Top 10 Sites to Hire a Technical Writer in 2024

If you hire a technical writer, you enhance the quality of technical documentation and communication for your projects. Technical writers specialize in transforming complex technical information into accessible, user-friendly content. They are skilled in creating user manuals, technical guides, and various technical documents, essential for conveying intricate details to a diverse audience.

If you’re looking for a technical writer, it’s smart to ensure you hire professionals. Otherwise, your documentation might suffer.

Best Site to Hire a Technical Writer

Professional technical writers combine writing skills with technical knowledge, making them great for computer science and engineering sectors. Freelance technical writers offer flexibility and a wide range of experiences, providing creative writing flair and academic writing experience. They adapt to different project management styles and are adept at handling various technical content writer roles, from crafting detailed guides to simplifying complex technical concepts.

Here are the top 10 websites for hiring technical writers.


WriterHire is an excellent resource for hiring skilled technical writers for technical documentation and complex technical information. The platform offers many professionals for standard technical writing needs and caters to those requiring specialized technical reports and in-depth analyses. With a diverse range of freelance writers, including subject matter experts in various technical fields, WriterHire ensures you find talented technical writers who can adeptly handle a wide array of technical content.

This versatility makes it a top choice for businesses and individuals seeking comprehensive and expertly crafted technical writing services.


  • WriterHire has a dedicated page for hiring technical writers
  • Quick and professional process
  • Great for companies


Customized based on project and writer’s expertise.


Upwork is a versatile platform for those looking to hire technical writers. It offers a range of freelance technical writers, making it suitable for various technical writing needs. You can find diverse freelance writer talent, including those skilled in resume writing and development. Whether you need a senior technical writer or someone with specific expertise in computer science, Upwork provides.

This breadth of expertise makes it a solid place for clients to find writers who can contribute to different stages of project development, from initial conceptualization to the final drafting of technical documents.


  • Vast pool of freelance technical writers
  • Robust management tools for project tracking


Flexible, with options for fixed prices or negotiation.


Toptal is selective, ensuring only the best technical writers are available for hire. This platform is ideal for businesses requiring high-quality technical writing from experienced professionals. Each technical writer on Toptal is vetted for their technical writing prowess, exceptional communication skills, and a deep understanding of various industries and technical subjects.

This rigorous selection process guarantees that businesses have access to technical writers who can articulate complex ideas clearly and effectively, making it a top choice for those needing experts who can bridge the gap between technical knowledge and clear communication.


  • A rigorous screening process for top-tier writers
  • Tailored matches for specific project needs


Premium, reflecting the high-quality talent pool.


Freelancer is a website where you can hire technical writers for various projects. It’s a great platform for finding writers with different experience levels, from budding talents to senior technical writers. Each technical writer on Freelancer not only brings their unique style to technical writing but also a proven ability to handle complex projects effectively.

Whether you need an experienced writer for a specialized project or someone fresh with innovative ideas, Freelancer’s pool of technical writers ensures that you can find the perfect match for your technical documentation and communication needs.


  • A diverse range of technical writers
  • Competitive bidding environment


Competitive and varied depending on the project.


Indeed is a job board that provides access to a diverse pool of writers. It’s an effective platform for finding technical writers for various technical communication needs. On Indeed, each technical writer’s profile often includes a detailed job description, showcasing their experience managing multiple projects and highlighting their technical writing capabilities.

This makes it easier for employers to identify candidates with a proven track record in handling diverse technical writing assignments, ensuring they find the right match for their project requirements.


  • Wide variety of technical writer jobs
  • Suitable for different levels of experience


Based on the writer’s experience and job specifics.


LinkedIn is a professional networking site for scouting technical writing talent. It’s effective for finding technical writers with extensive experience in technical communication and documentation. The platform also serves as a hub for freelance technical writers, offering a wide range of professionals skilled in translating complex information into clear, user-friendly formats.

This aspect of LinkedIn makes it an invaluable resource for businesses and individuals seeking technical writers capable of tackling intricate technical writing projects, ensuring the effective communication of complex technical concepts to a broad audience.


  • Extensive professional profiles for detailed insights
  • Networking feature for organic connections


Depends on the writer’s level of experience and project scope.

ProBlogger Job Board

ProBlogger Job Board is a niche platform that attracts writers with strong academic writing and technical content backgrounds. It’s great for projects that require a high level of technical writing expertise. This platform is a go-to for hiring a technical content writer who can adeptly handle specific technical writer jobs, ensuring high-quality technical writing output.

Problogger is suitable for employers seeking writers who excel in crafting well-researched, detailed technical documents.


  • Niche platform for specialized writing talent
  • Focus on academic writing and technical content


Job listing-based, varies by writer and project.


WriterAccess offers a tiered system that categorizes writers based on their technical backgrounds, making it easier to scout technical writers suited for specific projects. This systematic approach allows clients to identify a technical writer whose expertise aligns with their technical writing requirements. Moreover, the technical writers on this platform are vetted for their technical know-how and superior communication skills, ensuring that they can effectively convey complex technical concepts in a clear and accessible manner.

The platform’s additional content planning and strategy tools further enhance the hiring process, providing a comprehensive solution for sourcing top-tier technical writing talent.


  • Tiered system for categorizing writers’ expertise
  • Content planning and strategy tools


Tier-based pricing model.


TechWhirl is more than a job board; it’s a community curated for technical communicators. It’s an excellent place to find technical writers passionate about technical writing and communication, offering a wealth of resources and interactive forums. This platform is ideal for those seeking a technical writer with proficiency in technical writing and strong communication skills. TechWhirl fosters a rich environment where technical writers can exchange ideas and insights, further honing their abilities to convey complex technical content.

This makes it a unique resource for finding technical writing talent adept in technical expertise and effective communication.


  • A community for technical writers
  • A rich repository of resources and interactive forums


Varies, often project-based.

What to Consider When Hiring a Technical Writer

Choosing the right platform to hire technical writers involves considering several factors. First, identify the specific needs of your project. Does it involve creating user manuals, technical guides, or other technical documents? Depending on the complexity and field of your project, you might require a technical writer with specific expertise in areas like computer science or engineering.

Next, consider the level of experience needed. Are you looking for a senior technical writer with years of experience, or would a talented newcomer suffice? Some projects might benefit from a writer with strong academic writing experience or a background in creative writing.

It’s also important to consider the budget and project management style. Some platforms cater to different budget ranges and offer different engagement models, from fixed-price contracts to hourly rates. Additionally, consider the platform’s features, like project tracking tools and communication systems, which can significantly impact the efficiency and ease of collaboration.

Finally, assess the platform’s reputation and reliability. Look for reviews, testimonials, and case studies that provide insight into the platform’s ability to deliver quality technical writing services. Choosing the right platform ensures you find technical writers who can accurately and effectively communicate complex technical information to your intended audience.


Here are the most frequently asked questions about hiring a technical content writer.

What is the importance of hiring a technical writer?

Technical writers are crucial in simplifying complex technical information, making it accessible and understandable to a wider audience. They are essential for creating accurate and user-friendly technical documents.

What skills should I look for in a technical writer?

Look for strong writing skills, technical knowledge in relevant fields, experience in technical documentation, and the ability to convey complex information.

Can I hire a technical writer for a short-term project?

Yes, many platforms offer freelance technical writers who are available for short-term or project-based work, providing flexibility

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