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Write journals like a pro. Set chapter goals, daily goals and visualize your progress using our progress bar. With goal-setting functionality, you can manage milestones for your book.

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Frequently asked questions.

Do you have questions before you begin?
What makes Squibler different from other journal apps?
Squibler was built to simplify and encourage the process of journaling one's day visually and through text. Also, our iron-clad password protection ensures your diary, its pictures, posts and access, will be kept private.
What should I know before using an online journal app?
An effective online journal app should simplify and encourage the process of documenting your account of the day. Whether that's including images, text or a mixture of both, the app should streamline the process without impacting creativity.
How do I know my work is safe?
Squibler is backed by Google Cloud. Everything you type is saved automatically. Moreover, we provide revision history and version control for all your work.
Is Squibler free?
The Squibler writing app has a 14-day free trial, then it's $10/month afterward.
I already have my first journal entry. Am I able to import this into Squibler?
Of course. If you have your first journal entry done, you can import it into Squibler. It takes less than a minute.

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