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Start your book with a text editor that conforms to you. Squibler makes the writing process easy. Say goodbye to your old word processor.



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A distraction-free writing software is a must-have to write books. Get your writing process started in a structured way with no learning curve. Squibler is the only writing tool and text editor you’ll need.

How to Use a Writing Program in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Sign up on Squibler for free
  2. Choose a book template or start a new draft
  3. Start ideating around what should be in your book
  4. Edit your outline accordingly
  5. Write your story

Book Writing Software for Your Writing Process

Writing a book can help you clarify your thoughts, inspire people, and change the way people think. But isn’t creating a professional book time consuming and expensive? Not with Squibler. Our easy-to-use platform will put you on your way to writing a best-selling book.

Organize Faster

Easy drag and drop organization for all your chapters, subchapters, and notes. Start writing without any learning curve. Easier than Google Docs.

Note Taking like Never Before

Squibler stores your story notes, writing projects, and removes writer's block. Moreover Squibler, provides a native Grammarly-level grammar checker and spell check to ensure your readability is on point. This way you don't ever need a separate editing tool.


Plot Easier With Outlines

Choose from over 30+ outlines to organize your notes and stories. Start writing books with a head start to reaching your writing goals.

Distraction-Free Writing with Corkboard Features

Use Squibler on Windows, Mac, and even your ipad. Spend more time turning your ideas into stories.

  • squibler-drag-and-dropDrag and Drop
    Drag and drop your scenes and story elements. No more copy and pasting.
  • squiber-on-screen-sidebarOn Screen Sidebar
    Keep your scene, character, and chapter notes on the sidebar. Moreover, leave comments to ensure you know what needs fixing.
  • squibler-boardThe Corkboard
    Use boards to better see your outline. You can drag and drop to plot and rearrange your story live.

From Plotting to Self-Publishing

Use the same outlines that the best book writers use to plot your book. These outlines make mind mapping easy and enable you to reach you daily or weekly word count.

The Squibler Corkboard

No more extracting files like PDFs and copying plain text to organize your book. With the corkboard feature, you get an easy-to-use interface that maps your notes to index cards. Just drag and drop anything inside the board to an index card.


Write with Clarity

As you type character names, locations, and notes in the Squibler user interface editor, it will auto-recommend improvements to rid of passive voice and improve grammar. If you mix Ulysses with Hemingway Editor and Prowritingaid, you still wouldn’t come close.



Sync with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Desktop

Because Squibler syncs with cloud storage, you can transfer your writing across multiple platforms. Squibler ensures you can access your writing anywhere even from the desktop app we're coming out with soon.


You Writing, Always 'Saved'

With version control, even if your laptop explodes, know that your work is safe. Squibler saves every word as you type.


Optimized for Clarity

Most writing apps weren't designed for books, screenplays, and journals. Squibler is designed for every writer. So whether you want to write a 100,000 word novel or collaborate with multiple editors, we support it.



Import Existing Drafts

Already have a draft written? Import your story into Squibler in just a couple of clicks.



Write a Book That’s Worth Reading with Squibler


Pro tips

Beat Writer's Block with the Best Writing Software Program

From writing a fiction book to the next non-fiction bestseller, Squibler has the templates, plot generators, and writing exercises to help you become a book writer who creates a well-written first novel. Just follow these simple tips with this writing program:

Understand your audience

What kind of book or short stories are you writing and who’s it for? A fantasy fiction novel can be geared towards people looking to escape their long days of work. A romance novel towards people looking to spice up their love life. Both are important, but they serve different purposes. With an editing software, know who you’re trying to reach and why, then you’ll stand out.

Use creative writing that engages readers

To hook a reader in from the beginning to the end of your book, you need text that draws their attention at every step. It only works if you practice your writing style. If it’s your first draft, remember there’s no beginner’s luck. When you feel a writer’s block, it’s only natural. If writing a book was easy, everyone would do it.

See Why 5000+ Authors Use Squibler

I love how I can split screens to organize my notes, then track my progress using visual note cards. It’s like having an organized cabinet file for my book.

- Jennifer Miller, 3X Best-Selling Author

Squibler helped me write my book in 30 days. It’s like having a coach every step of the way until you finish your book.

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