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How to use Squibler's free AI story generator

Here's a quick guide to how to use Squibler's AI story generator:

1. Specify Your story idea

Kick things off in the "Story Plot" section. Here, capture the essence of your story in a few words. This summary lays the groundwork for your narrative, guiding the AI to understand your vision.

For example: "A librarian discovers a magical book that can bring stories to life."
The more descriptive you are, the better your output will be.

2. Pick the creativity level

Head over to the Creativity Level section next. You have two extremes:

  • Realistic: Select this if you aim for a complete story grounded in real-world plausibility.
  • Inventive: Choose this for a more imaginative approach, allowing the AI to stretch the creative boundaries.
You can also place the slider in the center if you are looking for a balance between realism and fantasy.

3. Pick the length

Now, decide how extensive you want your story to be by selecting from the 'Length' dropdown menu. Options are:

  • Short
  • Medium
Remember that this is just a headstart. You can continue generating more scenes or chapters for your story after that.

4. Advanced settings

You are ready to generate your story. But if you want to polish it further, click 'Advanced settings.'

Here, you can specify the 'Narrative Perspective,' 'Genre,' 'Character name,' 'Setting description,' and even 'Character description.'

5. Hit Generate Story

Click or tap the 'Generate Story' button. Sit back and enjoy.

What to do after?

After generating your story with Squibler's AI story generator, the canvas of creativity is wide open. You can finalize your story as is or refine it using Squibler's editor.

Here's how to elevate your stories:

  • Click "Write Story": If you have a Squibler account, this will prompt you to log in. If not, it will prompt you to sign up, which only takes a few seconds. Once you do so, you will land on Squibler’s editor.
  • Explore the Editor: The story you generated on this page will be on Squibler’s editor ready for you to continue generating scenes and chapters. If the story generator sparked your creativity, the editor will feel like a treasure trove. It's packed with tools designed to polish your narrative.
  • Download, Share, or Print: Once your story is ready, you can download it or print it as a hard-cover book (our gift to you!).

Squibler is completely free to try!

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What is an AI Story Generator?

Squibler’s AI story generator uses artificial intelligence to create original stories tailored to your vision. Squibler processes your inputs—such as plot outlines, character traits, thematic preferences, and narrative style—to produce compelling story ideas of various lengths and complexities.

Catering to a diverse range of writers, from budding authors and seasoned novelists, the AI story generator unlocks endless creative potential. It offers a novel solution for breaking through writer's block, enabling you to generate more content and experiment with different storytelling approaches without the heavy lifting.

AI story generator’s ability to analyze and interpret datasets of literary structures and styles empowers it to craft compelling narratives that resonate with your readers. Whether you're drafting a short story or outlining a novel, an AI story generator is a powerful tool in your creative toolkit.

Frequently asked questions.

Have any questions before getting started?
What is Squibler's AI Story Generator?
Squibler’s AI story generator is an AI tool specialized in generating unique and specific stories. Distinct from general-purpose AI writing assistants, Squibler AI provides tools for creating compelling plots, fleshing out characters, and ensuring a cohesive story arc. It also offers genre-specific templates and expert advice, streamlining the process of storytelling. We welcome feedback and suggestions for new features from our writers.
Can I edit the story after it's generated?
Absolutely. After you create the story according to your specified parameters, you can use it as a foundation and continue writing or tweak the parameters and generate a new story. To continue, click “Write Story,” and you’ll be directed to our intuitive editor.
How to generate a good story with AI?
To craft a compelling story with Squibler AI, begin by outlining your story idea. The more detailed your input, the better the AI’s output. Fine-tune the settings to align with your desired style and story length. After obtaining an initial scene, proceed to “Write Story” to transfer your scene to our editor. Utilize Squibler’s Smart Writer features to generate additional scenes, building on previous contexts and your new directives.
Is Squibler's AI Story Generator Free?
Yes, Squibler’s AI story generator is free to use. You can generate story elements as often as you like. For extended writing or editing, we invite you to sign up for our editor, which includes a free tier and a Pro plan. The Pro plan offers unlimited AI words, image generation capabilities, and more, and it includes a free trial.
What should I be aware of before using an AI story generator?
Before using an AI story writing tool, understand that AI content creation tools aren’t a substitute for your creativity and intuition. Always edit and refine the content created by a video script generator to ensure it aligns with your vision and voice. An AI story generator is like an exceptionally talented co-writer who is extremely fast at the manual work of writing a script but lacks the creative drive and new ideas. Only you have the best story ideas.
Does Squibler hold any rights to the content generated by AI?
No. Every story you generate using Squibler is yours.

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