130+ Romance Writing Prompts For Adults

In the world of fiction, there are always fads that come and go. Every genre will have its hardcore and dedicated fans, but they tend to take turns being in the spotlight. Romance writing prompts can help you no matter what genre you write in.

Romance is something that never goes out of style. There are many novels that focus only on the romance and/or love triangle between characters. Other stories have the romance set in the middle of something else.

Regardless of what type of book you are writing, mastering romance is essential to know how to become a better writer. Whether you use a book writing template to help you or not, writing romance is a basic skill all writers should have.

Romance can be a central theme to a story in pretty much any other genre – horror, thriller, supernatural, crime, drama, comedy – you name it. This is why there will always be a demand for romance writing prompts.

These are some of the best romance writing prompts. But, you can always check out our writing prompt generator. This is an endless resource. New prompts are posted every day.

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Some Tips for Writing With These Romance Writing Prompts

At first glance, romance might feel easy to write because all you have to do is have two characters love each other. It’s not that easy. You still need to come up with a proper plot and a good story to tell.

There still needs to be conflict in order to keep things interesting. The relationship has to be believable and written well.

Keep these tips in mind when writing your romance – regardless of genre or subgenre. Learn them to help you know how to become a better writer.

  • Be careful that you’re not romanticizing any form of abuse. An ex or partner who does something crazy or violent should not be praised, even if the actions were done “out of love.”
  • Avoid forming an instant romance. Yes, your characters are meant to be (most of the time) but they need time to get to know each other in a believable way.
  • Avoid romance and relationship cliches as much as you can. The forbidden love angle is one exception to this, as long as you do something original and unique with it.
  • Make sure both partners are acting as equals and you haven’t created one of them to be too passive.
  • Your characters don’t have to be carbon copies of each other, but they should have some basic similarities. Two people who are complete opposites in every way don’t usually make for a believable couple.
  • Vulnerability is what makes a relationship strong. A relationship that is built to last will be more than the surface level. Even the toughest, edgiest, most jaded characters need to have some vulnerabilities. Even if these only come out around their partner, they need to be there. This can include conversations about sensitive subjects, sharing secrets, or supporting each other through tough times or mental breakdowns.
  • Most of these romance writing prompts can have the male and female roles reversed if that suits you better.
  • Once you’ve chosen an idea to work with, use a book writing software like Squibler. This will help you turn that idea into a published book in no time at all.

Plain Romance Writing Prompts

To begin, here are some romance kick-starters that are just that – romance. Some have a “forbidden love” feel to them, the rest are uncategorized. Take them and do with them what you will.

