What's New?
May 2nd, 2024
New features
Bug fixes & improvements
April 9th, 2024
New features


Bug fixes & improvements
November 15th, 2022
New features
Introduced new skeletal loaders

We have redesigned the skeletal loaders with the best UX practices in mind to improve the overall user experience of the product. The new skeletal loader will be displayed when opening the editor.

Bug fixes & improvements
Improved the "open project" modal in the editor

We have made several improvements and bug fixes to the "open project" modal in the editor, including:

Fixed issues with the password update field under the profile

We have resolved several issues that were encountered when users tried to update their password through the account settings page, including:

October 31st, 2022
Bug fixes & improvements
Microsoft word Image issue on Importing document

While importing a .docx file, the images aren't uploaded to the Squibler Editor. The issue has been fixed with the following limitations - 

Label change

The following label has been changed from Rename to Rename Project.

Changed the graphql endpoint

Currently, the default graphql endpoint, i.e /graphql is in use, which is not good in terms of security purposes, so it has been changed to a non-default one.

Editor UX improvements

The Cut, Copy and Delete options under the edit menu are disabled when no text in the editor has been selected.


October 19th, 2022
Bug fixes & improvements
Rename under file menu not working

Renamed the label from Rename to Rename project to help users understand what it would exactly rename and Made the project label editable after clicking on it.

Multiple UI bugs on the Home page
UX improvement with the Elements

Removed the Editor, Board, and List view with the Elements window

Redirect to login page after session expiry

Currently, after the session expiry, the dashboard is visible with an empty list of projects, and the user cannot create and load Projects. To fix that, users would now be redirected to the login page in such a scenario.

Pagination issue with List view

The last item in the list would be partially hidden

Unresponsive Open Project modal

When user clicks on the Open project under File in an editor window, a modal pops up, which is non-functional and unresponsive. The cross doesn't close the modal, there is no way to close this modal, and no projects are being displayed.

October 5th, 2022
New features
New Elements

The new Elements is a completely redesigned features of the older version. Some of the major changes included are -


Bug fixes & improvements
Login UX improvement
Irresponsive project trash

When there are multiple projects in the trash, it would load very slowly or even it times it would freeze the application. It was found that it was happening because all of the items are being loaded at once. Pagination with infinite scroll has been implemented to resolve this issue.

Removed dotted lines from file

Having the dotted lines in the folder makes sense to separate files but it wasn’t making much sense in files.

Issues with clone projects

Cloned projects are getting added to the bottom of the list. If the list is too long users wouldn't even know that the clone has been created or not. Along with that contents and other relevant details such as owner name, last modified are being missed out. It now gets added on top along with fixes for the other bugs

Code debt removal

Editor Issues:

September 20th, 2022
Bug fixes & improvements
Performance improvements

The increase in performance can be seen in the following - 

Note: Application Performance is inversely varying with the  User Data - App Performance Decrease as User Data Increases

New files and folders placed towards the end of the list

Previously when creating new files and folder creation is was getting added non-uniformly at any places. Sometimes on the top, or in-between files or even towards the end. Now considering the best UX practices and to maintain the uniformity new items would be placed towards the end

Safari compatibility issue for right side bar

Here are some UI issue in the right side bar from the editor window which were occurring only in the Safari browser

Both of these issues has been fixed

Automatic creation of new projects

When users create new draft or open any project, multiple new projects were created automatically and was getting populated in the dashboard. This issue has been fixed

UI bug with the folder view

When a folder contains little to no contents within it, the editable page area was getting cropped off. It has been now fixed and covers the whole height

Editor UI bug in dark mode

When switching from day mode to night mode while in a folder view, the consecutive files were getting milaligned.

Font size mis-match

In Squibler the font size appears tiny despite having similar font style and size as compared to any other editor. This issue has been fixed and now the font sizes are comparable to any other writing product

Engineering Improvements
Removed irrelevant event trackers

There are too many segment events that are triggered falsely or inaccurately. It was contributing hugely to the amount of bad data being collected. Along with that being mindful of users privacy, kept only the ones that are absolute necessity for our Product’s sucess

Created UI/UX Testing checklist

Keeping design team in loop, the checklist has been made to improve the quality of deliverables in the coming days.


