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Views that adapt to your technical writing style.


Visualize Agile workflows with Board view.

Quickly identify bottlenecks and limit work in progress to keep projects moving. Sort boards by status, due date, priority, and more to better align your team.


Coordinate team projects with Gantt view.

Structure sprints and manage milestones with customizable Gantt charts. Easily make quick updates as timelines shift and specifications change in response to client feedback.


Manage team workload with Box view.

View your team's workload capacity, time estimates, and Sprint Points with Box view. See what has been completed and what's left to do, all in one place.
Visualize Agile workflows with Board view.

Edit your next document with just a few clicks.

Technical writers can create, edit and revise technical documentation quickly using the Squibler technical writing tool. Squibler’s Editor mode also includes goal-setting functionality to help writers monitor and manage the progress of their document.
Coordinate team projects with Gantt view.

Visualize your technical document using the Corkboard View.

Squibler’s Corkboard mode allows you to create, modify and visualize sections of technical content, so you can simplify how complex information is organized.
Manage team workload with Box view.

Monitor and track the progress of your documents using List View.

With Squibler’s List View, you can set or refine section titles, create new sections, change targeted words, and monitor progress from draft to publish. It’s your list, redefined.

Save time with better technical writing tools.

Proprietary features

01. Track Goals

Do everything without ever clicking your mouse. Just type / when creating or editing tasks.

02. Project Manage

Keep conversations regarding tasks, projects, or anything relevant, convenient and focused! Include attachments, links, emojis, and more.

03. Collaborate with Others

Keep tasks that you're actively working on minimized in your tray and you'll never open a new tab again.

04. Flexible Format Download

If your comment requires action, assign it! Creating an assigned comment means nothing will fall through the cracks.

05. Dark Mode

Use Inbox to see what you have to work on next.
More Features
Set section goals, daily goals and visualize your progress using our progress bar. With goal-setting functionality, you can manage milestones for your document, whether it’s user documentation, a product specifications document or guide.
Our List View is not just a list. It provides a section-by-section snapshot of your draft, including Status, Targeted words per section, achieved words and progress to date. Think of it as your personal project manager, ensuring you’re on track to drafting your document within the set deadline.
Create your own team, share work with your colleagues, divisional heads or other stakeholders. Squibler makes it easy to scale, track and collaborate with others so you can collate and incorporate feedback on your document more efficiently.
You can download your document in a variety of formats, from .mobi, PDF, Text File, to MS Word. No need to spend hours formatting your document or money to outsource the file conversion. Squibler simplifies this process for you.
For the night owls out there, our dark mode feature will reduce eye strain and help you focus, while you feverishly work on your technical documents.
Fast track your thesis’ structure and format, by using our thesis template. Our template includes all the elements needed to prepare a well structured thesis, including copywriting clauses, thesis roadmap, thesis statement, body, and so on.
Never move between chapters or sections to collect your thoughts. With split-screen, you can view different parts of your draft side by side, to ensure your writing is progressing as intended.
Create and keep track of the most important pieces to your story including settings, characters, items, and more.

Squibler helps me organize all my documentation. It saves me so much time.

- Jay Veresat

Technical Writer

Unlimited possibilities to...

Declutter Your Writing

With an easy-to-use interface, Squibler helps you generate structured documents effortlessly. Create content using sections, sub-sections, and more. Use sophisticated technical writing tools to enhance the writing process.

structure work your way


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Frequently asked questions

General Screenplay Why is Squibler the best software for technical writing?

Squibler was created for technical writers by writers. We considered the tools technical writers needed to output a well structured technical document, then put those tools into our product without compromising simplicity.

General Screenplay What should I know before using a technical writing software?

What kind of document are you writing and who's it for. User manuals are prepared to outline a particular product, service or application. A technical specifications document defines the requirements for a project, product, or system. Both are important, but they serve different audiences.

General Screenplay How do I know my work is safe?

Squibler is backed by Google Cloud. Everything you type is saved automatically. Moreover, we provide revision history and version control for all your work.

General Screenplay Is Squibler free?

The Squibler writing app has a 14-day free trial, then it's $10/month afterward.

General Screenplay Why should I use Squilber over Google Docs and Scrivener?

Many of our members have stated that Squibler is an easier tool to prepare your document and collaborate. Moreover, Squibler has more advanced technical writing tools that help technical writers draft their document more expeditiously.

Elevate your writing projects using our all-in-one solution.

With Squibler, there’s no need to work across multiple platforms or screen tabs. Everything you need to draft, revise and finalize your technical document is in one place. It’s no wonder that Squibler helps many technical writers draft and publish better documentation.