Josh Fechter

Josh is the co-founder and CEO of Squibler. He's written five books and thousands of blog posts about software and writing. Forbes noted him as one of "12 Innovative Founders To Watch And Learn From."

What is the UX Writer Career Path?

The UX writer career path can take several routes as most people tend to shift toward a UX career However, most people transition from a marketing or technical writing position...
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What Does a Google UX Writer Do?

A Google UX writer is an advocate for Google Design and helps create copy that helps users with various tasks  There’s not much difference between UX writers from...
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8 Best UX Writer Skills in 2022

As brands realize the importance of good user experiences, the demand for UX writer skills keeps increasing Skills like technical writing, content strategy, and UX design are...
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How to Become a UX Writer

Becoming a UX writer in 2022 is all about having the right skill set, experience mix, and approach to user experience There are a few skills you will need to master and take some...
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What Does a UX Writer Do?

A UX writer researches customers to plan and create microcopy for websites, apps, and various digital products to help improve the user experience  The user interface is...
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