Top 6 Sites to Hire a Speech Writer in 2024

Crafting a compelling speech isn’t all that easy. If you hire a speech writer, it makes all the difference in delivering an impactful speech. Professional writers tailor your message to resonate with your audience, ensuring the speech is engaging.

Best Sites to Hire a Speech Writer

Hiring a speechwriter can be a pivotal decision for individuals or organizations seeking to convey a compelling message. Several platforms have emerged as go-to destinations for finding skilled speechwriters. However, sorting through these sites to find the right speechwriter may be challenging. Here are the best sites to hire a speechwriter for your next big event:


WriterHire stands out as a reputable platform for sourcing top-notch speech writers. The platform meticulously vets its writers, ensuring you receive content that resonates with your audience. Whether you’re looking for custom speech writing services for a wedding, corporate event, or any other special occasion speech, WriterHire has you covered. The speech writing process here is streamlined, allowing you to collaborate closely with your chosen professional speech writer to articulate your thoughts.


  • A rigorous vetting process for writers ensures quality
  • Transparent pricing and straightforward communication
  • Offers a range of services from persuasive speeches to special occasion speeches


  • Higher pricing compared to some other platforms
  • Limited pool of writers compared to broader freelance sites


The pricing for a speechwriter on WriterHire varies depending on the type of speech and its length.


Guru is a comprehensive freelance marketplace connecting clients with proficient speech writers worldwide. The platform offers a diverse talent pool, allowing clients to browse through portfolios, reviews, and ratings to select the ideal writer for their project.

Whether you require a motivational speech, corporate presentation, or special occasion address, Guru provides many skilled speech writers.


  • Extensive pool of speech writers with varied expertise
  • Transparent profiles with reviews and ratings for informed decisions
  • Flexible payment terms and negotiation options


  • Quality can vary; due diligence is required when selecting a writer
  • Service fees may increase project costs


Rates vary based on the writer’s expertise and project complexity. You can expect to find competitive pricing that aligns with your budget.


Upwork is a renowned freelance marketplace that connects clients with freelance professionals, including expert speech writers. The platform boasts a vast pool of freelancers specializing in speech writing services online. Whether you need a persuasive speech for a business presentation or a heartfelt wedding speech, Upwork offers a diverse range of writers skilled in crafting impactful speeches.

The platform’s review system allows you to assess the best speech writers based on previous client feedback, ensuring you make an informed decision.


  • Extensive pool of freelance speech writers from around the globe
  • Transparent reviews and ratings system for writers
  • Flexible pricing options to suit varying budgets


  • Requires time to sift through profiles and proposals
  • Quality can vary; careful vetting is essential


Pricing on Upwork is flexible, with rates ranging from budget-friendly to premium, depending on the writer’s expertise.


Freelancer offers another avenue to explore when searching for professional speech writing services. This platform connects you with a global network of freelancers specializing in writing speeches tailored to your requirements. From persuasive speeches to special occasion speeches like weddings or anniversaries, Freelancer provides a platform where you can collaborate with expert speech writers.

The competitive nature of the platform often results in competitive pricing, making it accessible for various budget ranges.


  • A global network of freelance speech writers
  • Competitive pricing due to the bidding system
  • Secure payment system and milestone-based payments


  • Quality can be inconsistent; careful vetting is crucial
  • Communication barriers due to global network


Freelancer operates on a bidding system, allowing you to set your budget and choose from varying proposals based on expertise and pricing.


PeoplePerHour is another platform renowned for connecting clients with expert speech writers specializing in various niches. The platform’s intuitive interface makes it easy to navigate and find the best speech writers suited to your needs.

Its escrow system ensures secure transactions, providing peace of mind as you collaborate with skilled speech writers.


  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation
  • The escrow system ensures secure transactions
  • A diverse pool of expert speech writers specializing in various niches


  • Service fees can add to the overall cost
  • Quality can vary; vetting is essential


PeoplePerHour offers a range of pricing options, with rates varying based on the writer’s experience, complexity of the speech, and length.

Simply Hired

Simply Hired provides a comprehensive platform where you can explore professional speech writing services tailored to your specific needs. The platform aggregates various job listings, including opportunities to hire expert speech writers for many purposes. While Simply Hired is a job search engine, it’s an excellent resource for locating skilled professionals who write speeches.

By leveraging the platform’s search filters and reviewing candidate profiles, you can find the best speech writers to bring your vision to life.


  • Aggregates job listings from various sources, including freelance opportunities
  • Comprehensive search filters to narrow down candidates
  • Access to a diverse pool of speech writers with varying expertise


  • Requires active engagement in the hiring process
  • Quality and expertise can vary; due diligence is essential


Pricing on Simply Hired varies based on individual agreements with speech writers, making it essential to negotiate terms upfront.

What to Consider When Hiring a Speech Writer

When contemplating hiring a speechwriter, several factors come into play to ensure seamless collaboration. The first consideration is the expertise of the speechwriter. It is imperative to engage the services of an expert speechwriter who possesses a profound understanding of effective communication and public speaking.

Look for individuals with a proven track record in crafting speeches that resonate with diverse audiences. Assessing their portfolio and seeking references can provide valuable insights into their capabilities and writing style. An expert speechwriter should be adept at tailoring their approach to suit the client’s unique voice and the specific occasion, ensuring that the speech genuinely represents the speaker.

Moreover, the ability to grasp the essence of the message and translate it into a well-articulated written speech is paramount. Communication is a collaborative process, and a skilled speechwriter should be receptive to feedback, working closely with the client to refine and enhance the content. Beyond technical proficiency, consider the speechwriter’s familiarity with the nuances of public speaking.

A deep comprehension of audience dynamics, timing, and the cadence required for an impactful delivery can significantly contribute to the success of the written speech. Additionally, when seeking a speechwriting service, inquire about their process for ensuring consistency, especially if multiple speakers are delivering the same speech. It ensures a cohesive message, regardless of the speaker, maintaining the integrity of the written speech across various presentations.


Here are commonly asked questions about the top sites for hiring speech writers:

How do I find a speech writer?

You can find speech writers through various platforms, such as freelance marketplaces, job search engines, and specialized speechwriting services. It’s crucial to assess the credibility and expertise of potential candidates before hiring.

How much does a speech writer cost?

The cost of hiring a speech writer can vary based on their expertise, the complexity and length of the speech, and individual agreements. Negotiating terms upfront and ensuring you are comfortable with the final price is essential.

How do you charge for speech writing?

Speechwriters can charge by the hour, project, or word count. Some may also offer package deals for longer-term partnerships. It’s essential to discuss and agree on pricing before engaging their services.

Can you get paid to write speeches?

Yes, professionals can get paid to have their speech written, either as freelance writers or within organizations.

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