Evernote Login – How to Get Started

Evernote is a popular note-taking program that is used and loved by people from many different walks of life. Creating an Evernote login is a great way to get yourself organized and become that much more productive throughout your day. There is a good reason Evernote is the go-to app for so many – it is sleek, professional, and feature rich. Evernote is versatile and can do many things while maintaining a clean appearance. It boasts an interface that is easy to use and always easy to understand.

Getting your Evernote login up and running is a quick and easy process which allows you to get started with Evernote right away.

Creating your Evernote Login

Begin by heading over to Evernote.com, where the app has a basic version that is completely free of charge. The homepage has some introductory information if you want to learn more about the program before getting started. Once you have clicked the sign-up button, you will be asked to choose the plan you want to use. You will need to make this choice before deciding on your Evernote login name and creating an account. There are three choices, each with a different price point:

  • Evernote Basic: Free
  • Evernote Premium: $9.99/month
  • Evernote Business: $14.99/month

The basic version of Evernote will have everything you need for great note-taking. The two paid options are, of course, more comprehensive. If you do want to consider the paid plans, they offer a free trial so you can see for yourself if it is worth it.

Your Evernote Login Name

Once you select your desired plan, you will be brought to the registration page. This is where you will choose your Evernote login username. There is very little pressure here as it will mostly be for personal use. Once you know what your username is going to be, you can sign up with either your email address or your Google account. Lastly, you need to create your password, agree to their terms and conditions, and you’re all set!

Evernote Login on the Web

Once you have created your account, you will be able to start using Evernote right away. There are two ways you can use Evernote: right on the web, or on an app that is installed on your computer. The program looks pretty much identical wherever you decide to use it, but each option does have its own benefits. Using Evernote right on the web means you don’t have to keep anything on your computer. There is no downloading involved, and everything is stored on the internet. This can be useful if your computer is perhaps low on space, or you don’t want to worry about having to store even more files. Using your Evernote login on the web also means you can access it from any device, from any location as long as you are connected to the internet.

Evernote Login on Desktop

Evernote also gives you the option to download their application to your computer and use the program that way. It will work the same as the web version, but everything is stored directly on your computer. This enables you to take Evernote with you wherever you go! Even if you don’t have access to the internet, you can open up Evernote and get to work offline. Once you do connect to the internet, you will be able to sync your Evernote account. This will ensure that everything you do on the desktop application will be saved to the web as well.

Evernote Login: The Setup

While Evernote has a long list of great features and options, the basic setup is simple and easy to use. The note-taking itself is broken down into two main sections: notebooks and notes. Notes are stored within notebooks. This allows you to keep related information together, but still separate different topics. You can organize this in any way you want. The exact setup will depend on what you are using Evernote for and what type of information you are entering.

What Can a Note do?

Notes can be anything you want – there are a ton of options available and a lot of ways you can add to your note. Text can be manipulated in the same way as any other document:

  • Font style
  • Font size
  • Font color
  • Bold
  • Italics
  • Underline
  • Strikethrough
  • Alignment: left, right, center
  • Bullet lists

You can attach files and images to a note if there is something you want to add. You can also access the note’s history and restore a previous version if you no longer like any changes that you may have made. You can also set a reminder within a note, for something that needs to be done on a specific date. This is great for everything from maintenance software work logs to notes on product management course online. If you wish to share what you’ve done within your note, you can choose to either physically print it out, or send it through email.

Overall, the notes themselves are functional but simple. This is a good thing – it is easy for documents to become cluttered and overwhelming. The notes within Evernote are minimal and straightforward, eliminating the possibility of confusion.


Notes can have tags added to them as necessary. Tags are another way that you can be organized with Evernote. Any number of tags can be added to any given note, and they will appear accordingly in the “tags” section on the menu. This is a great way to sort notes into different sections or categories. You can even use tags to connect notes across multiple notebooks that may have certain things in common.


Shortcuts are straightforward but useful. The shortcut option appears at the top of your menu. You can add specific notes to the shortcuts tab, or entire notebooks. This is a great way to keep notes of high importance easily accessible. If you have several projects on the go at once, shortcuts can help you get right into your current work in progress. You can eliminate the need to scroll through everything. You can add and remove notes from the shortcuts tab at any time.

