Google Keep App – Everything You Need to Know

Staying organized can be one of the most difficult things to achieve in the hustle and bustle of this day and age. Life has become so busy and full for many of us, and the Google Keep app might be what we all need.

This app is practical, and powerful while staying very simple and easy to use! There are a lot of organizational tools and note-taking programs out there. Many of them are great and they all have their place, but some of them are quite complex. This can be a good thing for some, but there are times when you want to keep it simple.

The Google Keep app has a very sleek and straight forward setup that can be understood at a glance and navigated easily. That’s why many book writers and people in the work order software and CMMS software industry use it.

Google Keep App: Features

The beauty of the Google Keep app is that its interface is minimal. It works off of just a few simple key features. These features may be light-weight and basic, but what they can do for you and your life may surprise you.


The notes are the main feature of the Google Keep app. When creating a new note you will open a small window with space for writing some text. Notes can be anything, from links you need for researching your novel, to tomorrow’s grocery list. When looking at your Google Keep app dashboard, your notes will be the first thing you see.

They can be arranged in whichever order you like, perhaps placing the most important ones at the top and keeping them there no matter how old they get. As you create notes, they will appear in chronological order but you don’t have to keep them that way. You can drag and drop to rearrange notes as you see fit.


Reminders are pretty much the same as the notes, but they have a specific function. Reminders will have a future time-stamp assigned to them and are designed to remind you about this time. Reminders can be set for big events like meetings or trips, or family gatherings like birthdays and weddings. You can also use them for small things you need to do, like go grocery shopping or calling your mom!

Reminders can be given anything a regular note can – like color codes, labels, images, etc. You can set a date and time for the event itself, and you can customize when you would want to be reminded. You can set the Google Keep app to remind you the day before, the hour before, or whenever you think would be most effective.


Labels are a great way to keep your notes organized and group them together as necessary. You may be using Google Keep app for several different things, so you’ll need to keep track of all items that are related to each other.

You can create a label for anything, and assign the appropriate label to each note. Labels can be accessed in the menu, and you can toggle between all your labels quickly.

What’s in a Google Keep App Note?

Once you start using Google Keep to get organized, you will find that your home screen fills up quickly with a lot of notes. Each individual note can look completely different from the next as there are a lot of customization options.

Remind me

Using the “remind me” option will turn your note into a reminder, which then appears under its own category in the Google Keep app menu.


The Google Keep app isn’t limited to keeping your own life organized. It has the ability for you to work with others and create shared organizational techniques. This is great for employers who want to create a communal space for employees or business partners who want to easily stay on the same page. It is a way for two or more people to work on the same project in any context – be in work, school, or simply for fun.

When creating a new note, there is an option to add people to the note. You can do this through email, and they will then have access. The great thing about the collaborator option is that you can pick and choose which notes are shared, and with who. This allows you to only share certain notes with certain people, and also keep some to yourself if you wish.

Color coding

Color coding can function similarly to labeling, but it does have its own benefits. You can assign color codes in any way you’d like, depending on what you are using the Google Keep app for. Perhaps you assign different colors for different areas of your life – school events, appointments, work shifts, etc.

If you are using Google Keep app for your business, you can color code notes based on which employee they are assigned to. The options are endless, but color coding adds a great level of organization to your note-keeping.

Add Image

Each note has the option of adding an image, which can be uploaded from your device. Images can help supplement your notes in all kinds of ways. If you are collaborating with someone, an image can help the other person understand the point of the note. Perhaps the images itself is the whole point of the note, and its caption is secondary.

Archive the Note

When creating or editing a note, you have the option to archive it. This can be a good alternative to simply deleting a note. Archiving a note will remove it from your main stream of notes. It will not appear anywhere on your dashboard and it will be out of the way entirely, but it won’t be gone forever. These notes will go into the “archive” section, available at the bottom of the menu.

Create a Checkbox

You can turn any note into a to-do list by adding a checkbox. Checkboxes are customizable and allow you to name each item on the list anything you want. As you check off each item, it goes to the bottom of the list and a line will appear through the words. This shows that the item has been completed.

This can be a great tool for prioritizing tasks on a busy day or creating to-do lists for employees and/or business partners.


