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Squibler's AI writer solves problems common and unique to every story writer. These are just a few:
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AI-Assisted Writing. Use our robust AI writer tool to generate story ideas, enhance character development, write grammatically correct sentences, overcome writer's block, and write books and screenplays with unprecedented speed.

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image turned my scriptwriting process upside-down – in the best way possible. Its intuitive interface and collaborative features helped me bring my characters to life.

Alex Walker. Screenwriter

As a passionate scriptwriter, became my creative haven. From brainstorming to final draft, it's the ultimate tool for crafting compelling narratives.

Rachel Carter. Film Enthusiast & Writer

image is every screenwriter's secret weapon. Its dynamic features and storyboard integration allowed me to visualize scenes and weave together seamless story arcs.

Lucas Bennett. Screenplay Junkie

Frequently asked questions.

Do you have questions before you begin?
What does an AI-powered story writer do?
An AI-powered story writer, like Squibler, functions as a sophisticated writing tool that assists writers in creating their stories. It offers suggestions, creates story elements, helps overcome writer's block by providing prompts and new ideas, and even creates visuals for your story. Squibler is not just an AI story generator but a comprehensive companion for the entire writing journey.
Can AI write a book for you?
While most AI writing tools help with idea generation or enhance sections of content, Squibler elevates this by supporting the writer's entire journey. While it doesn't pen down a complete story autonomously, it aids in writing fiction more efficiently, allowing authors to craft more interactive stories much faster. Additionally, with its visualize feature, authors can bring their narratives to life with striking visuals without the hefty expenses or the need for design expertise.
What is the best AI story writer?
Squibler stands out in the market for its comprehensive novel writing capabilities. It marries complex algorithms with a user-centric interface, making it more than just an AI writing tool. Its array of features, from goal-setting to AI-powered visualizations, positions it as a frontrunner in aiding writers.
How much does Squibler AI story writer cost?
Squibler offers a basic free plan with limited features, including 6000 AI words and 5 image generations per month. For a more holistic experience, the Pro plan at $16 (billed annually) unlocks a multitude of features, such as unlimited AI words, image generation, and advanced collaboration tools.
Is it ethical to use AI to write books and screenplays?
When artificial intelligence aids creativity and streamlines the process, as with Squibler, it's ethical and becoming a standard in writing fiction. While AI enhances the story, the unique voice and style of the author remain central.
How to write a novel with Squibler?
Begin by defining your novel's theme, select a template if desired, and use Squibler's AI to craft story elements. As the story unfolds, Squibler's various AI-assisted features help refine and visualize the narrative, making novel writing a seamless experience.
How does Squibler's AI work?
Using advanced machine learning, Squibler generates text that cohesively builds upon previous chapters and the author's input. Whether it's intensifying paragraphs, mimicking a writing style, or generating complementary visuals, Squibler enriches your story and allows you to finish it faster..
Does using Squibler require any writing experience?
Squibler caters to all, from novices to experts. It offers guidance on story structure and character development for beginners, while seasoned authors can hone their writing skills with advanced suggestions and a distraction-free environment.
Will my story be unique if I use Squibler's AI?
Absolutely. While Squibler assists, the author's personal style and voice direct the narrative, ensuring the story's uniqueness.
Can I collaborate with other writers while using Squibler?
Yes, Squibler encourages collaboration, allowing multiple users to jointly craft, edit, and refine the story in real time.
How do the AI models in Squibler differ from other AI tools available for creative writing?
Squibler's AI models are specifically tailored for authors and screenwriters, setting them apart from generic AI tools. While many AI tools offer broad content suggestions, Squibler's models are trained on vast literary datasets, allowing them to provide nuanced and genre-specific needs.
Can I set a daily word count goal for myself?
Absolutely! Squibler allows writers to set a daily word count goal, ensuring that they stay on track with their writing projects. By leveraging this feature, writers can maintain consistency, measure their progress, and integrate AI-generated scenes seamlessly, all while achieving their desired narrative length and pace.

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