Josh Fechter

Josh is the co-founder and CEO of Squibler. He's written five books and thousands of blog posts about software and writing. Forbes noted him as one of "12 Innovative Founders To Watch And Learn From."

How to Write a Great Fight Scene

One of the most gripping aspects of a book or movie is when the fight scene begins The adrenaline starts pumping, and people begin to get excited about what will happen...
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How to Write Great Action Scenes

Action scenes are an important part of any book or movie, and they need to be written correctly for the audience to enjoy them This is where character development comes into play...
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The Best Grant Writing Classes 2021

It is a difficult profession, and it's not for everyone But if you're interested in pursuing it to further grow your organization or business, then the best thing for you to do...
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What is a Plot Point?

A plot point is one of the significant turning points in a story You can think of it as the major obstacles or events that happen throughout a story It's these plot points that...
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What is Dan Harmon's Story Circle?

Dan Harmon is a writer, producer, and show-runner who have worked on some of the most popular television comedies in recent history He was one of the creators and writers...
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What are Proofreading Marks?

If you've ever seen a document or copy edited by a professional proofreader, then you might have observed the various symbols marked on it These unfamiliar symbols are called...
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