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Squibler’s Editor mode simplifies the writing process, with advanced features to propel your book from concept to draft as quickly as possible. With goal-setting functionality, Squibler helps you stay on track and focused on your book writing endeavors.

Visualize your novel using the Corkboard View.

Squibler’s Corkboard mode allows you to create, modify and visualize sections of your book, use drag and drop simplicity.

Monitor and track the progress of your novel using List View.

With Squibler’s List View, you can set or refine chapter titles and synopsis, create new sections, change targeted words, monitor progress and track character development via element tracking. It’s your list, redefined.

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Squibler solves problems common and unique to every document. These are just a few.
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AI-Powered Writing. Use our AI writing tools to generate novel ideas, streamline character development, overcome writer's block, and write novels 10x faster. Our AI writing assistant is designed by writers, for writers.

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It makes it easy to break down my stories into chapters, scenes, and everything in between.

Denis P. Nonfiction Author

I love the fact that I can view all the details to my characters and settings without opening another document.

Amelia B. Romance Author

The best design I found for an editor that balances simplicity with the ability to get the work done.

Jonathan F. Fantasy Author

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Frequently asked questions.

Do you have questions before you begin?
What makes Squibler the best novel writing software?
Squibler was created for writers by writers. We considered all the features writers needed to draft a great book, then put them into our product with simplicity being front and center.
What should I know before using a book writing software?
What kind of book are you writing and who's it for. A fantasy fiction novel can be geared towards people looking to escape their long days at work. A romance novel to people looking to spice up their love life. Both are important, but they serve different purposes. With a book writing app, know who you're trying to reach and why then you'll stand out.
Does Squibler work for memoirs and autobiographies?
Squibler works great for memoirs and autobiographies. It has all the features you need to go from draft to published.
Is Squibler free?
The Squibler writing app has a 14-day free trial, then it's $10/month afterward.
Why should I use Squilber over Google Docs and Scrivener?
Many of our members have stated that Squibler is an easier tool to write your book and collaborate. Moreover, we provide all-encompassing resources to ensure you go from draft to published author.

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