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Start your book with a text editor that conforms to you. Squibler makes the writing process easy. Say goodbye to your old word processor.


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30 chapter templates
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General Screenplay
30 chapter templates
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5-minutes journal
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Easily outline your book

Use the same outlines that the best book writers use to plot their books. These outlines make mind mapping easy and enable you to reach your daily and weekly word count.

Customize your experience

Squibler enables you to write in Focus Mode, Dark Mode, and even use split-screen to see two chapters or scenes at once. However you like to write, we have it designed for you.

Collaborate effortlessly

We made privately sharing your draft easy. Whether you're working with a publishing team, teacher, or just an editor, they can seamlessly interact with your draft in real time.

Streamline your book writing

A distraction-free yet powerful book writing app is a must-have to write books. Get your writing process started in a structured way with no learning curve. Squibler is the only writing tool and text editor you'll need.

Split Screen

Use Split Screen to see two sections or chapters at once. Eliminate the back and forth of researching and keeping your story consistent.

Organize with Corkboard

The Corkboard enables you to get a high-level overview of your notes, scenes, elements, and chapters.

Story Elements

Squibler enables you to create and store story elements for settings, characters, items, and more.

Organize Faster

Squibler has a drag and drop organization for scenes, chapters, and corkboards. You can also add footnotes, summaries, and comments to every scene and chapter.

"I love how I can split screens to organize my notes, then track progress using visual note cards. It's like having an organized cabinet file for my book."

- Jennifer Miller

3X Best-Selling Author


Set Your Writing Goals

Chapter and Story Goals.

Want to ensure you stay on track to finish your book? Writing goals help you do just that.


Want to finish your book in 30 days? Squibler will set your goal to ensure you reach it.


Squibler enables you to set email reminders to ensure you meet your goals.

Sync with Google Drive, Dropbox, and desktop

Because Squibler syncs with cloud storage, you can transfer your writing across multiple platforms. Squibler ensures you can access your writing anywhere even from the desktop app we're coming out with soon.

Version Control

With version control, even if your laptop explodes, know that your work is safe. Squibler saves every word as you type.

Import Existing Drafts

Already have a draft written? Import your story into Squibler in just a couple of clicks.

"Squibler helped me write my book in 30 days. It's like having a coach every step of the way until you finish your book."

- Jonathan Catalan

Fantasy Fiction Author




How to Write a Book

Learning how to write a book effectively should begin before your pen even hits the paper. Having a good writing space is essential to good productivity.

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Book Writing Templates

A book writing template acts as a guide that writers can rely on. It helps you create the blueprint for your book. They are useful tools whether you are learning how to write a book, or are already experienced in the craft.

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Snowflake Method to Write a Book

The snowflake method is when a writer starts writing from a simple theme then progresses over time. It is developed slowly and complexity is added along the way until it is completed.

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Frequently asked questions

General Screenplay What makes Squibler different than other writing editors?

Squibler was created for writers by writers. We know that book writing tools can get overly complex with features. We've created a streamlined experience to enable you to get everything you need while still focusing on finishing your book, then publishing it.

General Screenplay What should I know before using a book writing software?

What kind of book are you writing and who's it for. A fantasy fiction novel can be geared towards people looking to escape their long days at work. A romance novel to people looking to spice up their love life. Both are important, but they serve different purposes. With a book writing app, know who you're trying to reach and why then you'll stand out.

General Screenplay Does Squibler work for memoirs and autobiographies?

Squibler works great for memoirs and autobiographies. It has all the features you need to go from draft to published.

General Screenplay Is Squibler free?

The Squibler book writing app has a 14-day free trial, then it's $10/month afterward.

General Screenplay Why should I use Squilber over Google Docs and Scrivener?

Many of our members have stated that Squibler is an easier tool to write your book and collaborate. Moreover, we provide all-encompassing resources to ensure you go from draft to published author.

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