September 2nd, 2022
New features
Highlighted project title

Previously when the project was selected, which provided a preview of the entire contents, there was no feedback provided to the users to help them understand whether it has been selected or not. Hence, upon selecting, it would now get highlighted.


Bug fixes & improvements
New files/folders created towards the end

When creating a new file/folder, it was getting created intermittently both towards the end of the list and at the beginning or in between. Considering the best UX practices and maintaining consistency, we decided to place new items towards the end.

Removed phrase "Recent Project" from the dashboard

We used to see the phrase "Recent project" every time we loaded the dashboard. But it disappeared as soon as the page was fully loaded. 

Deprecated version history

The current version of version history is broken and deletes user data upon creating a new version. We have a new version of this feature coming up soon, and hence it will remain deprecated until then.

Production issue: KeyError: 'section_id'

Traceback (most recent call last): File "/srv/apps/projects_app/schema.py", line 335, in mutate if kwargs and kwargs['section_id']: KeyError: 'section_id' 


August 20th, 2022
New features
Homepage redesign

Redesign of the homepage to accommodate all the latest happenings around the product. Eliminated all of the prior UX flaws that were present in it.

New Login Flow

A new flow for the login has been implemented keeping in mind about the best UX practices

Editable folders

Users can edit contents of a file present in a folder right from it without directly directly going into the file.


Bug fixes & improvements
Fixes around elements

After adding an element, category group was not getting collapsed it remained opened

Fixes around project opening

There was an issue, occurring intermittently, where users were getting a blank editor screen when opening any saved projects from the home page

Engineering Improvements
Added fixtures for users

During Squibler project setup on local machine, developers need to create a squibler account manually and then enter card details, we can automate this process using Django fixtures, hence created a fixture for users

Instrumented new events

The following events have been intrumented to track usage which was not done previously -

August 5th, 2022
Bug fixes & improvements
UX improvements around the editor
Removed cover page

Offsetting this feature by creating a feature flag around it. Future plans to make any page a cover page. 

UI fixes around the corkboard
UI fixes around editable file label
Other bug fixes and UX improvements
July 21st, 2022
New features
Editable corkboard

The corkboard gives an overview of the contents along with their summary. The summary was view-only. To edit it users must go to the summary section in the right sidebar corresponding to that corkboard to make the edits. But now, users can directly edit from the corkboard.

A new way to update file/folder/project label

UX Improvements around the label updation by making the title editable instead of a modal.


Bug fixes & improvements
Export functionality not working

When users try to export projects either in pdf or Docx, it downloads empty files instead of their content in it.

Right sidebar disappearing

When one clicks on split editor/screen, the right sidebar disappears.

Login from Gmail is not working

A user reported this issue in particular. After a successful subscription, the user cannot log in from Gmail.

Element settings display all available types

In element settings, esp. for the color change, all the possible element types were shown, which should not be happening. Only the relevant ones are to be shown.

Multiple bug fixes and UX improvements
June 21st, 2022
New features
Export user data

Users can request their data, even after canceling their subscription and we can export it for them in docx format.

Created new scroll-less menus

It will enable users to find tools and features that were otherwise hidden at first glance under different menus and improve the overall UX

R&D for the upcoming features
Bug fixes & improvements
Multiple bug fixes from elements 
Scroll not working after merging changes from new folder structure
Import with existing font

Fonts change when previous work is imported or is copy pasted from other sources

User Issues

Multiple users reported a loss of their data from the editor. This issue has been investigated to find its root cause and has been fixed to recover the user data and place them right where it belongs.

Engineering Improvements
June 2nd, 2022
New features
New files and folders structure

The new files and folder structure has been implemented keeping in mind the wide variety of users that can use Squiber, ranging from technical writers to screenplay writers and everything in between. Using this new structure users can create an unlimited hierarchy of files and folders to create a wide range of documents and organize their work in an efficient way.

Trash functionality within the editor

A hugely requested feature from our users! Users can now finally delete and recover individual files or folders directly from the editor. In our earlier versions users could only delete and recover the projects from the dashboard.

