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Squibler makes writing your screenplay easier. Go from draft to a production-ready script, faster.


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General Screenplay
General Screenplay
Fantacy templates
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Fantacy templates
Fantacy templates

Use one of the many screenplay templates to outline your script in seconds. Always feel like you have a head start in what you want to write.


Squibler enables you to use full-screen mode, Dark Mode, Focus Mode, and even split your screen to easily customize your screenwriting experience.


Squibler enables you to share your work with other writers, editors, and proofreaders. We know creating a finished screenplay often requires teamwork so we made it easy.

Smarter screenwriting for better screenplays

Use Squibler as your screenwriting sidekick. It will organize all your work and customize it to your ideal writing experience. That way, you can focus on what you love - screenwriting.

"Writing a screenplay made easy. My favorite part is that I can invite others to collaborate on my script."

- Philip Watts

Screenplay Writer

Split Screen

Split-screen enables you to view different parts of your script together. This way you can better streamline your story while saving time from jumping around from scene to scene.


The Corkboard enables you to view your script elements, notes, or summaries together in one view. It's perfect for keeping track of your storyline and sharing high-level overviews.

Screenplay Elements

Want to map out your characters, settings, and other important details? Screenplay elements let you do just that.

Streamlined Dashboard

Squibler provides an all in one dashboard to view your work, templates, and share your work with your team.

Effortlessly Sync to the Cloud

Easily sync your writing to Google Drive, Dropbox, and your desktop. Keep your writing where you want it.

Version Control

With version control, even if your laptop gets thrown off a cliff, know that your writing is safe. Squibler saves every word as you type.

Import Existing Work

Already have a draft written? Import your screenplay into Squibler in just a few clicks.

"Squibler helped me write and publish my screenplay. It's perfect for those who want minimalism without compromising the ability to organize their notes."

- Tori Smith

Screenplay Writer




How to Write a Screenplay

Whether you are writing a screenplay for the first time or the tenth time, it never hurts to use a good template. You can find many screenplay format templates in Squibler for all genres.

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Screenplay Writing


How to Format a Screenplay

As a screenwriter, you must know how to format a screenplay. No matter how great your movie script is, if it isn’t properly formatted, it will be useless as nobody will be able to understand it. Writing a screenplay is different than writing a novel or a book. In the case of a screenplay, you have to stick with the standard screenplay formatting.

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Screenplay Writing


Screenplay Templates

Writing a screenplay is an extremely creative undertaking, albeit a complex one. New screenwriters working on their first theater/stage play or film script will need all the help they can get through resources such as a screenplay format template.

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Screenplay Writing

Frequently Asked Questions

General Screenplay What makes the Squibler screenwriting editor powerful?

Squibler enables you to fully customize your screenwriting experience while also keeping a strong focus on simplicity. Moreover, it's created by screenwriters for screenwriters.

General Screenplay What should I know before writing a screenplay?

You should study how to format a screenplay. The Squibler software offers tutorials on how to do this so you can start writing, faster.

General Screenplay Is Squibler free?

Squibler offers a 14-day free trial. After 14 days, you are billed $10/month.

General Screenplay Why should I use Squibler over Final Draft and other screenwriting software?

Squibler is not only a desktop solution but also a cloud solution, unlike Final Draft. Moreover, it was created to have more functionality with easier use in mind.

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