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Squibler makes writing content easier with simple-to-use editing and project management tools



Views that adapt to your content writing style.


Visualize Agile workflows with Board view.

Quickly identify bottlenecks and limit work in progress to keep projects moving. Sort boards by status, due date, priority, and more to better align your team.


Coordinate team projects with Gantt view.

Structure sprints and manage milestones with customizable Gantt charts. Easily make quick updates as timelines shift and specifications change in response to client feedback.


Manage team workload with Box view.

View your team's workload capacity, time estimates, and Sprint Points with Box view. See what has been completed and what's left to do, all in one place.
Visualize Agile workflows with Board view.

Edit your next writing project with just a few clicks.

Squibler's content writing tools simplify the content creation process, with everything content writers need at their fingertips. Squibler’s Editor mode also includes goal-setting functionality to help you monitor and manage the progress of your projects.
Coordinate team projects with Gantt view.

Visualize your writing projects using the Corkboard View.

Squibler’s Corkboard mode allows you to create, modify and visualize sections of your writing projects. Whether you're writing blog posts, an e-book, lead magnet, or more, you have the ability to drag and drop sections of your work, to optimize content.
Manage team workload with Box view.

Monitor and track the progress of your writing projects using List View.

With Squibler’s List View, you can set or refine your workflow, create new sections, change targeted words, monitor progress and track character development (for fiction projects) via element tracking. It’s your list, redefined.

Save time with better copywriting tools.

Proprietary features

01. Track Goals

Set section goals, daily goals and visualize your progress using our progress bar. With goal-setting functionality, you can manage milestones and targets for your blog post, guide or other content.

02. Project Manage

Keep conversations regarding tasks, projects, or anything relevant, convenient and focused! Include attachments, links, emojis, and more.

03. Collaborate with Others

Keep tasks that you're actively working on minimized in your tray and you'll never open a new tab again.

04. Flexible Format Download

Set section goals, daily goals and visualize your progress using our progress bar. With goal-setting functionality, you can manage milestones and targets for your blog post, guide or other content.

05. Dark Mode

Use Inbox to see what you have to work on next.
More Features
Set section goals, daily goals and visualize your progress using our progress bar. With goal-setting functionality, you can manage milestones and targets for your blog post, guide or other content.
Our List View is not just a list. It provides a section-by-section snapshot of your draft, including Status, Targeted words per section, achieved words and progress to date. Think of it as your personal project manager helping you expedite the content creation process.
Create your own team, share work with your editor, proofreader or clients. Squibler makes it easy to scale, track and collaborate with others so your clients can track and approve your work faster.
For copywriters of screenplays, our screenplay mode includes everything you can expect from a screenwriting platform, including dialogue, transitions, characters, script notes, and more.
For the night owls out there, our dark mode feature will reduce eye strain and help you focus, while you feverishly work on your projects.
Never move between sections to collect your thoughts. With split-screen, you can view different parts of your draft side by side, to ensure your writing is progressing as intended.
For copywriters who write fiction, create and keep track of the most important pieces to your story including settings, characters, items, and more.

Squibler helps me organize all my writing and notes in one place. It saves me so much time.

- Jessica Ripley

Fiction Writer

Unlimited possibilities to...

Declutter Your Writing

With an easy-to-use interface, Squibler helps you structure your thoughts effortlessly. Structure your draft into headings, sub-headings, scenes, and more. Use content creation tools built to simplify the writing process for copywriters.

structure work your way


How to Write a Book

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How to Write a Novel

Novel writing is no mystery. It requires hard work and dedication, combined with a bit of discipline. Great novelists and writers always follow these rules to achieve their goals: Keep your targeted audience’s interests in your mind. Give yourself daily goals

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How to Write a Screenplay

How to Write a Screenplay Whether you are writing a screenplay for the first time or the tenth time, it never hurts to use a good template. You can find many screenplay format templates in Squibler for all genres.

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Frequently asked questions

General Screenplay What makes Squibler different than other writing editors?

Squibler was created to give content writers everything they needed to create content more simply. We know that other content writing tools can be overly complex with features, so we’ve created a content writing tool that not only provides exactly what content writers need, but helps optimize that content.

General Screenplay What should I know before using content writing software?

What are you writing and who's it for? If you’re looking for a quick answer to a pressing problem, then a blog post or a help topic fits that need. An ebook can provide more detailed information you wouldn’t typically find in your usual blog post. Both are important, but they serve different purposes. With content creation tools, know who you're writing for and why you'll stand out.

General Screenplay Does Squibler work for memoirs and autobiographies?

Squibler works great for all writing projects, and that includes ghostwriting memoirs and autobiographies. It has all the features you need to go from draft to the finished product.

General Screenplay Is Squibler free?

The Squibler writing app has a 14-day free trial, then it's $10/month afterward.

General Screenplay Why should I use Squilber over Google Docs and Scrivener?

Many of our members have stated that Squibler is an easier content writing tool to use for writing and collaboration. Moreover, we provide all-encompassing resources to ensure you go from a draft to a finished product.

Expedite your writing projects using our all-in-one solution.

With Squibler, there’s no need to work across multiple platforms or screen tabs. Everything you need to draft, revise and finalize your writing project is in one place! It’s no wonder that Squibler is the world’s No.1 writing platform.