  1. Your character has an unwavering belief that love is strictly a choice. They have made the choice to not get involved at all. Relationships only bring drama and heartbreak and they want none of it. What will it take to change their mind?
  2. Your character is passed over for a promotion. They grow bitter that the company decided to hire from outside rather than promote from within. They begin their quest to take this new person down – not at all expecting to fall for them instead.
  3. A large package arrives on your character’s doorstep. It appears to have been misdelivered but curiosity gets the better of them. Inside they find several hundred love letters, written over many years, all addressed to the same person. They find themselves reading through them for hours and feeling increasingly drawn to the sender. They become determined to find the person who wrote them as well as the intended recipient.
  4. Tell the story of a love that only exists in someone’s dream. Every night when they go to bed, they are united with their lover in dreamland. The dreams are vivid, lucid, and they always remember every second of them. Each dream starts where the last one left off as if their dream lover just waits for them during waking hours. Will they ever pursue real-world love? Where are the dreams coming from? Are they really just dreams, or are they something more?
  5. Arranged marriages are the norm. No one marries for love, it’s all for personal, business, financial, or political gain. No one knows what love is until your protagonist begins feeling inexplicably drawn to someone who is already promised to another. This has them questioning everything they know about relationships and “love.”
  6. Your main character has already been ruled out by their love interest simply due to their occupation/lifestyle/opinions. For example, the person has stated that they will never be with a lawyer. Your character is a lawyer and loves their job. Can they change their crush’s mind?
  7. Your character is a professional matchmaker. She runs a dating service with extensive personality questionnaires that match you to the perfect people. She has a good reputation and many couples find love with her. Upset about a recent romantic problem of her own, she makes a dire mistake. Two couples are out on dates right now, and she got them mixed up. On paper, both pairs are completely wrong for each other while their perfect match is out with someone else. Will the correct pairs reunite or will some unlikely relationships develop? What will come of our matchmaker who can’t seem to manage her own love life?
  8. Cupid isn’t the true matchmaker, he is just the messenger that shoots the arrows on direction from his boss. He is given an order and sets out to make it happen, all the while strongly disagreeing with the match. For the first time, he doesn’t believe these two belong together. He begrudgingly shoots one of them but decides to follow his gut at the last minute. He intentionally misses the next shot. The problem is, in his haste, he accidentally hit someone else. What happens to these people? Who truly do belong together?
  9. Your protagonist falls in love with the man who has recently moved in next door. They are building a relationship slowly. Eventually, she learns that he is actually on assignment to protect her. It is no coincidence that he moved in and visits her sometimes. What is he protecting her from? How did she come to know? Does she make her feelings known?
  10. A strong-willed and independent woman is single but wants to settle down. She has a strong distaste for children. Of course, she has to fall in love with a single father of one troublesome young child.
  11. A heartbroken young woman gets into a cab of a driver who was just broken up with. She has just been stood up. Feeling vulnerable, she tells the drive what has happened. Feeling equally lonely, he opens up as well. They embark on a magical night of spontaneous adventure.
  12. Two best friends are finished high school and taking some time off before continuing their education. Both are single and not looking to date. They decide to embark on a cross country road trip together to discover themselves. In finding themselves, they also find each other
  13. Your main character is at work, minding their own business. They receive an anonymous delivery. Inside is a bag of candy hearts. They begin eating them and soon realize the words on the hearts are trying to deliver a specific message.
  14. Your main character decides who she does and doesn’t date based on horoscopes and love quiz results. She abides by this faithfully for years, until someone comes along that makes her want to abandon it all.
  15. One person is on the waiting list at the library for a particular book for a long time. They happen to run into the person who has it so overdue while at the library. The two bond over their love for the book and decide to keep in touch.
  16. When upset, overwhelmed, or wanting to be alone, your protagonist goes out to a secret clearing they found in the forest behind their house. They thought it was their own special place until one day, someone else is there when they show up.
  17. A rich, suave, handsome young man is used to getting what he wants, including women. He uses them for status, appearances, and meaningless sex. Once finished, he discards them when he grows tired of their greed and neediness. He laughs at the women who throw themselves at him, hoping to gain something. He is out and about one night and is drawn to a pretty woman sitting alone – his next target, as usual. She turns him down immediately. This has never happened before. He becomes obsessed with her.
  18. Your main character had a great time in high school. They were attractive and popular. One thing they never did get was their crush. Their adult life is mediocre and they remain stuck on the past – including their crush. One day, that very crush starts a job at their workplace. All the fantasies of the last ten years come crumbling down when they see how much the person has changed.
  19. A young woman is drawn to an attractive man on the subway. Acting on a whim, she gets off at his stop and follows him to his destination, where she introduces herself.
  20. Your main character is fed up with her new neighbor’s stuff protruding onto her property. Rather than confront them about it, she goes right to a lawyer. She didn’t expect the neighbor to be so charming, attractive, and single.
  21. Your main character has been wrestling for years over how to tell their lifelong best friend that they are actually imaginary. Usually, they reveal the truth when the person is 12 years old. They disappear and the child has no memory of them. It’s now 12 years past the “due date” and each day the prospect of telling them and disappearing is getting harder and harder.
  22. An eccentric actor is cast for the role of a multilingual character. Rather than taking classes, he decides to travel to several different countries. He soon learns how intriguing foreign women can be.
  23. Two characters are the only ones left in the theater as the credits are rolling. She’d been eyeing him the whole time and wants to make a move. She approaches, only to realize he’s crying. The movie wasn’t sad.
  24. Your main character is going crazy while on the 25th annual family road trip. They wish the tradition would just die already. They meet a cute convenience store clerk, to whom they end up venting about the whole thing. On a whim, the clerk follows the family, determined to get to know your protagonist better.
  25. A woman is on vacation in a foreign city. She is exploring when she suddenly realizes she’s in a place she’s been many times before – in her dreams. She looks around frantically and finally sees him. The man who is always there, in the dream. He smiles and approaches, asking if it’s really her.

