Finally, you can highlight text and transform it into an original image if you require visuals. 


Here you can read frequently asked questions about hiring a book writer.

How do I choose the right platform to hire book writers?

Consider your own book project’s specific needs, including the genre, such as a children’s book or business book, and the level of expertise required. Assess if you need additional services like book editing services or technical writing support.

Can I hire a writer for just part of my book project?

Yes, many platforms allow you to hire book writers for specific parts of your project, including character development in a children’s book or specific sections in a business book.

What should I expect to pay for a professional book writer?

Pricing varies based on the writer’s experience, the complexity of your project (e.g., technical writing vs. a simple children’s book), and the chosen platform. Some offer fixed prices, while others allow negotiation.

How can I ensure the quality of the writer I hire?

Review the writer’s portfolio, which may include diverse works from children’s books to business books. Read customer testimonials and request a sample, especially for projects requiring specialized skills like technical writing or book editing services.

Josh Fechter
Josh is the founder and CEO of Squibler.