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Use AI to create your next book

Squibler's Editor mode uses AI to help you write and edit your book easily. It can make text longer or shorter, add descriptions, and even create images. Use the goal-setting feature to stay focused while writing.

Visualize your complete book through sectional blocks

Squibler's Corkboard mode, allows you to easily rearrange chapters with a simple drag-and-drop, invigorating your creative process while visualizing your entire book at a glance.

Track the progress of your book

Squibler's List View is your one-stop hub for managing your book. You can track chapter progress, due dates, priorities, word count, and descriptions all in one place.

Unlock Writing Excellence with Squibler's Tools

More than the best AI book generator available, Squibler resolves issues common and unique to every book writing process. Here are just a few:
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  • AI-Enhanced Writing
  • AI Elements Generation
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  • Goal Tracking
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  • Collaboration
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  • Split Screen
AI-Enhanced Writing. Utilize our robust AI writer tool to generate book ideas, enhance character development, write grammatically correct sentences, overcome writer's block, and write books with unprecedented speed. Our AI-boosted writing assistant has been designed by authors, for authors.

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It makes it easy to break down my stories into chapters, scenes, and everything in between.

Denis P. Nonfiction Author

I love the fact that I can view all the details to my characters and settings without opening another document.

Amelia B. Romance Author

The best design I found for an editor that balances simplicity with the ability to get the work done.

Jonathan F. Fantasy Author

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Frequently asked questions.

Before starting, do you have some questions? Please check out our FAQ below.
What makes the Squibler AI book writer software so unique?
Our AI book writer software is not just another AI tool. Since 2018, we have been developing functionalities that adapt the writing process for professional authors, empowering book writers to fully customize their book creation experience.
Why should I choose Squibler over ChatGPT, SassbookAI, and other AI software?
Squibler shines for its all-encompassing, intuitive environment, specifically designed for authors. Its features extend beyond AI aid, offering goal-setting, progress tracking, collaboration tools, and more, all within a user-friendly interface. Additionally, Squibler's sophisticated AI is fine-tuned for authors to create books, ensuring top-quality outputs and a distraction-free writing environment.
What should I know before using an AI book writer?
Before using an AI book writer, understand that AI tools are meant to supplement and enhance your creativity, not replace it. You'll also need to familiarize yourself with the software's functionalities and learn how to direct the AI to generate relevant content. While this AI tool simplifies the writing process, your writing skills are still crucial for high-quality books.
Is Squibler AI book writer free?
The Squibler AI book writer offers a free version that provides 4000 AI words/month. For unlimited AI words, the software costs $16/month (annually).
How does Squibler, as a novel writing software tool, enhance my creative writing skills?
As a novel writing software tool, Squibler stimulates and refines your creative writing abilities. It equips you with AI-supported prompts, suggestions, and structural support, allowing you to channel your energy into the creative elements of your work. With features designed for effective plot development, character creation, and theme management, Squibler nurtures your skills, handling the more tedious aspects of the writing process.
Can Squibler help me write novels more efficiently?
Yes, Squibler can significantly boost the efficiency of your novel writing process. It's AI writer aids with idea generation, plot development, and character creation, cutting down the time you'd spend on these tasks manually. Plus, its features like goal-tracking and progress monitoring keep you focused and on schedule, making novel writing faster and more structured.
Is Squibler a good choice among AI writing software tools for professional authors?
Indeed, Squibler is a top choice among AI writing software tools for professional authors. It not only provides advanced AI writing assistance but also encompasses a range of features tailored specifically for authors such as collaboration tools, tracking progress, goal setting, and more. Squibler is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline the writing process and elevate the quality of your work.
Does Squibler's novel writing software tools work for both new and experienced authors?
Absolutely, Squibler's novel writing software tools are beneficial for both new and seasoned authors. For beginners, Squibler provides guidance on structuring a novel, developing characters, and managing themes. Experienced authors can make use of advanced AI suggestions, collaboration tools, and a distraction-free writing environment to refine their works.
How do I choose between different AI writing software options for my novel?
Choosing the right AI writing software comes down to your specific needs as a writer. When comparing options, consider the range of features each program offers, its user-friendly nature, and the quality of AI suggestions. Squibler, for instance, stands out with its specialized features for novel writing, easy-to-use interface, and high-quality AI assistance, making it a top choice for many authors.

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