Top 5 Sites to Hire a Ghost Writer in 2024

If you hire a ghost writer, you create more time to focus on other priorities. A ghost writer also ensures high-quality content and provides a fresh perspective.

Finding an expert ghostwriter is daunting for individuals or businesses that have never worked with one before. However, the effort is worth it. An experienced ghostwriter will elevate your content and bring your ideas to life.

Best Sites to Hire a Ghost Writer

Ghostwriters assist you in writing blog posts, books, articles, and other written content. They use their writing skills to embody your voice and produce content that resonates with your audience. With the increasing demand for such services, many websites have emerged claiming to provide the best ghostwriters. However, not all of them deliver quality work.

The following are the top sites for finding ghostwriters:


WriterHire is a platform designed for those seeking top-tier writing talent. One of the platform’s standout features is its rigorous vetting process, ensuring that clients have access to only the most skilled ghostwriters. By prioritizing quality, WriterHire has cultivated a community of writers proficient in various niches, from technical writing to creative storytelling.

Clients benefit from personalized matching services, allowing them to connect with writers whose expertise aligns with their specific needs. Moreover, the platform emphasizes confidentiality and professionalism, making it an ideal choice for sensitive projects like autobiographies or corporate publications.


  • A rigorous vetting process guarantees high-quality work
  • Personalized matching services for clients
  • Strict adherence to confidentiality and professionalism


  • Limited pool of writers compared to other sites


Depends on the complexity of the project and the writer’s experience.


Upwork offers a vast pool of talent encompassing various skills, including ghostwriting. One of the platform’s advantages is its global reach, allowing clients to choose from diverse writers with varying rates and expertise.

Upwork’s user-friendly interface simplifies hiring, enabling clients to post job listings, review proposals, and collaborate with freelancers. Additionally, the platform provides built-in communication tools and secure payment systems, ensuring a smooth and transparent workflow. While Upwork offers affordability and flexibility, clients should exercise due diligence by reviewing writers’ portfolios and feedback ratings and conducting interviews to ensure a perfect fit for their project requirements.


  • Global reach provides access to a diverse talent pool
  • User-friendly interface and built-in communication tools
  • A secure payment system protects both clients and freelancers


  • Quality may vary depending on individual freelancers
  • Time-consuming vetting and selection process


Depends on the writer’s rates and writing experience level.


Fiverr has revolutionized the freelance marketplace with its gig-based approach, making it a popular choice for those seeking cost-effective ghostwriting services. On Fiverr, freelancers, including ghostwriters, create service offerings known as “gigs,” outlining their expertise, rates, and delivery timelines. Clients can browse through thousands of gigs, from blog posts and e-books to speeches and scripts.

Fiverr’s review system and seller ratings give clients insights into freelancers’ performance and reliability. While Fiverr offers competitive pricing and quick turnaround times, clients should exercise caution and thoroughly review freelancers’ profiles, sample works, and customer feedback to ensure quality and professionalism.


  • Affordable rates and quick turnaround times
  • A wide variety of service offerings to choose from
  • Comprehensive review system for freelancers and their work


  • Varying quality and professionalism among freelancers
  • The large pool of writers may make it challenging to find the best fit


Depends on the gig’s complexity and the freelancer’s rates.


Verblio specializes in connecting clients with writers adept at producing engaging and SEO-friendly content. Unlike traditional freelance platforms, Verblio operates on a subscription-based model, offering clients access to a pool of experienced ghostwriters specializing in various industries and niches. Clients submit content requests, specifying their requirements, target audience, and desired tone.

Verblio’s team matches the project with a suitable writer, ensuring expertise and alignment with the client’s objectives. With a focus on content quality, originality, and optimization, Verblio is an excellent choice for businesses aiming to enhance their online presence through compelling content.


  • The subscription-based model provides clients with access to a diverse pool of writers
  • Emphasis on SEO and content quality
  • Well-matched writers based on project requirements


  • Limited options for one-time projects
  • Higher pricing compared to other platforms


The subscription-based model starts at $49.5 for the first month. Its self-service option costs $0.16 per word.


LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional networking platform, is an unconventional yet effective resource for finding ghostwriters. Leveraging LinkedIn’s extensive network of professionals, businesses, and individuals can identify and connect with experienced ghostwriters with the requisite skills.

