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Start your novel with a text editor that conforms to you. Squibler makes the writing process easy. Say goodbye to your old word processor.



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A distraction-free novel writing software that helps you write your book faster. Spark your creative writing process with a software that has no learning curve. Squibler is the only text editor writing tool you need.

How to Use a Novel Writing Program in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Sign up on Squibler for free
  2. Choose a novel template or start a new draft
  3. Brainstorm around what should be in your book
  4. Edit your text accordingly
  5. Write your story

Novel Writing Software for Your Writing Process

Writing a novel can help streamline your thoughts, inspire others, and help reader's step into another dimension. But isn’t creating a professional novel time consuming and expensive? Not with Squibler. Our easy-to-use writing software will ensure you're one step closer to writing a best-selling novel.

Organize Faster

Easy drag and drop organization for all your chapters, subchapters, and notes. Start writing creatively with zero learning curve. Our customers say it's easier than Google Docs.

Note Taking like a Pro

Squibler stores your story notes, writing projects, and crushes writer's block. Moreover, Squibler provides a Grammarly-like grammar checker to keep story readability excellent.


Plot Easier

Choose from over 30+ novel outlines to organize your notes and stories. Something your word processor wish it had.

Distraction-Free Novel Writing

Use Squibler to write your first draft on Windows, Mac, and even your ipad. Spend more time turning your creative writing ideas into stories.

  • squibler-drag-and-dropDrag and Drop
    Drag and drop your scenes and story elements. No more manual copy and pasting.
  • squiber-on-screen-sidebarOn Screen Sidebar
    Keep your scene, character, and chapter notes on the sidebar. Moreover, leave comments to ensure you know what needs fixing.
  • squibler-boardThe Corkboard
    Use cork boards similar to Scrivener's to better see your outline.

From Writing to Self-Publishing

Use outlines that the best novel writers use to plot their books. These outlines make mind mapping easy and put you on track to reach your word count goals.

The Squibler Cork Board

Tired of extracting files like PDFs and copying plain text to organize your novel? With the corkboard feature, it automatically maps your notes to index cards.


Write with Clarity

Squibler auto-recommends improvements to rid of passive voice and improve your grammar. It's like mixing Ulysses with Hemingway Editor, but better.



Sync with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Desktop

Because Squibler syncs with your cloud storage, you easily send your writing across many platforms.


You Writing, Always 'Saved'

With version control, even if your laptop falls in a pool, know that your work is safe. Squibler saves each word as you type.


Designed for Clarity

Most novel writing software wasn't designed for note taking or publishing. Squibler is designed for every writer. So whether you want to write a 100,000 word novel or reformat a book before you publish, we're your go-to resource.



Import Your Existing Draft

Already have a first draft written? Import your story into Squibler. It only takes a minute.



Write a Book That’s Worth Reading with Squibler


Pro tips

Beat Writer's Block with the Best Novel Writing Program

Whether you're writing a fiction book or a non-fiction bestseller, Squibler has the templates, note-taking ability, and prompts to help you become a novel writer who masters their first novel. The first step is to follow these simple steps with the Squibler writing program:

Understand your audience

What kind of novel are you writing and who’s it for? A science fiction novel can help people escape their long days at work. A romance novel can help people spice up their relationship. With an editing software, it's important that you know who you’re trying to reach and with what message. If you know that, you’ll stand out.

Use creative writing that hooks readers

To hook a reader in from start to finish, you need the writing skills to keep them wanting more. That's why nothing beats practicing and getting feedback on your writing. If you're using Squibler to write your first draft, remember it takes time - even with the best tools. That's why when you experience writer’s block, remember that it's only normal. If writing a novel was easy, then everyone would be a best-selling author.

See Why 5000+ Authors Use Squibler

Squibler's templates helped me outline my novel in seconds. I've never seen anything like it

- Erika Grove, Fiction Writer

Squibler has a community unlike any other. It's the perfect place for novelists to connect with each other.

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