Top 8 Script Writing Services in 2024

Crafting video scripts demands more than words on a page. Script writing services bridge the gap between your concept and a captivating narrative, bringing your message to life through the power of video. These services offer professional scriptwriters, experienced in various formats and genres, who elevate your video content and captivate your target audience.

Whether creating animated explainer videos, live-action marketing campaigns, or educational documentaries, partnering with a script-writing service streamlines your production process and ensures a polished final product.

Top Script Writing Services

Here are the top websites where you can find script writers. We will also list websites that provide script feedback if you’re looking for those.


Connect with a diverse pool of talented script writers across various genres and budgets on WriterHire. Their personalized matching system pairs you with a writer who understands your project’s specific needs and target audience. This includes writers who can create video scripts catering to various formats, from traditional media to animated videos. Their expertise in creative writing ensures your script is effective, engaging, and tailored to your project’s format.

With flexible pricing options and unlimited revisions, WriterHire ensures you receive a script that meets and exceeds expectations, whether for a commercial, film, or animated storytelling.


  • Personalized writer matching
  • Budget flexibility
  • Unlimited revisions


  • Sometimes, you might wait since all available writers are taken


Budget-conscious or seeking niche skills, Upwork is a great place with an extensive network, whether you’re looking for a scriptwriter or a talented team. While quality can vary, its vast pool and flexible options appeal to diverse video needs.

With careful vetting and communication, Upwork is a valuable tool for finding professional writers at competitive rates. So, explore its potential and bring your video vision to life.


  • Millions of writers across genres and budgets
  • Hire for individual projects or ongoing collaborations
  • Competitive rates set by freelancers, potential for savings


  • Uneven quality, careful research, and sample review recommended
  • Finding the perfect fit for specific needs can take time

The Black List

The Black List allows you to post video scripts for industry professionals to read and rate. High ratings can attract attention from agents, managers, or even lead to production deals. While not a direct writing service, The Black List offers a powerful tool for talented writers to get noticed.


  • Direct access to industry professionals
  • The potential for representation or production deals


  • Competitive environment
  • No personalized feedback or guaranteed exposure


Hone your existing script with comprehensive and affordable script coverage from industry professionals. While the website doesn’t provide scriptwriting services, WeScreenplay’s readers provide detailed feedback on story structure, character development, and marketability, equipping you with actionable insights for your scriptwriting project.

They also offer development services and contests, fostering a supportive environment for emerging screenwriters.


  • Detailed and affordable script coverage
  • Development services
  • Industry contests


  • Focused on feedback
  • Not script writing from scratch

Script Reader Pro

Seasoned screenwriters seeking in-depth analysis should look no further than Script Reader Pro. Their experienced readers, drawn from major studios, provide meticulous feedback on every aspect of your script, offering invaluable guidance that helps grab the audience’s attention.

You can observe the service as content marketing since it offers feedback that will hone your unique voice and help you reach the desired audience. However, their premium services come with a higher price tag.


  • In-depth feedback from industry professionals
  • Valuable for experienced writers


  • High cost compared to other services
  • Less suitable for beginners

Coverage Ink

Another website offering professional feedback for scripts. Established in 2002, Coverage Ink delivers high-quality script coverage focusing on core storytelling elements. Their readers dissect your script’s mechanics, character development, and marketability, providing insightful reports that propel your writing forward.

Again, look at it more as a content marketing agency. Although not a script writing service, connecting with professional readers creates an effective content strategy for your work and helps you give it a unique voice.


  • Experienced readers
  • Detailed focus on story mechanics
  • Valuable for serious writers


  • Primarily feedback-based
  • Not a full script writing service


Zoetrope provides a comprehensive platform for script writers, offering development services, contests, and resources across various industries. Their personalized feedback and mentorship, led by industry professionals, guide you with writing content and hone your craft.


  • Personalized script development
  • Mentorship from industry professionals
  • Access to resources


  • Limited services compared to some platforms
  • Higher membership fees

Script Lab

UK-based Script Lab caters to British and international projects, offering script coverage, development services, and a unique “Script Clinic.” This clinic pairs writers with established screenwriters and producers for in-depth feedback and guidance, which is invaluable for refining your script for specific markets.


  • Script coverage
  • Development services
  • Unique mentorship opportunities from established professionals


  • Primarily focused on UK and European projects
  • Limited availability for non-European writers

What to Keep in Mind When Looking for Script Writing Services

Choosing the right script writing service requires careful consideration of your project’s needs, budget, and experience level. Research each service’s expertise, pricing structure, and portfolio of past projects. Look for scriptwriting services that offer writers experienced in your chosen genre and format. Consider the level of feedback and development services included, ensuring they align with your project’s stage and needs. Finally, compare turnaround times and communication channels to ensure a smooth and efficient collaboration.

Write Your Script with Squibler AI

A novel approach to scriptwriting is utilizing an AI tool like Squibler, which is designed for script creation. Central to Squibler is its AI Editor, an advanced tool that enhances your script by enriching dialogues, refining scene descriptions, and adding depth to your characters’ interactions. It can rework sentences for greater impact and clarity and even adapt the tone to match various scriptwriting styles.

Squibler’s AI Elements feature is particularly useful for script writers. It allows you to develop and deepen characters, settings, and crucial plot objects. Each element is integrated into Squibler’s AI, tailoring the narrative for your script and providing a more personalized and cohesive storytelling experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here, you can read the most frequently asked questions about script writing.

1. How much do script writing services cost?

Costs vary depending on the service, writer experience, script length, and complexity. Expectations range from $50 to $500 per script page, with premium services reaching higher rates. Some platforms offer flat fees or packages, while others base pricing on project specifics.

2. Can I provide my ideas or outlines?

Absolutely! Most services welcome your input and encourage collaboration. Share your concept, target audience, key messages, and existing outlines or notes to ensure the script aligns with your vision.

3. What happens after the script is written?

Services typically offer revision rounds to finalize the script. Some provide additional services like formatting, pitch decks, or production assistance. Discuss all post-writing support before committing to a service.

4. How can I protect my script idea?

Many platforms offer copyright registration services or recommend independent copyrighting options. Remember that your original concept has inherent legal protections, but formal registration strengthens your claim.

Josh Fechter
Josh is the founder and CEO of Squibler.