Best Knowledge Management Certifications 2024: Reviews and Pricing

With the escalating demand for knowledge managers, the need for credible knowledge management certifications is also on the rise. As organizations are flooded with data, they are looking for managers who can help make sense of it and turn it into actionable insights.

Knowledge management has become a significant aspect of organizations and businesses today. Many employers are now looking for KM professionals with the right credentials for handling their organizational data and knowledge.

Though KM certificates are not compulsory for the growth of your career, getting one does help you a lot in the long run. They can help you stay ahead of the curve, expand your vision and prepare you for the future.

Knowledge management certifications also enable you to scale up your skills and prepare you to be future-ready. They help you learn about the latest trends and technologies, acquire new competencies, and learn to deal with different challenges in the field.

Today, several KM certifications are available, each with its own benefits and course curriculum. You can choose the right one based on your goals, experience, budget, and time frame. This blog post will review six top KM certifications to help you make an informed decision. Let’s get into the article.

What are Knowledge Management Certifications?

Knowledge management certifications are professional credentials that certify an individual’s skills and competencies in managing organizational data and knowledge. These credentials are designed by the experts of universities, professional organizations, and other institutions.

The course curriculum of these certifications covers various aspects of knowledge management. They help you gain insights into the key competencies and expertise required for managing organizational data and knowledge. Following are the core competencies and skills, knowledge management certificates offer:

  • Managing data, information, and knowledge effectively in an organization
  • Keeping pace with the latest trends and technologies in KM
  • Applying the best practices of KM
  • Designing and implementing knowledge management strategies
  • Evaluating and improving organizational KM processes
  • Contributing to the strategic development of an organization
  • Understanding knowledge management theories and models

These skills and competencies are crucial for KM managers in the current business environment. They allow you to create effective knowledge management programs within your organization and contribute to its success.

Top Knowledge Management Certifications 2024

Knowledge management is a vast field with various branches and specializations. The course curriculum of each certification is designed to meet the specific requirements of a particular job role. Therefore, you can choose the right certificate based on your skills and career goals. Here are the six top knowledge management certifications courses you can consider to expand your career opportunities and take your knowledge to the next level.

1. Oracle Knowledge Management: Certified Implementation Specialist Certification by Oracle

Price: $245

Rating: 4.9/5

Duration: 1.5 years

This Oracle Knowledge Management certification is an exam-based credential. You need to pass a 90 minutes exam to earn this certification. A knowledge manager needs to score at least 64% to pass the exam.

It is designed for professionals who want to specialize in implementing Oracle Knowledge Management products and solutions. The certification validates your skills in configuring and deploying various knowledge management products. It evaluates your understanding of configuring and using Oracle Knowledge Management Cloud technology.

You need to learn various stages of the KM process, such as content management, search, social, and analytics. The certification also tests your understanding of using various forms of knowledge to solve business problems. You also need a strong foundation in B2C services knowledge to get this certification.

To earn this credential, you need to have a comprehensive knowledge of service level agreements (SLA). You also need to be proficient in creating reports. Understanding using reporting features and dashboard features is also necessary for this certificate.

In addition, you should have a strong grip over technology and the process of knowledge management. It also lets you recognize the suitable ways to apply knowledge management in your company. This certificate is perfect for you if you want to ensure your employers that you are an expert at implementing KM products and solutions.

Visit Oracle Knowledge Management 2021 Certified Implementation Specialist Certification to learn more about it.

2. Certified Knowledge Specialist (CKS) Certification Course by Knowledge Management Institute

Price: $1995

Rating: 4.5/5

Duration: Variable

The KM professionals of the KM Institute have designed this certification course to help aspiring knowledge management professionals excel in the field. The CKS certification covers a wide range of topics related to effective knowledge management within an organization

This credential enables you to learn about the agile and design thinking approaches in the Master class. These approaches engage new students in KM strategy. They can learn about creating and implementing knowledge management efforts within your organization.

You learn about various steps of knowledge transfer. It also lets you understand information architecture and Content Management strategy. It will enable you to build AI initiatives successfully. With this certificate program, you get insight into developing healthy and sustainable communities by offering you an understanding of social KM strategy.

Knowledge Jam method and Kate Pugh are the unique features of this program. You can explore the ways of building the taxonomy to boost findability within your organization. It offers an online course related to change management.

It focuses on various skills, techniques, and tools required to manage organizational changes. You can also boost your creative knowledge management skills to solve problems more effectively.

To learn more about this program, visit the Certified Knowledge Specialist (CKS) Certification Course.

3. Knowledge Management and Big Data in Business Designed by edX

Price: Free to $165

Rating: 4.4/5

Duration: 8 weeks

This certification course offers knowledge managers insight into big data and how it can empower their KM efforts. It covers the basics of big data and knowledge management. You will understand how to use big data within the knowledge management landscape.

It allows you to learn about the basics of knowledge management. You will also understand how to obtain, manage, and develop knowledge in your organizations. It provides a competitive advantage to your business over other organizations.

