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Plot your novel

Use one of Squibler's 30+ templates to plot your novel faster. This way you can focus more on doing what you love - writing.

Create your ideal writing experience

Squibler enables novelists to write exactly the way they want. Use Dark Mode, Focus Mode, full screen, split-screen, and more.

Collaborate effortlessly

Squibler empowers writers to share their work with editors, proofreaders, designers, and anyone else who needs to help them finish their novel.

Write an engaging novel

Say goodbye to writer's block. Squibler helps you streamline your thoughts and create a story that your readers will love.

Edit with Split Screen

Split Screen makes it easy to edit your novel by seeing two scenes or chapters in one view. Say goodbye to jumping from document to document.

Complete Overview with Corkboard

Use Corkboard to get an entire overview of your project in one view. See all your summaries, notes, and even story elements together. Then even drag and drop them into the right place.

Story Elements

Create and keep track of all the most important pieces to your story including settings, characters, items, and more.

Drag and Drop

Squibler makes it easier to organize your chapters, scenes, copyright, book cover, and table of contents. Simply drag and drop them into the right place.

"Squibler's templates helped me outline my novel in seconds. I've never seen anything like it."

- Erika Grove

Fiction Writer


Complete Your Novel Writing Goals

Novel, Chapter, and Scene Goals

It takes consistency to finish a novel. We help you get there by setting word count goals for every part of the journey.

Head Start on Nanowrimo

It takes a lot of focus to draft a book in 30 days. With Squibler's writing goals, you can customize it for Nanowrimo so you can ensure it gets finished.

Sync Your Calendar

Keep your writing on track by syncing your writing goals to your calendar.

Sync to the Cloud

Want to save your work to other platforms? Squibler enables you to sync your writing to Google Drive, Dropbox, and more.

Always “Saved”

With version control, you'll never lose your work. Use it to see what changes you've made and make edits accordingly.

Import Existing Drafts

Working on a current draft? Rather than copy and paste, simply upload it in a couple of clicks.

"Squibler has a community unlike other. It is the perfect place for novelists to connect with each other."

- Denise Polley

Romance Author




How to Write a Novel

Novel writing is no mystery. It requires hard work and dedication, combined with a bit of discipline. Great novelists and writers always follow these rules to achieve their goals: Keep your targeted audience’s interests in your mind. Give yourself daily goals.

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How to Outline a Novel

Have you ever wondered why writers scribble on blank sheets but then burn those innocent pieces of paper just because they can’t seem to capture the story in their mind perfectly? Perhaps it's because they don't know how to outline a novel.

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Finish Your NaNoWriMo Novel

It is never too early to prepare for the most challenging and exciting writing expedition of the year: NaNoWriMo. NaNoWriMo stands for “National Novel Writing Month,” and it is precisely what it sounds like. Find out if it's an endeavor worth your time in this complete NaNoWriMo review.

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Frequently asked questions

General Screenplay What makes Squibler better than other novel writing software?

Squibler was created by writers for writers. We took into consideration all the features writers need to output a brilliant novel, then put them into our product without compromising simplicity.

General Screenplay Is Squibler easy to learn?

We designed Squibler with simplicity in mind. We know that whether you're a new novel writer or an experienced author, it can be tough learning a new application. That's why we have tutorials, onboarding, and most importantly, an easy interface to work with.

General Screenplay Is Squibler free?

Squibler is free for the first 14 days. Afterward, it costs $10/month to continue using.

General Screenplay How does Squibler work compared to Scrivener?

Squibler is not only a desktop solution but a cloud solution. It also provides a more streamlined interface and in-depth templates so you can start writing, faster.

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