Historical Romance Writing Prompts

History is full of romance. From old-fashioned courting to trying to find love amidst the war, going back in time is always an adventure.

  1. A southern lawyer is secretly helping slaves escape the north in the civil war. He harbors families himself on the route of the underground railroad. He falls in love with one of the young women who come through his home. Her eyes are only on freedom, understandably so. Her departure from this stop on her journey could be a source of heartache for him.
  2. It is the era of prohibition. Black market trading and sales run rampant. A rebel-rousing moonshiner falls in love with the daughter of a competing and ruthless mob boss. This, of course, threatens his business, but also his life.
  3. It is the middle of the Vietnam war and a wounded soldier is recovering in the hospital. He falls in love with his nurse (or perhaps she falls in love first). He is simultaneously battling the psychological demons that have come from his time on the battlefield.
  4. During the depression, a young woman leaves her hometown hoping to have a better chance of finding work elsewhere. She moves into the home of a family to exchange free boarding for taking care of household chores and errands. There is an undeniable connection between her and one of their sons. She tries desperately to deny her feelings because she left a lover back home with promises of returning to him someday.
  5. It is the peak of the cold war, and an American double agent is deep undercover in the heart of Moscow. Despite his best efforts, he is developing feelings for a foreign spy. His loyalty to his country is not in question, however, neither are his feelings for this Soviet spy.
  6. The Salem Witch trials were a dark time in history. One thing that is never focused on, though, is the relationships that were ripped apart by these events. Write about the journey of one woman falsely accused of being a witch as she and her lover try to escape.
  7. It is the Pop Urban II first Crusade. Write about a Christian captain who falls in love with a Muslim while in a foreign land.
  8. An Italian immigrant moves to America in search of a better life with a higher paying job. He intends to send for his fiance once things have settled. It isn’t long, however, before he meets a young woman in Brooklyn who is earning his affection more and more each day. With his fiance waiting patiently in Italy, he must decide between the two.
  9. It is the height of World War II and London is being bombed. A British woman has a loving relationship with a German ex-pat. She is under intense pressure to turn him in as a suspected spy.
  10. Write a story with a less than happy ending. Write about a prince who is betrothed to a neighboring princess purely for political gain. He is secretly in love with a commoner. He sneaks away and has a short but fiery affair with the women of his dreams. But in the end, he succumbs to family pressure and marries the one who was arranged for him.
  11. A brilliant engineer is considered dangerous by the government because of her inventions and technological advancements. She ends up on the run with a dedicated fisherman who lives at sea. The isolation brings them closer.
  12. A princess is well loved and respected by the entirety of the small kingdom she will soon rule over. Authorities are searching for a serial grave robber. The princess has a chance encounter with a dashing young man who she falls for quickly. It turns out he is the wanted grave robber. Can she trust his intentions?
  13. A humble, lowly used bookstore owner is visited by an arrogant and pious official. Some false accusations have been made. Eventually, the prideful officer relents and begins to help the store owner clear her name. Her quiet, charming personality begins to break the walls of his ego.
  14. The king marries the women of his dreams, making her his queen. He did this, knowing it would start a worldwide war. He didn’t care.

Fantasy Romance Writing Prompts

  1. Fantasy and romance often mix quite seamlessly. A wild, magical adventure is the among the best times for one to fall in love!
  2. Interspecies romance is the new normal. Humans haven’t been with each other in decades. Your main character is in love with another human but afraid to admit it because it is not socially acceptable.
  3. Artificial intelligence has reached its peak. Robots are emotional and sentient. They are slowly replacing humans in all areas of life, including relationships. Humans are developing lasting relationships with robots. Your main character is engaged to a robot she fell in love with. But, she begins to learn about the past and how humans used to engage and be with each other. She begins to question how much a robot can actually love.
  4. Write about two characters who have each promised their firstborn children to separate witches. They end up falling in love with each other and having a child together.
  5. You answer the doorbell to find someone from a different universe. They say that you are their favorite book character and they want to change the ending to your story.
  6. A young woman is used to partying with the rich and famous – her dad is one of them. She finally meets a man she doesn’t recognize. It isn’t until their third date that he learns he is the prince of a far off land.