This course teaches you to manage knowledge at various levels, like enterprise, small and midsize businesses, and personal levels. You learn about the digitalization of knowledge and how to manage knowledge to improve your business. Digitalization encourages communication and collaboration within your workplace. It also helps you develop new values.

It familiarizes you with big data and data analytics. You can use big data to make better decisions and improve your business. It also helps you understand how to use big data within the knowledge management landscape.

It also enables you to understand Open Linked Data. You can use it to develop an enterprise information portal for your organization. It offers insight into mining data from big data. It also enables you to learn about social and technical challenges associated with big data.

To learn about this certificate, visit Knowledge Management and Big Data in Business Designed.

4. Knowledge Management Online Certificate Course by Courses for Success

Price: $249

Rating: 4.4/5

Duration: 6 to 8 hours

This knowledge management certification enables you to deep dive into the basics of knowledge management. You will understand how to develop and implement knowledge management within your organization.

It enables you to identify the right knowledge management practice that prevents the wastage of time and money. By saving time and money, you can boost your organization’s productivity.

It offers insight into the KM lifecycle, including capture, evaluation, planning, sharing, and protection. You can use this lifecycle to manage knowledge within your organization effectively. You can explore the KM paradigm and models.

This certification also teaches you to modify knowledge management definitions that best suit your organizational needs. You can also learn about the steps involved in the knowledge management process. It enables you to understand the tips and tactics for the effective implementation of knowledge management.

You don’t need any prior education for this online training course. However, students need to have a computer and internet access to take this course. You can access this online course for a lifetime by registering on the Courses for Success website.

To learn more about this online course, visit Knowledge Management Online Certificate Course.

5. Certificate in Knowledge Management by Professional Development Institute

Price: $Variable for each session

Rating: 4.0/5

Duration: 14 hours

This KM certification is designed for professionals who want to enhance their knowledge management skills. It covers the basics of knowledge management and its benefits. You will understand how to use knowledge management tools to improve your business.

It offers insight into the different types of knowledge. It familiarizes you with the history and evolution of knowledge management. You will understand how to develop and implement a knowledge management strategy.

This certification also enables you to understand knowledge processing and KM lifecycle. You can use these concepts to manage and process knowledge within your organization. It equips you with KM technologies to improve your business and increase efficiency.

It teaches you advanced practices for knowledge capture, processing, and sharing. You can use these practices to create a knowledge-sharing culture within your organization. You can understand organizational learning and how to use it for knowledge management.

The certification helps you grasp the concept of organizational culture and its impact on knowledge management. You will understand how to develop a positive corporate culture for knowledge sharing. It also helps you understand and utilize success factors for KM programs.

You can learn about frameworks to assess the KM value. It also allows you to understand the roles and responsibilities of KM leadership to develop and implement a KM strategy. Earning this certification enables you to make knowledge-based decisions for your business.

In addition, the course familiarizes you with data science and its relationship to knowledge management. You can speak confidently about data mining, big data, and the challenges associated with it. You will learn the ways to overcome data challenges for KM.

This certification enables students to understand data science software and techniques. It improves their competency in evaluating the results of communication in their workplace.

Enabling you to make the right decision at the right time is another feature of this course. It offers a solid foundation of the fundamentals of analytics and analytical methods to make data-driven decisions.

Visit Certificate in Knowledge Management to learn more about it.

6. Knowledge Management Certificate by Association for Talent Development (ATD)

Price: $1745 for non-members and $1495 for members

Rating: 4.0/5

Duration: 14 hours

It is one of the best online courses for people who wish to advance their knowledge management skills. It offers a unique perspective on creating and sharing organizational knowledge. Achieving this certification enables you to understand the importance of knowledge management. You will learn how to utilize knowledge assets and skills for innovation in your business.

This course enables you to build a strategy to create a knowledge-based workplace. It also teaches you how to integrate it with your organizational strategy. It equips you with the advanced technologies to manage and share knowledge within your organization.

The course familiarizes you with managing the lifecycle of knowledge. You learn to recognize, capture, process, and use knowledge for your business. It helps you analyze the creation of a workplace environment that facilitates knowledge sharing.

With this certification, you can make the most of your knowledge and skills. You can also assess your organization’s readiness for knowledge management and the implementation of strategies to improve its effectiveness.

This KM certification enables you to develop strategies for building RFPs and choosing a vendor for the KM solution. You can also speak confidently about recognizing strategies that integrate KM approaches to support learning programs.

To learn more about this program, visit Knowledge Management Certificate.

Becoming a Certified Knowledge Manager to Move Ahead in Your Career

No doubt, knowledge management certifications are highly beneficial for KM professionals who want to advance their careers. Earning a KM certification enables you to understand the concepts of knowledge management and organizational learning. You can learn to use them for the betterment of your organization. It also allows you to put your knowledge and skills into practical application.

If you are serious about building a successful career in knowledge management, earning a KM certification is an excellent choice. Choosing the right credential can make a big difference in your career. With a suitable certificate, you can open doors to new opportunities and take your career to the next level. Go ahead and choose one of the KM certifications mentioned above to boost your knowledge management skills and gain an edge over other candidates.


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