LinkedIn’s advanced search features enable users to narrow down candidates based on industry experience, writing proficiency, and recommendations. Additionally, LinkedIn allows clients to view writers’ portfolios, endorsements, and connections, facilitating informed hiring decisions. While LinkedIn offers a direct and personalized approach, clients should invest time in vetting candidates, conducting interviews, and establishing clear communication channels to ensure project success.


  • Access to a large network of professionals and potential ghostwriters
  • Advanced search features for targeted candidate identification
  • Direct communication with candidates allows for better understanding and collaboration


  • A more time-consuming and hands-on hiring process
  • Limited options for writers specialized in certain niches or industries


The rate may vary depending on the writer’s experience with previous clients and agreed-upon terms between the client and freelance ghostwriter.

What to Consider When Hiring a Ghostwriter

Hiring a ghostwriter can be a pivotal decision that shapes the entire book project. Selecting the right ghostwriter ensures that your vision and expectations align seamlessly. First, assessing the prospective ghostwriters’ writing ability and style is imperative. Skilled writers bring a unique flair to the storytelling process, making it essential to review their writing samples.

Analyzing past works provides insight into their proficiency in capturing different tones, genres, and narrative styles. This step ensures that the chosen freelance writer possesses the versatility required to meet the needs of your writing project.

In addition to evaluating writing ability, communication is paramount in a successful collaboration. A shared vision is pivotal to keeping the project on the same page, making it vital to discuss expectations, timelines, and the overall approach to the fiction writing assignment. Professional writers understand the importance of maintaining open lines of communication throughout the process.

A collaborative relationship ensures that both parties contribute ideas, feedback, and insights, enhancing the quality of the final product. Whether it’s the first draft of a brief writing assignment or an entire book project, aligning expectations from the outset sets the foundation for a productive partnership.

Moreover, the right ghostwriter for your fiction writing project should meet deadlines and exhibit a deep understanding of the genre and subject matter. Assessing their familiarity with the nuances of fiction genres ensures that they can seamlessly integrate into the creative realm of your book.

A reliable ghostwriter will be committed to capturing your unique voice and translating your ideas into captivating narratives. By carefully considering prospective ghostwriters’ writing content, style, and professionalism, you will find the perfect match for your fiction writing venture.

Writing With Squibler AI

In literary creation, ghostwriting has undergone a paradigm shift with the introduction of Squibler AI. As a revolutionary alternative to engaging traditional ghostwriters, Squibler AI harnesses cutting-edge technology to assist individuals in crafting compelling fiction. With its intuitive interface and advanced language generation capabilities, Squibler AI provides aspiring authors with a virtual collaborator that aids in the nuanced process of writing fiction.

This platform offers customizable story outlines and character arcs and adapts its writing style to suit the user’s unique preferences and desired tone. Through its user-friendly features and dedication to preserving individual writing styles, Squibler emerges as a revolutionary solution for those looking to write fiction while leveraging the talents of a virtual writing companion.


The following section addresses some frequently asked questions related to hiring ghostwriters for fiction writing projects:

How do I find and hire a ghost writer?

To hire a ghostwriter, define your project needs, research platforms like WriterHire or Upwork to find writers, review portfolios, conduct interviews, clarify terms including fees and confidentiality, and maintain open communication throughout the project.

What website can I use to become a ghostwriter?

Consider platforms like WriterHire, Upwork, Freelancer, or Writer’s Market to become a ghostwriter. These sites allow you to create profiles, showcase your skills, and connect with potential clients seeking ghostwriting services.

Do ghostwriters get money?

Yes, ghostwriters typically receive payment for their services. They negotiate fees based on factors like project complexity, word count, research involved, and expertise, often receiving a one-time payment or royalties depending on the agreement with the client or publisher.

How do ghostwriters get clients?

Ghostwriters acquire clients through various means, such as networking within the publishing industry and joining writer platforms like WriterHire. A skilled writer can leverage referrals from satisfied past clients or colleagues, promoting their services on social media or personal websites and showcasing a strong portfolio to demonstrate expertise and credibility.

Josh Fechter
Josh is the founder and CEO of Squibler.