Thriller Romance Writing Prompts

Thrillers are notorious for throwing lovers into crazy situations. While romance is rarely the focus of a thriller, the added tension is really good for conflict.

  1. A young man’s fiancee goes missing. She is never found, the case goes cold, she is presumed dead. He never gives up waiting and looking. Ten years later, he finds her. Now that he has found her, he must either stay with her where she is for the rest of his life or be killed.
  2. A woman has been in solitary confinement with no human contact for two years. That is until mysterious love letters start slipping under her door.
  3. While on a student exchange program your character discovers her host family is involved in a prolific drug ring. Her first instinct is to contact authorities, but she hesitates due to her feelings for their son. He offers her the world in exchange for joining them.
  4. A young woman is at the bank when a robbery ensues. She is surprised when the masked robbers retreat as soon as they see her. She comes to find that her high school boyfriend now runs a large crime ring. He has placed on her his strict “no harm” list. She decides to pay him a visit after all these years.
  5. Write about a serial killer who kills women he falls in love with. He knows they are out of his league. So, if he can’t have them, no one can. Finally, one woman returns his affections before he gets the chance to kill her. Will this put an end to his murderous tendencies?

Comedic Romance Writing Prompts

Everyone needs a good laugh once in a while. While romance can often be deep and dramatic, sometimes it’s awkward, silly, and downright hilarious.

Take these prompts and write something fun and light-hearted. Sometimes all a story needs to do is make someone laugh out loud every few minutes.

  1. Your main character has regained touch with an old flame. They realize the fire from the past is still lingering, but the person is set to be married next week. To a real jerk, no less. They will stop at nothing to win this person back.
  2. Think about your favorite romantic comedy. Now, insert yourself into the main relationship. What would change? How would you do with the person? Write it all down and go into detail.
  3. A love potion is being mass produced and is going viral. Everyone is falling in love with everyone. Will anyone find their actual true love?
  4. Write about a couple who has found true love but with a significant age difference. Everyone around them is skeptical. They beat the odds, but not without some confusion caused by the generation gap.
  5. Write a reverse Romeo and Juliet. Two close families know their children are meant to be together. There’s no arrangement happening, they just want to see them together. The two kids are aware of their families’ feelings and refuse to be together simply to prove them wrong.
  7. She comes thundering into the clearing atop a glorious white stallion. He puts down his sandwich as his jaw drops in awe. He slowly walks over to reassure his little cob pony.
  8. Write about a character who truly believes the entire world revolves around them. They see someone waving, it’s always at them. A man holds open a door, they are definitely interested. Someone needs to break their delusion once and for all.
  9. A radical religious cult takes over the government. Caffeine is outlawed.  A woman must now join her boyfriend as he goes rogue to fight for his right to caffeinate.
  10. A shy and lonely college guy is swiping through Tinder. He is shocked when an actress he loves matches with him. They meet up and your main character is saddened to realize there is no real connection. He is, however, quite attracted to her assistant.
  11. Two people who are almost exactly alike fall for each other. They are both angry, violent, jealous, and possessive personalities.
  12. A man gives his number to a woman at a party. She promises to call but never does. Weeks later they run into each other at the grocery store.
  13. Two teachers are known rivals at their high school. Despite this, half the school roots for them to be together. Their secret? They’re already married.
  14. Your main character works in a bookstore. A man comes in once a week, reads a book, and leaves. The manager asks her to tell the man he can’t do that anymore without buying anything. But, she would rather quit than do that, because she loves every book he’s been reading.
  15. Two characters are known as jokesters and pranksters among their friends and families. They grew up together, teaming up to mess with everyone. Now they are together and planning to marry, but everyone still thinks they’re joking.
  16. Your main character’s best friend sets them up on a blind date. They arrive, only to find their best friend themselves sitting at the table.
  17. A woman is invited over for dinner by a man at work. Basically a low-key first date. Things are awkward and there is no connection. While inside, a storm brews, and they are snowed in. She is stuck there for the night.
  18. A man is cast to be the host of a hot new dating show. His high school crush is a contestant on the first episode.

