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Squibler's AI writer solves problems common and unique to every story writer -- from brainstorming to publishing. Here are just a few:
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  • AI-Enhanced Writing
  • Elements Creation
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  • Visuals Generation
  • Goal Tracking
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  • Templates
  • Split Screen
AI-Enhanced Writing. Utilize the creative AI writing tool to generate and edit content. Squibler AI writer assists in developing book chapters or screenplay scenes, generating scenes according to the context or your instructions, rewriting sections to make them more detailed, and more.

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Squibler.io turned my scriptwriting process upside-down – in the best way possible. Its intuitive interface and collaborative features helped me bring my characters to life.

Alex Walker. Screenwriter

As a passionate scriptwriter, Squibler.io became my creative haven. From brainstorming to final draft, it's the ultimate tool for crafting compelling narratives.

Rachel Carter. Film Enthusiast & Writer

Squibler.io is every screenwriter's secret weapon. Its dynamic features and storyboard integration allowed me to visualize scenes and weave together seamless story arcs.

Lucas Bennett. Screenplay Junkie

Frequently asked questions.

Do you have questions before you begin?
What does an AI-powered story writer do?
Squibler AI story writer is perfect for authors seeking to write better stories faster. It not only aids in creating and editing content but also helps writers keep their work organized through word count-goal-setting features, story elements generation, a priorities list, and collaboration capabilities. Beyond being the best AI writer tool, Squibler's team provides writers with all the support needed to write a book, from a blank page to printing.
What is the best AI text writer?
Squibler is designed to be the best AI-assisted writing software for authors and screenwriters looking to create better stories faster. Going beyond the typical AI writing tool, it seamlessly takes users from ideation to publishing. Squibler's AI writer not only generates sections and scenes based on the writers' instructions, but it also helps them enhance existing content. Besides the AI story generator and editing features, Squibler offers support with weekly live sessions, word count goal-setting, image and short video generation, book cover design done for you, and more.
How much does Squibler AI cost?
Squibler provides a basic free AI writer with restricted features, encompassing 6,000 AI-generated words and 5 image generations monthly. For a more comprehensive experience, the Pro plan, priced at $240 per year, opens the door to several new features. This includes unlimited AI-generated text, unlimited visuals generation capabilities, unlimited elements, a done-for-you book cover design, done-for-you printing, and more.
Is it ethical to use AI to write books and screenplays?
Incorporating artificial intelligence assistance in your writing workflow is not only ethical but also a standard practice. Squibler's Smart Writer is a tool to aid the writing journey, not a tool meant to replace human writers or substitute for the writer's creativity. While Squibler alleviates writer's block and streamlines the creative process, the author's distinctive voice and style remain at the forefront. The collaboration between an AI writer assistant and human authors ensures the creation of original, engaging stories.
How does Squibler's AI work?
Start by choosing a template that aligns with your desired book or screenplay genre. Then, use the element generation tool to create your story characters, settings, and objects. Use the Smart Writer to input your story elements—characters, setting, plot points—and let the AI story generator work its magic. As your narrative unfolds, leverage Squibler's AI-assisted features to enhance and visualize the story. Add your daily or file goals and use the List View to keep track of your progress chapter-by-chapter or act-by-act. Join Squibler's community to meet other writers going through the same journey and join the weekly support calls.
Does using Squibler require any writing experience?
Squibler accommodates a diverse range of writers, from novices to experts. It provides valuable insights into story structure and character development for beginners. At the same time, seasoned authors can refine their writing skills using advanced suggestions and a distraction-free environment. Whether you're a seasoned author, an AI writer enthusiast, an aspiring book writer, or a screenwriter, or if you are just searching for tools for original and quality content creation, Squibler caters to all levels of expertise.
Can I collaborate with other writers while using Squibler?
Absolutely! Squibler promotes collaboration, facilitating multiple users to review and edit the story in real-time. Authors can invite collaborators directly through Squibler's platform to view, edit, or comment on specific files or entire projects. This AI writer collaboration capability makes the book content creation and revision process easier.
Can I set a daily word count goal for myself?
Certainly! Squibler allows writers to establish a daily or file word count goal, providing a structured approach to their writing projects. This feature ensures consistency, allowing writers to track their progress. Moreover, by integrating AI-generated scenes, writers enhance their written content with the right words, maintaining the desired narrative length and pace.
How do I get started with a template?
Select a template that aligns with your project, for example, a comedy screenplay or a romance novel. Once you open the template, edit the story elements and add new ones. To begin generating a story, simply open the Generate Scene feature under the Smart Writer and let the AI story generators guide you through the process. Use the 'Ask Me Anything' feature to brainstorm compelling story ideas for developing a complete story.
How does Squibler ensure the uniqueness of a generated story?
Squibler prides itself on the ability to generate unique and engaging stories tailored to each writer's vision and requirements. Our AI-generated story algorithms are designed to produce content that is not only original but also aligned with your narrative goals. By inputting specific parameters and guidance, you can steer the AI story generator to create a narrative that reflects your unique voice and style. The generated story is then further refined through your creative input, ensuring that you end up with compelling stories that stand out in the literary or entertainment world.
Do you claim any rights or ownership over what I write in Squibler?
No, we claim no rights over anything you input into Squibler or anything generated by our AI story maker. Your creative work, including every piece you write story for, remains entirely your own.

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