Wattpad Login – Get Started

If there is one thing that all writers have in common, it is the desire to be heard. To have a platform. To share their story and have it reach the right people. For many, it’s starting with the Wattpad login.

Becoming a published author in the traditional sense – putting a physical book on the shelf of a store – can be very difficult. Self-publishing is an option, but it is still a long process and can sometimes be quite costly. That’s why many use the Wattpad login as their one-stop shop for their books.

Wattpad is a fantastic platform for writers to share their work, for free, to a wide and diverse audience. Readers and writers come together to create, consume, and experience the joy of literature. If you are looking for some fresh new reads, or you want to share your work within a free and well-established community, create your Wattpad login and join the fun!

Create Your Wattpad Login

Creating a Wattpad login is a simple process. Head on over to the Wattpad website, and you should immediately see two buttons: “start reading” and “start writing.” You can select the button that corresponds to your plans on Wattpad – they ultimately lead to the same account creation page. This is where you will choose your Wattpad login username. The username will have to be unique to you so it may take a few tries to find one that is available.

login to Wattpad

Once you have decided on a username, you will need to fill out your email, desired password, and birthday. Once those are completed, that’s it, you’ve joined Wattpad! Make sure you sign up with a valid email address, as you will be asked to confirm it before you have full access to the site.

Choosing a Wattpad Login Name

If you are a writer who is serious about getting your work out there and making a name for yourself on Wattpad, you will want to spend some timing coming up with a great username. It is not something everyone thinks about, but a clean, professional username can go a long way. It will give readers a good first impression and tell everyone that you are serious.

Because usernames need to be 100 percent unique, finding a good one can sometimes be surprisingly difficult. A good place to start is your name – first and last with no spaces and no extra characters.

If your name is taken, try your first name and last initial. You can also work in your middle initial if necessary. Ultimately, if you can avoid using numbers or characters, that is ideal. If every variation of your name is taken, one underscore or one number is okay.

Don’t overlook the importance of a solid and readable username when trying to put yourself out there as a serious writer.

Some things to avoid in your username:

  • Excessive numbers
  • Excessive underscores
  • Extra letters
  • Unnecessary words

Wattpad Login: Setting up Your Writer’s Profile

Your profile is also going to be an important part of your Wattpad experience. This is where you can tell the community about yourself, your experience, and your goals on the website. You can show your personality and express your interests.

Choose a Good Photo

If you decide to upload a photo of yourself, make it one that is clean, clear, and at least semi-professional looking. Also, choose a photo that is just of yourself. Group photos are fun, but they are not ideal if you are trying to present yourself in a professional manner.

If you are not comfortable adding a photo with your face, that’s okay! Uploading a simple, high-quality image that is relevant to reading and writing will be sufficient as well.

Upload Your Best Pieces

Choose a handful of your best pieces of writing to upload to your profile. Make sure they have been thoroughly edited and are clean, polished, and well-written. If you only have three pieces that meet these criteria, that is fine! Three amazing pieces will leave a better impression than 25 mediocre pieces. Quality>quantity.

Don’t be Shy

If you are a versatile writer with many different types of work, don’t be afraid to upload them all. Wattpad is an open and welcoming space that was created for all writers. Short stories, nonfiction work, and poems all have their place in the Wattpad community. Even scripts and screenplays are welcome – if you wrote it, you can post it.

Grow Your Network

One of the best ways to get people reading your work is to bring positive attention to your profile. The information on your page may be how you make friends and meet new people. Those with similar interests can reach out and start a conversation with you – and who knows where it can go from there!

In addition, Wattpad allows readers and writers to “follow” each other. When you are following someone, you are kept up to date with the work they post. Gaining followers is the best way to keep people coming back to you as you continue to upload more work.

Begin by finding some authors you like, and follow them. This is the beginning of your network. You may get some follow backs, and this is a great conversation starter. A simple thank you message will leave a friendly impression.

Don’t be afraid to start a conversation, either. If you find an author who’s profile outlines interests that are similar to yours, go ahead and simply say hello. It is also a good idea to read some posted work and leave a positive comment. Leaving comments not only gives the author an opportunity to start a dialogue with you, but it also puts your name out there for others to see.

It may be a slow process, but building a solid and active network will go a long way in being successful on Wattpad.

Find Some Tools

To make sure your writing is the best it can possibly be before you post it, finding some tools to help you through the writing and editing processes may be a good idea.