Supernatural Romance Writing Prompts

Vampire romance isn’t the only supernatural combination. Writing a romance between species opens a whole world of possibilities. Use an existing one or create your own!

  1. Earth is riddled with guardian angels masquerading as humans. They infiltrate themselves into their assignments lives in order to better protect them. Your main character is a guardian angel who has successfully protected thousands of humans. He is one of the most well-respected angels in the realm. This time, he is desperately in love with his assigned human. This is strictly against the rules.
  2. A girl is selling all of her silver jewelry so she can safely be around and touch her werewolf boyfriend.
  3. A female vampire was never interested in love when she was alive and nothing is different now. She feeds on humans with no remorse and turns animals immortal to fill the need for companionship. A human man comes along and is determined to crack her.
  4. Your main character becomes possessed with an angry spirit. The twist? The spirit is in love with her and demands they live the rest of their lives like this.
  5. A small town has a local urban legend about a siren that lives in the lake on the edge of the city. She is blamed for many old deaths in years past but hasn’t killed in a while. A young man sets out to learn the truth once and for all.

Futuristic and Sci-Fi Romance Writing Prompts

We know how romance has looked in eras gone by. What does love look like in the future? How does advanced technology and ever-evolving AI play a role?

  1. Your protagonist lives in a futuristic world where soulmates/partners are designated at birth. Everyone accepts this system and lives a happy life. Your main character is the first person in thousands of years to stop and wonder if this type of love is real since no one had a choice. They have been “married” to their partner for 10 years already.
  2. It is so far into the future that intelligent robots have been the only form of “life” for centuries. Humans have been forgotten. Until one day, one robot stumbles upon ancient evidence of human life. He goes digging and finds more. He gathers all the information he can and eventually “creates” the first human in hundreds of years.
  3. The statues of greek and roman gods around the world all start coming to life. One young woman is delighted for she has been crushing on Hercules ever since studying him and his story in high school.
  4. In the distant future, evolution has changed what gender means. Individuals can change gender at will. When gathered in groups, some people will switch until it is an even mix of male and female. This causes an ever-changing shift in relationships.
  5. A young, single man is found to have a rare genetic mutation that would produce near-perfect offspring – physically, mentally, intellectually. He becomes the most sought after man alive.
  6. A dedicated astronaut dies on board his ship. In his will, he requested to be “buried in space.” They fulfill his wish and blast him into space. Years later, an alien colony picks him up and revives him. His only goal is to return to earth and reunite with his wife.

Sad or Tragic Romance Writing Prompts

  1. Two lovers know they are destined to be together, but it can’t happen in this reality. They tearfully part ways for the last time as they promise to find each other in the next life.
  2. Your characters live in a world where soulmates are your life source. Once matched with your soulmate, you cannot live without their touch. Going without it for too long will kill you. Both criminals and corrupt governments take advantage of this.
  3. Your characters live in a time where relationships, especially marriages, are sacred and cherished by all. Cheating in a dating relationship is grounds for imprisonment. Cheating within a marriage is punishable by death. Your main character’s spouse is caught in an affair… but all they want is to forgive them and move on.
  4. Your main character is one of the few people afflicted with a literal touch of death. Their touch will kill immediately. Most of these people are deemed dangerous and locked up for life. Your protagonist has managed to hide it from the authorities by never killing anyone. They do this by keeping a low profile in general and wearing gloves at all times. Against their will and better judgment, they fall madly in love with someone. But, they can never truly touch them.
  5. A woman is standing outside the gates of a castle. Inside is the man who has her heart. She is there to kill him.