Evernote for Writers

Evernote is a versatile program that can be useful in a lot of different ways. Writers, especially, may find that Evernote is a fantastic addition to their toolkit in HR generalist salary package. Many writers will have multiple books on the go at once, and Evernote can keep track of everything. Simply create a new notebook for each book or project, and everything can be sorted within that notebook.


Every good book starts with a great idea! Ideas don’t flesh themselves out, however, and brainstorming is a very important part of the book writing process. Not all notes need to be complex and fancy. They can be a haphazard list of thoughts and ideas. They can be a list of settings, or a series of character sketches. They can contain random pieces of dialogue or even just a series of images that inspire your story. Whatever your brainstorm process is, keep all your thoughts together with Evernote.


Not everyone works with an outline, but some writers plan extensively before beginning the actual writing. If this is you, Evernote is perfect for creating that outline. You can create a separate notebook for your outline if you wish, or even place the entire outline in a single note – whatever works best! That is what makes Evernote so great, there are options and you can customize your experience to your own style and preferences.


Different types of books will vary in their required amount of research, but you will always have to do some in order to be factual and correct. Certain types of books – a historical fiction novel for example – can require a large volume of research. There are many cases where accuracy is imperative. Evernote will keep your research efforts neat and tidy.

Whatever it is that you use to research, Evernote will accommodate. If you have downloaded files, these can be added to your note. Evernote also has an extension available called the “web clipper” which allows you to integrate web pages into your notes. You can use this to add all relevant websites and articles directly into Evernote. You won’t have to copy and paste or retype any information.

Use Evernote with Other Programs

There are a lot of great programs available for writers that help them with different parts of the process. Evernote is a great tool that can be useful in a lot of ways, but it can’t do everything. Evernote stores all your notes, research, references, etc, but it’s not a great place to actually write the content itself.

The actual writing should be done in a proper word processor. A lot of writers will default to Microsoft Word, but there are other options – many of which are far superior. One of these is a sleek, modern writing software called Squibler.

Squibler is designed to make writing your first draft as easy and efficient as possible. You can create separate chapters, and even put multiple scenes into each chapter. Both chapters and scenes can be rearranged as much as you want, and it is as easy as dragging and dropping. No endless scrolling or excessive copy/pasting.  

Evernote Premium

If you find that you are enjoying Evernote and using it a lot, then the premium upgrade might be worth it for you. At only $9.99/month it is a reasonable cost if you find that all of the extra features are helpful. Evernote premium brings your detailed note-taking to the next level with advanced organization.

There are several notable features that are a step up from the basic version:

  • Go from 60MB of uploads per month to 10GB.
  • Sync across unlimited devices. Basic version only supports syncing across 2 devices.
  • Find text in images, PDFs, and office docs.
  • Annotate PDFs.
  • Scan/digitize business cards.
  • Receive enhanced customer support.
  • Present notes with a single click.
  • Discover related content.

Evernote premium can be a great option for a serious writer who has a lot of projects to manage. It may also be useful for a busy student who wants to organize their classes and all related work. The enhanced features available through the premium version of Evernote can definitely be worth the low monthly cost.

Evernote for Business

In addition to their paid premium upgrade, Evernote offers a third plan with additional features. These are geared towards running a business. While slightly more costly than the traditional premium plan, it is still quite reasonable at only $14.99/month. Especially if it helps you and your employees stay connected and run things smoothly, the cost is low.

Evernote for business creates a central workspace for your company. Information is easily shared and accessed by everyone. Collaborate on projects without worrying that someone is missing certain information. This communal online space eliminates the need for excessive emails and group messages. Everything is in one place, and everyone stays on the same page with the added features that are specific to businesses:

  • 20GB of new uploads/month, plus 2GB per user.
  • Single sign-on.
  • Central user administration.
  • A single workspace for easy collaboration.
  • Create new projects and share them easily with Spaces.
  • Sync across devices.
  • Automate user provisioning with SCIM.

Be Productive with your Evernote Login

Whether you are a writer, a student, a business owner, or just someone who needs to be more organized, you can’t go wrong with Evernote. The interface is simple, the features are rich and user-friendly, and the options are endless – Evernote has the potential to help everyone.

You may decide to invest some money in additional features, but even the free version can help you get on track with your work. Evernote can be entirely personal and all notes can be kept private, or you can share everything with others and work on joint projects. Finish that novel, streamline your homework and essay writing, or get your employees on track – Evernote can do it all.



Josh Fechter
Josh is the founder and CEO of Squibler.