Squibler is a simple piece of software that can take some of the stress away from writing that novel. It is designed to help you with each step of the process in a way that is easy to understand.

Good stories always involve some notes, and Squibler allows you to organize and file them neatly and safely. You can sort them with tags for easy re-locating later when you need to reference them as you write.

Once you have done your research and compiled your notes, Squibler has some great outlining tools to help you figure out the plot and direction of your story. A comprehensive outline that is well thought out will produce a strong and captivating story every time.

Lastly, Squibler is prepared to help you through the more traditional publishing process if you choose to go that route in addition to utilizing Wattpad. There are options to export for Kindle, PDF, or print publishing,

Wattpad Login: For Readers

While Wattpad is a great place for writers to network and showcase their work, the community would be nothing without its readers! Wattpad is a great way for avid and hungry readers to find some amazing new stories, completely free.

Completed Novels

You will find many novel-length works that have already been fully completed and are ready for you to enjoy beginning to end. These can be read a few chapters at a time, like a typical novel, or perhaps all in one sitting if you have lots of free time!

Either way, there are thousands of exciting worlds just waiting for you to jump in and immerse yourself completely.

Stories to Keep you in Suspense

Wattpad is unique in that it also allows writers to upload their work one part or chapter at a time.

This means that you may read a few chapters of an awesome story, but the rest of it isn’t available yet. Many authors will operate on a schedule. This may mean you get a new chapter every week, or perhaps every day, until the novel is complete. This can be an exciting way to experience a story – similar to anxiously awaiting a new episode of the latest TV show.

There is also the possibility of readers becoming involved in the making of a story. Some writers may choose to upload their completed novel slowly, simply for the suspense factor. Others may be uploading bit by bit because the story isn’t even finished!

In some of these cases, the writer may interact with their audience and get their input on the direction of the story, or the fate of certain characters.

Setting up a Reader Profile

If you are on Wattpad solely as a reader, creating a profile is a pretty simple process and there is very little pressure on you. You don’t have to worry too much about coming across in a professional manner and you can be as active or as quiet as you want.

Your Information

If you are a reader who wants to meet other readers, it will benefit you to fill out some information about yourself and your interests. This will tell other social readers what you like to talk about and provide some ice-breakers.

If you prefer to just read quietly and not interact too much, you can either say so right on your profile or simply leave the information blank and make yourself look inconspicuous.

Find your Genres

If there are certain genres that you prefer to read in, begin by seeking these out and browsing through the available content. As a reader, your library and reading lists will be your best friends. As you find stories you want to read, you can add them to your library, and organize them with reading lists.

You can create lists for all kinds of things:

  • Different genres
  • Different types of stories – finished vs unfinished
  • Priority – low, high, read first
  • Sort by category – fiction, nonfiction, essay, poetry

The possibilities are endless and it really comes down to you and how you want to lay out your library!

Follow your Favorite Authors

As you dig further into stories you love, you will start developing a collection of favorite authors. Some writers will have a style or voice that you love, and their work will consistently interest you. Following your favorite authors will allow you to stay as up to date as possible as they post new chapters or start new stories.

If you ever feel so inclined, it is also a great idea to leave some positive and encouraging comments on stories and chapters you really love. This will put a smile on the writers face, and provide them with encouragement and motivation to keep writing and posting.

Wattpad Login: The Dual Account

There are many people out there who have an equal passion for both reading and writing. In fact, being an avid reader is a huge advantage for those looking to produce good quality and successful work as an author.

Wattpad offers an exceptional platform for authors, both aspiring and established. It also offers millions of free stories for readers who want to find something new. If you are both of these – even better!

It is possible to follow the steps to creating a writer’s profile, and still use your account to compile reading lists. In fact, it may even give you an edge if readers see that you are also one of them. Discussing your favorite Wattpad stories with other readers is just one more way to increase your network and bring attention to your own pieces.

Don’t be afraid to be both. Wattpad was not designed to place restrictions on anybody.

Enjoy the Community

Creating a Wattpad login is not difficult and the community will only serve to enrich your life. Whether you are a writer who wants to get eyes their work, or a reader who simply wants to find the best new reads before anyone else, Wattpad has something for you.

Wattpad has been around for such a long time, and it has established itself quite well. Many writers have posted their work on Wattpad, and gone on to become successful published authors. There are many printed novels out there that originated on Wattpad.

Wattpad is a powerful platform with an active and diverse community – do not be afraid to reap its benefits for yourself.



Josh Fechter
Josh is the founder and CEO of Squibler.