Paranormal/Gothic Romance Writing Prompts

Not to be confused with horror, the intent of this genre is not to scare. The main focus of these stories is still romance, but with a dark or spooky twist. It is also known as “ghost romance.”

  1. A woman’s fiance dies just weeks before they were slated to marry. However, her devastation is short-lived as he suddenly shows up in her room one night – as a ghost. They “hang out” like this every day. But, they cannot have a physical relationship and she is growing weary of this.
  2. Feeling stuck in a dead marriage, a woman is visited by the ghost of an old flame.
  3. Your main character is a renowned medium and as such, is familiar with ghosts and spirits. There is one special ghost that has kept coming back over the years, acting as sort of a guardian angel. He has gotten her out of some tricky situations. One day, he appears and tells her she is in grave danger and he can’t help her this time.
  5. She has been dead for years, wandering the earth, where no one can see her. Until he sees her. Their unconventional romance may be cut short when his friends recruit an exorcist.
  6. Looking into a mirror she suddenly hears a voice calling her name wistfully. Is the object possessed, or is it something else?
  7. Caught in the middle of the ocean clinging to a broken raft for dear life, she is rescued by a handsome and charming sailor. They spend a few days getting to know each other. When the ship finally docks, she finds she was the only one alive the whole time. Only she can see the sailors. She desperately wants to be with the one who saved her but he can’t leave the ship.
  8. He has been stuck in the underworld for ages. He finally finds someone who can help him back to the surface. But, he wonders if he wants to leave anymore if it means he never sees her again.
  9. A ghost town is deserted by the living. A developer has purchased the land and wants to rebuild. Little does she know, the residents, though dead, are very much thriving in the spiritual realm of the town. They are not happy about the plans to develop.
  10. For his entire life, he has had a disturbing recurring dream of a woman dying a brutal, undeserved, untimely death. Now in his thirties, he discovers that his dream is an event that actually happened. He learns this when the woman’s ghost comes to him for help.
  11. A plane crashes down on a remote island. Thinking they are the only two survivors, a couple begins to search for ways to get off the island. Days later, help finally arrives. It turns out – only one of them actually survived. The other’s ghost is now confined to the island.
  12. She is killed by a man who makes it look like an accident. No one suspects a thing. Her boyfriend is next on the list, so she sets out to warn him.
  13. She has always loved that old, abandoned house at the edge of town. She finally buys it. Upon moving in, she discovers she is not alone.
  14. An antique collector acquires a particularly interesting piece – one of the oldest in his collection. The original owner, however, is still very attached the item despite being dead. She will not leave the man alone until he surrenders the item.
  15. A man discovers a spell that will bring back his dead lover. What he didn’t consider was the cost of such an act. She has changed completely.
  16. An amateur archeologist accidentally digs up an old grave. This stirs the spirit of the one buried there, and he is angry.
  17. A man has always been drawn to an old portrait he found at a thrift shop. It hangs in his home, despite having no idea who the painting is of. By chance, he finds a descendant of the women in the painting and they develop a connection. This upsets the spirit of the women in the portrait as she has been living in the painting and is quite fond of the man herself.
  18. A young teenage girl dies before ever having the chance to get a boyfriend. Enraged at the lack of romance during her time alive, she makes a point to seduce every young, living man she can get her dead, ghostly hands on.
  19. A woman dies in a tragic accident. She remains on earth as a ghost, but she is the only one who knows she’s dead. Her boyfriend is blissfully unaware. She is riddled with guilt as she continues to selfishly deceive him.
  20. A man’s girlfriend dies before he has the chance to propose. He soon learns that he can still communicate with her… but only through text message.
  21. A woman discovers her dead boyfriend is living in her bedroom. Her joy is short-lived as she realizes he can’t see her. He is stuck in the room but is unable to connect to the living world.
  22. A ghost hunter arrives in town having been invited by a young man to rid his house of spirits. She is there to hunt the darkness in his house, but she finds the darkness in his soul to be much more dangerous and captivating.
  23. A man is visiting the house of a woman he is casually dating. Upon exploring the house he finds a dark room full of developed photos, all of himself. In all the photos, he is dead.
  24. Death himself falls in love with a woman he was supposed to let die 200 years ago. She doesn’t know why she never ages. She is increasingly unhappy with her condition.

