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How to use Squibler's free AI story generator

1. Specify Your Story Idea

In the text box above, type in your desired story concept or theme (for example, "Write a fairy tale about a dragon and a brave knight").

2. Generate Your Story

Click on the “Generate AI story” button. Squibler's AI script generator will instantly create a unique story based on your input.

3. Refine and Save

You can then log in or create an account to refine, edit, and rearrange sections or chapters of the generated story using various Squibler tools. Once you're satisfied, you can save or export your final story in your preferred format.

More than just a simple AI story generator

Squibler offers all the functionalities necessary to support all the challenges storytellers and authors frequently encounter.
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AI-Powered Writing. Unlock our powerful AI scriptwriting tools to formulate innovative story ideas, streamline character development, conquer writer's block, and expedite your scriptwriting process. Our AI assistant is built specifically to support author's needs.

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It makes it easy to break down my stories into chapters, scenes, and everything in between.

Denis P. Nonfiction Author

I love the fact that I can view all the details to my characters and settings without opening another document.

Amelia B. Romance Author

The best design I found for an editor that balances simplicity with the ability to get the work done.

Jonathan F. Fantasy Author

Frequently asked questions.

Have any questions before getting started?
How does Squibler's AI story writer differ from others?
Squibler's AI story writer is uniquely tailored for authors, with specific features to support the creation of engaging narratives. It aids in every aspect from plot development to character creation, helping to transform your story ideas into captivating tales.
How does Squibler compare to other AI story generators like ChatGPT, SassbookAI, etc.?
Unlike generic AI tools, Squibler is crafted for story generation. It includes goal-setting, progress tracking, and AI-assisted writing features in a user-friendly interface, providing a focused environment for creating unique and engaging stories.
What should I be aware of before using an AI story maker?
 AI tools are intended to enhance, not replace, your creativity. Understanding how to use the software to generate stories is key. While Squibler simplifies the writing process, your creative input remains essential.
Is Squibler's AI story writer free to use?
Yes, Squibler offers a free version of its AI story writer, providing 6000 AI words per month, 5 image generations/month, editing for 15 files within 1 project, 30-day version history, 8 elements without grouping, and editing-only sharing permissions. For unlimited words and other expanded features, a premium version is available as well.
What type of stories can I generate with Squibler?
Squibler's AI story writer is versatile, and designed to help craft engaging narratives across various genres. Whether you're writing a novel, short story, or screenplay, Squibler's AI tool can streamline the process and elevate the quality of your work.
How can Squibler assist me in becoming a better storyteller?
Squibler's AI story maker enhances your writing skills by helping organize your narrative and develop characters. It also aids in writing grammatically correct sentences, providing suggestions for improvements while preserving your unique writing style.
How does Squibler's AI story writer utilize natural language processing to create stories?
This AI tool utilizes advanced natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to understand, learn, and mimic human language. This enables the tool to generate a complete story that is coherent and engaging. The more you use Squibler, the better it adapts to your unique writing style, assisting you in creating stories that truly resonate with your audience.

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