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To Help 1 Million Writers Author their Next Book


At Squibler, we’re devoted to helping authors find their inspiration, organize their thoughts
and write books faster with better grammar.

As avid book readers and writers, we wanted a simple tool that could make the writing process easier. We set out on a journey to create it. We hope to publish a million books through our software. I ask you to help us on our journey as we empower the writer community to strive for more with fewer words.


Hannah Ruth Avatar

Hannah Ruth


I help manage a community of writers and authors at Squibler

Josh Fetcher Avatar

Josh Fechter


Josh grew up in his grandfather's bookstore several blocks from his house. There, he fell in love with writing. Since then, he's written five books

Nate Glass Avatar

Nate Glass


Nate has been working on product and design for the last several years with a focus on help write create better books

Dhaval Bhatt Avatar

Dhaval Bhatt


Dhaval Bhatt has been working in the writing software space for over three years. He has a sharp mind for engineering and is the driving force behind implementing Squibler




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