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Say goodbye to your word processor and Google Docs


Organize Faster

Easy drag and drop organization for all your chapters, subchapters, and notes.

Smart Note Taking

Squibler stores your story elements, writing projects, and removes writer's block. Moreover Squibler, provides a native Grammarly-level grammar checker and editing tool to ensure your readability is on point.


Plot Easier With Outlines

Choose from over 30+ outlines to organize your stories.

Organize, Plot, and Write Your Stories Distraction-Free

Squibler works on Windows, Mac, and even your ipad. Spend more time free writing and turning your ideas into stories.

  • squibler-drag-and-dropDrag and Drop
    Drag and drop your chapters and story elements without the hassle of copying and pasting.
  • squiber-on-screen-sidebarOn Screen Sidebar
    Keep your chapter notes and comments on the sidebar. It's time to turn on focus mode to write better and keep writing.
  • squibler-boardThe Board
    Use boards to better see your outline. You can drag and drop to plot and rearrange your story live.

Plot Faster with Outlines for Novelists, Screenwriters, and More

Use the same outlines that world famous writers use. Go through each step with detailed guidance. These outlines make mind mapping easy whether you're free writing, writing long-form content, or trying to hit a specific word count.

The Squibler Board

No more moving files, PDFs, and plain text around to organize your stories. With the board feature, you get an easy-to-use modern way to view your story. Just drag and drop anything inside the board to rearrange your story.


Writing Better, Faster

As you type a character name, location, and notes in the Squibler editor, it will auto-suggest improvements to enable better grammar, rid of passive voice, and improve dictation. If you mixed Ulysses with the Hemingway Editor, you still wouldn’t come close.



Sync with Google Drive, Dropbox, and the Desktop App

Because Squibler syncs with your favorite cloud storage, it makes it easy to save your way and transfer it across multiple platforms. Backed by secure technology, Squibler ensures you can access your writing anywhere.


Always 'saved' with Version Control

Even if your laptop shutdowns, know that your work is safe. Squibler automatically saves every word you type.


Optimized for Clarity

Most writing apps weren't designed for books, screenplays, and journals. Squibler is designed for every writer. So whether you want to write a 100,000 word novel or collaborate with multiple editors, we support it.



Import Existing Work

Already have a rough draft done? Easily import your story into Squibler in just a couple of clicks. Then use Squibler to better organize it, then publish.



Squibler Crushes Writing Blocks


Your Work Is Safe

Squibler works on Google Cloud structure. No downtime or data loss ever. Squibler is always backing up your writing and keeping it secure above industry standards. We don't believe in shortcuts. We believe in a perfected writing experience.

Customer Service and Guidance

Our team is always there to answer your questions whether it's importing work from Scrivener or Microsoft Word or other use and functionality of the writing software. Feel free to get in contact with us 24/7.


A Writing App for Every Writer

Squibler helps book writers, screenplay writers, and every type of writer get more done. It’s the ultimate book writing app, novel writing app, and screenplay writing app, all in one.

Writers Love Squibler

"Squibler's templates helped me outline my novel in seconds. I've never seen anything like it"

- Erika Grove, Fiction Writer
"Squibler has a community unlike any other. It's the perfect place for novelists to connect with each other"

- Denise Polley, Romance Author
"Writing a screenplay made easy. My favorite part is I can invite others to collaborate on my script"

- Philip Watts, Screenplay Writer
"Squibler helped me write and publish my screenplay. It's perfect for those who want minimalism without compromising the ability to organize their notes"

- Toni Smith, Screenplay Writer

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