Dialogue Romance Writing Prompts

Sometimes, writing prompts are a whole story idea or concept. Other times, all it takes is a single line or small exchange of dialogue to get your imagination running.

These prompts can go well with those who like to use a book writing template. They are easy enough to insert into an existing story structure and use it for inspiration to carry the scene.

Take these pieces of dialogue and let the scene they create play out. Let the characters evolve for a while. You might find you keep going until a plot has formed.

Some people struggle with dialogue, especially when learning how to become a better writer. Having a dialogue already started can be helpful in moving forward with the story.

If one of the writing prompts from above has already resonated with you, try inserting one of these into that setting or idea. Doing this, almost any piece of dialogue can be turned into a romantic scene.

  • “I find you to be very…”
    • “Beautiful, intelligent, and wonderfully talented?”
    • “Dangerous, actually.”
  • “I was going to ask if you wanted to do me on that desk, but I thought I’d at least say hello first.”
  • “Are you clinically insane, or just annoying?”
    • “Probably both.”
  • “I take it you don’t know who I am. Well, that’s about to change.”
  • “Just take my hand, would you?”
    • “But why?!”
    • “For crying out loud… I’m trying to ask you to marry me!”
  • “This mascara is too expensive to be ruined by crying. But you should know that I am feeling a lot of things right now.”
  • “It’s a long story.”
    • “You had me believing you were dead for nine months. I can make time.”
  • “You know you’re going to break his heart if you go through with this, right?”
    • “Oh, does he have a heart?”
  • “If you’re going to break my heart, can we at least do it outside?”
    • “But it’s raining.”
    • “Yes, I want to be dramatic.”
  • “I’m trying to have a serious conversation with you!”
    • “And I’m trying to avoid it!”
  • “I never had a chance, did I?”
    • “That’s the sad part. You did, once.”
  • “How’s the meeting?”
    • “I want to stab everyone.”
    • “Darling, try not to get blood on your dress today. We have reservations at 7.”
    • “Fine, just this one time, for you.”
  • “I’m on call, and they’ll probably need me tonight.”
    • “Let’s just see how much trouble we can get into before then, shall we?”
  • “Can you stop being so happy all the time? It’s getting contagious and I don’t want it.”
  • “It was all done for you.”
    • “I didn’t ask you to kill anyone.
  • “I love you”
    • “Lying does not look good on you, sweetheart.”
  • “I’ve spent the last five years thinking you hated me, so forgive me if this confession makes me suspicious.”
  • “Why aren’t you dating him?”
    • “I’d destroy him.”
    • “He’d be into that.”
  • “At one point in time, we could have been happy.”
  • “Just get it over with. Tell me it was never going to work, tell me you’re leaving.”
    • “No. I want you to come with me.”
  • “On a scale of 1-10, how bad of an idea would be if we got married?”
    • “Totally off the charts. I’m in.”
  • “You’ve got the worst poker face I’ve ever seen.”
  • “I didn’t leave because of him… but he’s why I never went back.”
  • “Hon, you need to leave the city tonight. I’m burning it all down.”
  • “You know you’re in love with her, right?”
    • “What, since when?”
    • “Since forever. That’s why I’m breaking up with you.”
  • “What do you expect from me? I’m not human and I never was.”
  • “Don’t trust him.”
    • “Interesting, he said the same thing about you.”
  • “Right now, I don’t know whether I want to kiss you, or throw you off a cliff.”
    • “Can I pick?”
  • “I’ll see you in the next life, my love.”

Spice up Your Writing Life With These Romance Writing Prompts

Use a book writing template or go complete panster. Either way, romance is fun, it’s sexy, it’s dramatic, and it’s emotional. Everyone needs a little romance in their life.

Even the most horror-enthused adrenaline junkies need a little love. If you love writing your romance, chances are, people will like reading it. Use these romance writing prompts to get started, and then sweep everyone off their feet!




Josh Fechter
Josh is the founder and CEO of Squibler.