R&D for the upcoming features
Updated list view

Here's a little preview of the updated List feature that is going to come soon. These updates will improve on the project management side of squiber for teams.


Bug fixes & improvements
Summary of file/folder not appearing in the Board View has been fixed and changed to accommodate the new files and folder structure
The issue when some text is copy pasted the cursor jumps to the start of the page has been fixed

Ex. Suppose we are writing the Book and are on the 20th page of a file, when some text is copied from another source and pasted, suddenly the page jumps to the start point. We have to scroll to the 20th page manually to continue writing.

The issue of Setting and Help icon not aligned on dashboard has been fixed
The issue of missing cursor upon pressing return key in the editor has been fixed
Application slowing down with multiple editors opened at once

When multiple Quill Editors are opened at once. Which is occurring when we have the folder view. It is slowing down the application. This issue has been fixed.

First two characters of the Word/Text changed on Opera/Chrome browser
The issue of user needs to click on settings page to scroll on page has been fixed for various browsers
Loader screen is not responsive when we select any Template from bottom

When we are on Dashboard and select any template from Screenplay. After selecting the loader screen moved to the upside instead of the whole screen 

Search Element should displays all element by default
Multiple fixes related to the new files and folders structure
Multiple Improvements in dashboard 
Created brand specific icons and Integrated Squibler font-awesome library
Some improvements in the trash functionality 
Improvements in editor window
Improvements in landing page: Homepage

Engineering Improvements
Added support for production deployments in Github Actions
May 16th, 2022
New features

R&D for the upcoming features

Recently our engineering team started a new initiative to dedidate significant amount of time to do in-depth R&d and understand the requirements inside out with respect to engineering, value addition and business before started to develop a new feature. Or overhaul a big feature for that matter. 

Updated Find and Replace

Here's a little preview of the new Find and replace feature that is going to come soon.

Updated Share Functionality

Here's a quick preview of the new Share functionality that is going to come soon. It will make squibler an easy to use and intuitive collaborative product.

Bug fixes & improvements

Resolved Share project Issues
Using Tab for forward space but when we use Backspace to come back it comes character by character
When some text is copy paste, page jump to start of the page
Write an action for loading fixtures
Summary on File or Folder does not appears in the Board View ( unlimited Section )

Engineering Improvements
CI: Slack Alerts for successful deployments
Created IAM Roles and Service File for Cloudwerkx team
Updated Pull request templates to add more context into them to make them more clear for reviewers
March 19th, 2022
New features

-Add "Untitled" preview text for newly created projects without titles

-Enabled the ability to drag, drop, and re-order elements

-Change Element Details to Attributes

-Made auto-filling elements the default setting

-Added Search and Filter features to the Elements dashboard

-Added a customizable category to Elements labeling

-Added ability to add many images to each Element (slideshow feature)

Bug fixes & improvements

-Fixed Squibler onboarding YouTube video

-Put "coming soon notification" on language and print features 

-Fixed first-time pricing modal not redirecting

-Remove starred button and allow only "open in new tab" ability in the action menu on shared folders

-Fixed minor design issues with Element functionality

-Fixed issue with font changing when typing

-Fixed issue of invited team members unable to change the font face or double space at the beginning of a new sentence.



December 7th, 2021
New features

-Added Zoom in feature to make the text more readable

-Put "coming soon notification" on language and print features and clean up header


Bug fixes & improvements

-Added a placeholder for views without subsections 

-Fixed the UI lag from switching preview to list or board view

-Fix backspace tab issue and moving text issue

-Enabled zoom feature to work properly

December 1st, 2021
New features

-New onboarding UI implementation 

-New onboarding backend api 

Bug fixes & improvements

-When you edit an element, it changes the first character image and name 

-When you add an element and then switch from menu script to element and change the element name but it doesn't change

-When you put a title on a board, it doesn't change in the left sidebar

-When you click on the section title, the placeholder "section" is removed 

-In split-screen, when you activate the screenplay toolbar it shows extra space

-The "Your work has been saved" message is showing double when editing element from the right sidebar 

-When we click the profile name it redirects to the answer page 

-Knowledge center category accordions did not hide after expanding

-When you click the "Cancel" button on the template model the dashboard shows a blur

-After signup, the user name doesn't show

November 17, 2021
Bug fixes & improvements
September 22nd, 2021
New features

Hey Squibler members, we made a number of improvements this last week. 

