What's New?
September 22nd, 2021
New features

Hey Squibler members, we made a number of improvements this last week. 

1. Implemented a list-view to better project manage your work.

2. Implemented element tracking so you can keep track of all your story elements

3. Made the corkboard draggable to better organize your work

To learn more about these, watch our video update here where we walk you through all the new features.


Bug fixes & improvements

1. Fixed a strange bug with the split-screen mode that messed up the dimensions when writing

2. Fixed a bug with element tracking where it didn't show the element you were typing

September 20th, 2021
New features

Hey Squibler members, we released a number of updates this week to ensure we continue to improve your experience.

1. You can now view your entire document at once in edit mode

2. You can now add story elements that appear on the right-hand of your editor

Bug fixes & improvements

1. Fixed split-screen mode showing strange page margins



August 30th, 2021
New features

Hey Squibler members, we released a number of updates this week to ensure you continue to have a great experience.

1. Added an onboarding tutorial video for all new users

2. Change the word "project" in our editor and product homepage to "document." This is mean to better reflect our value proposition.

3. Added a help link to the header on the product homepage so you can quickly access tutorials.

Bug fixes & improvements

1. Updated colors of the editor's sidebar buttons to ensure they reflected our branding

2. Updated blog homepage links that were broken

3. Added Squibler YouTube link to footer

August 25th, 2021
New features

Hey there,

We haven't focused on release notes in quite some time as we've been busy building the product with our small team. We're now making a commitment to do them regularly every week. Here's what we've done recently.

-Added page margins

-You can now add elements to your document including characters, settings, items, and more

-You can have a corkboard preview of your editor (notecard view)

-Introduced dark mode



-Moved goal setting to the footer to better sync experience

Bug fixes & improvements

-Fixed importing screenplay format where sections and scenes wouldn't align properly


Feb 4, 2021
Bug fixes & improvements

Toolbar Menu Spacing and Overlap

Spelling Issues on Feature Text

Night Mode Optimization

Corkboard Heading Improvements


Jan 19, 2021
New features
Accessible switch between Editor and Cork Board

Import Functionality Improvements:

Import functionality now supports the following stylistic features:

  1. Section & Subsection wise
  2. Bold
  3. Italic
  4. Underline
  5. Bullets (Order and Unordered list)
  6. Headings
  7. Hyperlinks
Bug fixes & improvements
Dark Mode Improvements


Jan 12, 2021
New features

Import Feature MVP: Ability for users to import their work and automatically break it down into sections and subsections based on # and ## respectively. 

Bug fixes & improvements

General improvements in writing experience:

- Improving Author Bio section usability.

- Improving the color of the background to create a better writing experience.

- Several bugs and fixes in the Story Board experience. 

- Dark Mode improvements for story elements.

- Background color change from grey to white for the writing experience. 

Jan 5, 2021
New features

Story Elements









Cork Board












Removal of Google reCAPTCHA

Built our own security and screening for bots. Removed third-party integration of security from Google. We no longer depend on third-party for core product experience and user security.


Bug fixes & improvements
December 28, 2020 - Plot Generator Random Prompt
New features


Bug fixes & improvements

Fixed a bug on Plot Generator Page that was preventing writers from generating a random prompt. 


December 01, 2020 — On-Demand Table of Content Page
New features

(1) On-Demand Table of Content Page

You can see your document structure with a table of contents. Each item in the table of contents links to your project section or sub-section title.You can aad/delete, and show/hide table of content when you want.

Bug fixes & improvements
  • Fixed a bug that caused ambiguous behavior of subsections after drag and drop.

  • Fixed a bug that caused text overflow of Title from header of editor.

November 23, 2020 — On-Demand Cover Page Feature + Prompt Generator
New features

(1) Custom, On-Demand Cover Page

Don't wait to publish your next best-seller. Design A Professional Book Cover In Minutes!
Personalize our easy-to-customize Book cover to create your own.

1. Given the option to add a cover page in the Header Menu
2. A pop to choose from templates for the cover page
3. Change the color of the Cover Page on preview mode



(2) Prompt Generator

Never run out of short story ideas with this writing prompt generator. Generate a Prompt. Try Dangerous Mode, Over 500+ first line suggestions to get you started with this writing app

Bug fixes & improvements
  • Fixed a bug that caused invisibility of toolbar icons when the cursor on section or subsection title.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Image to add option can be accessed from Insert > Image while on Section Title or Subsection Title.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Selected Subsection is not deleted or extra subsections are creating.
  • Fixed a bug that caused "New Project Title" is not prominent on Dark mode.
  • Improved tweaks while deleting sections & subsections.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the "Tell your story..." placeholder is missing in the section.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the rename button does not work in section & subsection in the Firefox browser.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an unexpected scrollbar in editor and preview mode in the Firefox browser.
  • Make improvements in project sorting e.g. order by last modified and order by title.
  • Make improvements in the focus mode feature.
  • Fixed a bug that caused "Template choose Modal" is closed on clicking outside the pop-up modal.
  • Restrict users to not open editor on mobile or small screen devices.
  • Fixed a bug that caused adding Subsection is not opening the current Section in which it is added.