Drawing is a feature that can be found on certain platforms and can come in very handy. When the option is available, you can draw or write your idea directly into the note. Some may prefer this over typing, or it can be a fun way to add a visual effect to a more casual note.

Record Your Ramblings

If you are using the Google Keep app on your cell phone, you do have the option of simply speaking to Google Keep and letting it transcribe your words into a note. This is great for those moments when you’re out and about and suddenly think of something you need to remember. You don’t even have to stop and type it up, you can just say what you need to and Google Keep will record it for you.

Google Keep App Across all Devices

Some people like to have access to their plans at all times, while others like to keep their lives organized exclusively on their cell phones. However connected you like to be, Google Keep has you covered. It is available for use on all of your devices – PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet.

Notes are saved on your Google account immediately. This means that once you save a note on your computer, it will be automatically available on your phone – and vice versa.

Google Keep App for Writers

The Google Keep app can be helpful to a lot of different types of people, and writers are definitely at the top of the list. Writing of any kind, whether it be a novel, a news article, or a short story, can be difficult and overwhelming. Most writers find it helpful to use something other than pen and paper to keep themselves organized.

Google Keep can help writers keep their notes, ideas, and research organized and arranged in a way that is easy to manage. You can begin by creating a separate label for each part of the process that you are putting on Google Keep. This can include:

  • General notes
  • Brainstorming topics
  • Research points
  • Helpful Links
  • Relevant or inspirational images
  • Settings
  • Locations
  • Characters

Google Keep can also help you stay on task when it comes to scheduling time to write. Many have busy lives, and writing can sometimes end up taking a back seat. With the Google Keep app, you can set reminders each day to encourage you to sit down and write. You can create to-do lists and set tasks for yourself. This kind of visualization can be the push some people need to dedicate that little bit of time to their writing each day.

Google Keep App and Squibler

The Google Keep app can also be great when used in conjunction with other programs. Google Keep is useful for a lot of things and can be a great help to the process – but you can’t use it to actually write your book.

If you are looking for a word processor that is a step above the basic options like Microsoft Word, you should check out Squibler. Squibler is a simple but powerful program that can help you get your book written efficiently. The features are designed around the goal of writing your first draft fast – ideally within 30 days – so that you can get to work on the rest of the process!

Squibler will store your ideas and help you keep them organized. It will then help you translate these ideas into an outline for your book. You can separate your ideas into chapters as well as individual scenes, and then drag and drop them into place accordingly. This removes the restriction of trying to write chapter by chapter and makes it easy to create a proper timeline for the story.

Once your book has been written, edited, and is ready to go, Squibler is prepared to help you publish. Squibler allows you to export and preview your files for Kindle, PDF, and print publishing. The publishing process can sometimes be daunting and overwhelming. Squibler takes some of the pressure off by simplifying the whole thing and helping you get it right.

Google Keep App for Organized Collaboration

The Google Keep app is a simple, unique way for writers to keep track of their ideas and set up their research, but they aren’t the only ones who can find value in this powerful tool. There are many different groups of people who may need to collaborate and work together on something – often the case within the workplace.


It could be a whole company that wants to stay connected and up to date on current events and projects. It could also be two or three business partners who want a central place to keep everyone on the same page.

However big the operation is, the Google Keep app opens the line of communication and ensures that no one is left out of the loop. It will likely eliminate the need for mass emails and endless text messages. It will also reduce the amount of irrelevant information everyone sees. If there is a project that only certain people are working on, those that are not involved can be left off of all notes related to that project.


Because the app is so easy to use on both desktop and smartphone, it can be a great way for a busy family to stay organized and keep extracurriculars in order. Each person can have their own label, each activity their own color, and everything is in one place. Parents can use this to schedule their days, and kids can keep track of what they are doing right from their phones.

Stay Organized with Google Keep

The Google Keep app is simple but useful. Whatever it is in your life that needs organizing, The Google Keep app can help you. Being available on your computer and syncing to your cell phone and tablet is extremely useful. This means you can keep track of everything no matter where you are or what you are doing!


Josh Fechter
Josh is the founder and CEO of Squibler.