1. Implemented a list-view to better project manage your work.

2. Implemented element tracking so you can keep track of all your story elements

3. Made the corkboard draggable to better organize your work

To learn more about these, watch our video update here where we walk you through all the new features.


Bug fixes & improvements

1. Fixed a strange bug with the split-screen mode that messed up the dimensions when writing

2. Fixed a bug with element tracking where it didn't show the element you were typing

September 20th, 2021
New features

Hey Squibler members, we released a number of updates this week to ensure we continue to improve your experience.

1. You can now view your entire document at once in edit mode

2. You can now add story elements that appear on the right-hand of your editor

Bug fixes & improvements

1. Fixed split-screen mode showing strange page margins



August 30th, 2021
New features

Hey Squibler members, we released a number of updates this week to ensure you continue to have a great experience.

1. Added an onboarding tutorial video for all new users

2. Change the word "project" in our editor and product homepage to "document." This is mean to better reflect our value proposition.

3. Added a help link to the header on the product homepage so you can quickly access tutorials.

Bug fixes & improvements

1. Updated colors of the editor's sidebar buttons to ensure they reflected our branding

2. Updated blog homepage links that were broken

3. Added Squibler YouTube link to footer

August 25th, 2021
New features

Hey there,

We haven't focused on release notes in quite some time as we've been busy building the product with our small team. We're now making a commitment to do them regularly every week. Here's what we've done recently.

-Added page margins

-You can now add elements to your document including characters, settings, items, and more

-You can have a corkboard preview of your editor (notecard view)

-Introduced dark mode



-Moved goal setting to the footer to better sync experience

Bug fixes & improvements

-Fixed importing screenplay format where sections and scenes wouldn't align properly


Feb 4, 2021
New features

New Landing Page Designs:






Bug fixes & improvements

Toolbar Menu Spacing and Overlap

Spelling Issues on Feature Text

Night Mode Optimization

Corkboard Heading Improvements


Jan 19, 2021
New features
Accessible switch between Editor and Cork Board

Import Functionality Improvements:

Import functionality now supports the following stylistic features:

  1. Section & Subsection wise
  2. Bold
  3. Italic
  4. Underline
  5. Bullets (Order and Unordered list)
  6. Headings
  7. Hyperlinks
Bug fixes & improvements
Dark Mode Improvements


Jan 12, 2021
New features

Import Feature MVP: Ability for users to import their work and automatically break it down into sections and subsections based on # and ## respectively. 

Bug fixes & improvements

General improvements in writing experience:

- Improving Author Bio section usability.

- Improving the color of the background to create a better writing experience.

- Several bugs and fixes in the Story Board experience. 

- Dark Mode improvements for story elements.

- Background color change from grey to white for the writing experience. 

Jan 5, 2021
New features

Story Elements









Cork Board












Removal of Google reCAPTCHA

Built our own security and screening for bots. Removed third-party integration of security from Google. We no longer depend on third-party for core product experience and user security.


December 28, 2020 - Plot Generator Random Prompt
New features


Bug fixes & improvements

Fixed a bug on Plot Generator Page that was preventing writers from generating a random prompt. 


December 01, 2020 — On-Demand Table of Content Page
New features

(1) On-Demand Table of Content Page

You can see your document structure with a table of contents. Each item in the table of contents links to your project section or sub-section title.You can aad/delete, and show/hide table of content when you want.

Bug fixes & improvements

November 23, 2020 — On-Demand Cover Page Feature + Prompt Generator
New features

(1) Custom, On-Demand Cover Page

Don't wait to publish your next best-seller. Design A Professional Book Cover In Minutes!
Personalize our easy-to-customize Book cover to create your own.

1. Given the option to add a cover page in the Header Menu
2. A pop to choose from templates for the cover page
3. Change the color of the Cover Page on preview mode



(2) Prompt Generator

Never run out of short story ideas with this writing prompt generator. Generate a Prompt. Try Dangerous Mode, Over 500+ first line suggestions to get you started with this writing app

Bug fixes & improvements